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Salary and Benefits

Blockchain Engineer
$93K-$114K / yr. (est.)
$104,256 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About Blockchain Engineer

What does a Blockchain Engineer do?

In the role of Blockchain Engineer, some of our core responsibilities include researching, strategizing, and guiding on the methods and best practices that can innovate the blockchain design and deployment. Our primary goal is to decrease the transaction timings and costs by using programmable payment systems. We possess in-depth knowledge of implementing digital solutions for increasing the outputs of organizations. We utilize these skills for analyzing the technological needs and requirements of the organization. It is also our responsibility to develop applications that can meet the requirements and standards of the company. As blockchain Engineers, we also determine the application release dates.

Core tasks:

  • designing the blockchain tools
  • debugging and verifying the defects in applications
  • contributing to the architecture and implementation of the blockchain environment
  • building prototypes of dynamic projects
  • performing other duties as assigned


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming Blockchain Engineer?
On average, people work 7+ years in other positions prior to becoming a Blockchain Engineer.
Blockchain EngineerPhiladelphia, PA - 9 months ago
7+ years?! This info makes me question whether I should pursue a career in Blockchain Engineering. Is it worth the wait?
Blockchain EngineerPhoenix, AZ - 9 months ago
Wow, that's a lot of prior experience required! 😱 It must be a competitive and challenging field to break into.
How Long Do Blockchain Engineer Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, Blockchain Engineers works in this position for 1-3 years across multiple employers.
Data ScientistChicago, IL - 9 months ago
Interesting data! Maybe the job skills required for blockchain engineering are evolving at a rapid pace, leading professionals to seek new opportunities more frequently. 📈
Marketing ManagerLos Angeles, CA - 9 months ago
🤦 Seriously? Blockchain engineers don't know loyalty? It's such a trendy industry, but loyalty and consistency are vital in marketing. Maybe they should learn a thing or two from us.
What Is the Job Hopper Score for Blockchain Engineer Employees?
Moderate job changes in Blockchain Engineer, showing some career movement without excessive turnover.
Web Developer - ContractorLos Angeles, CA - 9 months ago
🤔 Is it worth investing time into becoming a Blockchain Engineer, or will the market be flooded soon?
Cyber Security AnalystBoston, MA - 9 months ago
As a Cybersecurity Analyst, I worry about the potential vulnerabilities in blockchain technologies.

Career path

Path to job

How long does a Blockchain Engineer work in this position across multiple employers?
100 %
Software Engineer
Avg. length of tenure:2 years
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Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Blockchain Engineer typically studied at.
Carnegie Mellon University
Columbia University in the City of New York



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of Blockchain Engineer Employees?
Gender ratio in Blockchain Engineer position: 0.821917808219178 Male and 0.178082191780822 Female. Age ratio in Blockchain Engineer position: 16-20: 5%, 21-30: 59%, 31-40: 23%, 41-50: 9%, 51-60: 3%, 60+: 1%. Blockchain Engineer position is predominantly male (82.2%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
Blockchain EngineerSeattle, WA - 9 months ago
I appreciate that they provided an age breakdown, but boy, that gender imbalance is disheartening. 💔
Blockchain EngineerAustin, TX - 9 months ago
we need to work on creating a more inclusive and equitable environment in the tech industry. It's time for change! 👊


Who Are the Top Employers for Blockchain Engineer?
Top employers of Blockchain Engineer position: 0Chain, ConsenSys, Deloitte. People who work in Blockchain Engineer position most typically go on to work for the 0Chain.
Blockchain EngineerSan Francisco, CA - 9 months ago
If you want to work on groundbreaking technologies, 0Chain is where you should be!
Blockchain EngineerAustin, TX - 9 months ago
None of the companies mentioned here are the top employers. There are way better blockchain engineering job opportunities out there.
What Industries Does Blockchain Engineer Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Blockchain Engineer: Information Technology, Finance & Insurance, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Education, Mining / Oil & Gas. Blockchain Engineer employees most likely come from a Information Technology industry background.
Blockchain EngineerChicago, IL - 9 months ago
It's not just the demand, Blockchain Engineers also have to stay updated with the rapidly evolving technology, which requires continuous learning and upskilling.
Blockchain EngineerMiami, FL - 9 months ago
Do Blockchain Engineers actually have a work-life balance? I thought they were always swamped with projects.

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Discussion about Blockchain Engineer

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How balanced is the gender diversity among people working as a Blockchain Engineer?
Liam Brown3 years ago
20% are women in this profession only.
What is the typical age to work as a Blockchain Engineer?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
The average age is 30
How many years of experience do you usually have as a Blockchain Engineer?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
You probably need around 7 years to work as a Blockchain Engineer
Which industries should a Blockchain Engineer consider working in?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Professional / Scientific / Technical employs the most.
What kind of higher education a Blockchain Engineer need?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
As a Blockchain Engineer you’ll probably need Bachelor of Science degree
Which company is likely to have openings for Blockchain Engineer positions?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
0Chain, ConsenSys, Deloitte and IBM employs the most people in the Blockchain Engineer role.
How many years do people spend as a Blockchain Engineer in their career path?
Liam Brown3 years ago
A Blockchain Engineer typically moves on after 2 years
How common is it for a Blockchain Engineer to jump from company to company?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
The job hopper score is medium for a Blockchain Engineer.
What work history do people usually have before becoming a Blockchain Engineer?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Typical prior positions for a Blockchain Engineer are Software Engineer
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