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DEG Digital experience agency has team of professionals that create and build valuable digital experiences. They work hard to produce the best outcomes. Their DNA is digital as they are digital through and through. They support collaboration and craft commerce and data-driven marketing solutions. The company is purpose oriented. They offer variety of benefits to their employees. Their excellent benefit package includes health plans, bonuses, dental and retirement plans. They create fun environment of work and provide opportunity to share strong bond with each other. They believe their every employee is equally important. They use passion to drive new opportunities and create passion.

Company - Private
Multiple locations
Paper & Print Manufacturers, Advertising / PR Agencies, Consumer Research Firms
What departments DEG Digital employees work at?
other occupation71%
Computer / IT29%
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Professional experience

How many years of experience do DEG Digital employees have before joining?
Years of experience at DEG Digital: Newcomers: 15%, Experiencers: 17%, Experts: 22%, Veterans: 46%. DEG Digital employees have 8+ years experience on average before joining.
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Where did DEG Digital employees work before joining?
Where they've worked before DEG Digital: Barkley, Harte Hanks, HSB Marketing. Typical DEG Digital employees have worked at Barkley.
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Harte Hanks
HSB Marketing
What industries did DEG Digital employees work in previously?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of DEG Digital: Advertising / PR Agencies, Consumer Research Firms, Computer Systems Design Companies, Paper & Print Manufacturers, Internet Publishing & Other Companies. DEG Digital employees most likely come from a Advertising / PR Agencies industry background.
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Where did DEG Digital employees work before joining?
Past employers' size at DEG Digital: Small: 47%, Medium: 18%, Large: 35%. Most DEG Digital employees have previously worked at small companies.
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Educational background

What did employees at DEG Digital study?
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Where did employees at DEG Digital study?
Kansas State University
The University of Kansas
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Employee data

How long do people stay in a role at DEG Digital?
Time employed at DEG Digital: <1: 21%, 1-3: 44%, 4-8: 32%, 9-13: 1%, 14-20: 2%, 20+: 0%. Most DEG Digital employees stay with the company for 1-3 years which is the same as the industry average.
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How does DEG Digital rank for age & gender diversity?
Gender ratio at DEG Digital: 58.7% Male and 41.3% Female. Age ratio at DEG Digital: 16-20: 0%, 21-30: 43%, 31-40: 41%, 41-50: 14%, 51-60: 2%, 60+: 0%. DEG Digital rates - 4.7% less female than the industry average. Most DEG Digital employees are 21-30, which is below the industry median age range.
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Career advancement

How does DEG Digital rank for career advancement?
Career advancement at DEG Digital: high. DEG Digital ranks high for career advancement which is above the industry average.
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What companies do DEG Digital employees go on to work at?
Future employers of DEG Digital: 10Up, AMC Theatres, Cerner, Garmin, GlynnDevins. People who work at DEG Digital most typically go on to work for the 10Up.
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AMC Theatres