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Equality Charter School is an educational institute providing primary & secondary educations. It was founded in 2009 by Caitlin Franco, and its headquarter is located in Bronx, NY. It is a middle and high school that serves all scholars irrespective of their needs or academic progress, and also provides an engaging, fully inclusive, academically rigorous environment to help the students in achieving success. They are developing an Equality Community Center which includes College, a Career Exploration program, Adult Programming classes, and an expansion to elementary school. They have a team of the highest qualified and committed professionals who are driven to achieve Equality’s mission. They offer their employees competitive salaries and benefits, Materials, Supplies, and equipment to complete their jobs, and also consider their voice in school decisions. They are currently looking for a High school SPED Teacher, Middle School SPED Teacher, AP Art Part-time Teacher, and High School SPED Social Studies Teacher.

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