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City of Emeryville was incorporated on December 2, 1886, and Steven Gest is the CEO of Emeryville Inc. The core values of City of Emeryville are pride, fairness, neutrality, integrity, teamwork, trust, and wellness. The mission of City of Emeryville is to protect life & property and to provide a safe and respectful environment for people to live, work, and play. The social services of City of Emeryville are housing, health, case management, nutrition, legal assistance, transportation, and more. The community services of City of Emeryville include child development, recreation, senior programs, perks & facilities, and city center services. Employment & partnership policies are offered as professional, proactive, fair & impartial partnership policies with communities, by City of Emeryville and they actively recruit candidates regardless of age, color, nation, and status.

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