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BlackBerry AtHoc is a critical event management firm dedicated to providing intelligent security and secure mobility solutions to keep vital systems safe including financial, military, medical networks, and devices. They provide complete & advanced solutions to enable IoT. BlackBerry was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada with corporate locations across Mississauga, Ottawa, Vancouver, Novi, Toronto, Halifax, Austin, Cary, Irving, San Ramin, San Diego, Sunrise, Bellevue, New York, Arlington, Martinez, Irvine, Portland, Reston, Mountain View, Tokyo, Maidenhead, London, Kidderminster, Paris, Germany, Amsterdam, Hanover, Munich, Ireland, Sydney, Noida, Dubai, Seoul, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Singapore. Their team of experts provides the services of cybersecurity to assess, defense, implement and support & training such as attack simulation, penetration testing, strategic services, IoT, Blackberry® Guard, Incidence response, Incidence Response Retainer, Compromise Assessment, Forensic Analysis, Unified Endpoint Security, Unified Endpoint Management, and Blackberry QNX Professional Services. BlackBerry provides solutions for Unified Endpoint Security/Management, Internet of Things, Secure Communications, solutions by Use Case, Remote Working, and Embedded Solutions. The industries they serve are Financial, Professional, Government, Utility & Manufacturing, Health care, education, Transportation, and Consumer Industries. BlackBerry offers its employees benefits and perks based on locations and standards such as health coverage, fitness & education reinforcement schemes, retirement savings plan, health saving & flexible spending account, travel insurance, bonuses based on performance, employees stock purchase stock plan, employees assistance & counseling programs. Career opportunities there may include Software Tools Developer, Sales Strategy Manager, Data Informatics Analyst, and a lot more.

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