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Salary and Benefits

Executive Producer
$70K-$85K / yr. (est.)
$78,043 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About Executive Producer

What does an Executive Producer do?

In the role of Executive Producers, we are responsible for overseeing the operations and long term goals of a film. We hire the appropriate staff, raise money for the film, work with unions, and collaborate with other departments. We work on the business side of production and are responsible for seeing a production through from beginning to end. We ensure that a production meets goals such as projecting the intended brand image of a company and introducing new concepts or ideas.

Core tasks:

  • outline a long-term working timeline
  • manage the daily affairs of cast and crew
  • develop a budget for the film
  • ensure that the film stays within the budget
  • work within union regulations
  • hire the appropriate staff for the film
  • market the film throughout the buildup to its release
  • collaborate with other departments
  • maintain the brand image of the film
  • create a long term strategy for the film


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming Executive Producer?
On average, people work 7+ years in other positions prior to becoming a Executive Producer.
Production AssistantMiami, FL - 11 months ago
Are there any shortcuts to get to the top? This seems like forever! 🤔
Art DirectorSeattle, WA - 11 months ago
I bet it's worth the wait. Great things take time! 🎬
How Long Do Executive Producer Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, Executive Producers works in this position for 5+ years across multiple employers.
CinematographerChicago, IL - 11 months ago
As a seasoned Cinematographer, I can testify that becoming an expert in lighting, composition, and camera techniques is a journey that takes far longer than 5 years. 🎥
Production AssistantAtlanta, GA - 11 months ago
5+ years? Try getting your foot in the door in this industry first! PAs work their way up with intense dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to prove themselves. Respect our hustle!
What Is the Job Hopper Score for Executive Producer Employees?
Frequent job changes in Executive Producer, indicating a willingness to change companies and roles more frequently.
Financial AnalystChicago, IL - 11 months ago
🙄 I disagree. In my line of work as a Financial Analyst, stability and demonstrating loyalty to the same company for an extended period of time holds more weight than constantly switching jobs.
Educational ConsultantBoston, MA - 11 months ago
I believe adaptability is fundamental, especially for an Educational Consultant. Embracing change allows us to grow and serve a wider range of clients. 💡

Career path

Path to job

Discover a Executive Producer's areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.
Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Executive Producer typically studied at.
Boston University
New York University

Path after job



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of Executive Producer Employees?
Gender ratio in Executive Producer position: 0.673607852338495 Male and 0.326392147661505 Female. Age ratio in Executive Producer position: 16-20: 10%, 21-30: 44%, 31-40: 29%, 41-50: 12%, 51-60: 4%, 60+: 1%. Executive Producer position is predominantly male (67.4%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
Executive ProducerSan Francisco, CA - 11 months ago
👀 I'm surprised by the age distribution! I thought there'd be more older professionals. But these stats still suck.
Executive ProducerSeattle, WA - 11 months ago
Honestly, these numbers are disgusting! What can we do to change this? It's 2021 for crying out loud! 😡


Who Are the Top Employers for Executive Producer?
Top employers of Executive Producer position: iHeartMedia, Independent, NBCUniversal. People who work in Executive Producer position most typically go on to work for the iHeartMedia.
Executive ProducerHouston, TX - 11 months ago
As a freelancer executive producer, I've had the chance to work with both iHeartMedia and NBCUniversal. While both have their advantages, I found NBCUniversal to be more collaborative and supportive of my creative vision!
Executive ProducerMiami, FL - 11 months ago
iHeartMedia, Independent, or NBCUniversal—each has its own merits. It really comes down to personal preference and fit. Let's respect each other's choices!
What Industries Does Executive Producer Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Executive Producer: Publishing & Broadcasting, Arts / Entertainment / Recreation, Information Technology, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Manufacturing. Executive Producer employees most likely come from a Publishing & Broadcasting industry background.
Executive ProducerNew York City, NY - 11 months ago
You know, as an EP, I love networking and working closely with talented individuals from different fields. It's not just about the final product, it's about building strong professional relationships along the way! 🤝
Executive ProducerDenver, CO - 11 months ago
Wow, so much negativity here. Let's not forget that being an EP is also about embracing new technologies and pushing the boundaries of storytelling with innovative approaches like VR experiences! 🌟

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Discussion about Executive Producer

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Do a lot of women work as an Executive Producer?
Liam Brown3 years ago
More men than women work as an Executive Producer.
What is the typical age of people who work as an Executive Producer?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
The average age is 31
Is an Executive Producer considered to be a junior profession?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
You need 7 years of experience to work as an Executive Producer.
Which industries have a lot of people working in Executive Producer roles?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Information is typical for an Executive Producer to work in.
Speaking of higher education, do I need a degree as an Executive Producer?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Bachelor of Arts degree is the typical for an Executive Producer
Which company employs the most people in the Executive Producer role?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
Working as an Executive Producer it might be a good next step to work for iHeartMedia, Independent and NBCUniversal
How many years do people work as an Executive Producer before changing their role?
Liam Brown3 years ago
You should work for more than 5 years before considering changing to another role.
Is it common for people to switch companies and still work as an Executive Producer?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Getting experience working for multiple companies is typical for an Executive Producer.
What work history do people usually have before becoming an Executive Producer?
Liam Brown3 years ago
You have a good chance of becoming an Executive Producer if you are working as Producer, Supervising Producer or News Producer
If I’m working as an Executive Producer, what next position could I have?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Consider the following: Producer, News Director or Vice President
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