As English Teachers, we are responsible for organizing classroom lectures and coursework with a strong focus on English literature, culture, and grammar. We work with assistants to develop and assign homework, assignments, and tests to monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum. We also collaborate with our assistants to provide one-on-one support courses to students with special requirements. We uphold students to establish behavior standards the follow the School and District policies to promote a safe learning environment. We also teach students the different spellings of the most used Homonyms such as to, too, and two as well as their and there.

Core tasks:

  • keep records of students’ grades and attendance
  • teach grammar and syntax, vocabulary and word usage as well as sentence structuring


Years on other jobs

How many years do people usually work on other jobs before becoming an English Teacher?
3-5 years
Years on other jobs
On average, people work more than 3-5 years in other positions prior to becoming an English Teacher.

Position lifespan

How long does an English Teacher work in this position across multiple employers?
3-5 years
Position lifespan
On average, an English Teacher works in this position for 3-5 years across multiple employers.

Job hopper score

How likely is an English Teacher to change companies while holding the same title?
Job hopper score
The job hopper score is High for an English Teacher.

Career path

Path to job

Prior positions

Most people held these titles before becoming an English Teacher.
14 %
Avg. length of tenure:3 years
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5 %
Substitute Teacher
Avg. length of tenure:1 year
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Fields of study

Discover an English Teacher’s areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.

Top educational institutions

Explore the list of higher education institutions that an English Teacher typically studied at.
Arizona State University-Tempe
New York University

Path after job

Subsequent positions

An English Teacher typically moves on to these titles.
8 %
Avg. length of tenure:3 years
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3 %
English Instructor
Avg. length of tenure:3 years
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English Teacher age distribution

Gender ratio

English Teacher gender distribution


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