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MaintenanceFirst Service CorporationBoca Raton, FL
Members of the maintenance team ensure that all mechanical systems and equipment are operational and properly maintained and all common areas are maintained in a clean aesthetically appealing and disinfected condition. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Rout...Read more
Maintenance StaffFirst Service CorporationBoca Raton, FL
Routinely walks floors including roof checking for problems and lights out and reports back to supervisors. Ensures all safety precautions are followed while performing work. Maintains working relationship with building staff. Painting of all common...Read more
Operations ManagerFirst Service CorporationBoca Raton, FL
This Job Description/ Duties Summary is general in nature and may be changed, added to or reduced from time to time asneeded. This position requires adaptability to different situations and the hours may change in the future. The Operation's Manage...Read more
Front DeskFirstBoca Raton, FL
Front Desk associates are the face of our service at the properties we support. These treasured associates consistently interact with both residents and guests, and as a result, develop meaningful relationships that enhance the quality of our work. M Front...Read more
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q:Has First disclosed its yearly revenue numbers? If so, how much do they make?
Sophie Hayes
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Yes! First makes $1m to $5m per year.
q:Is it forbidden to wear flip flops to work at First?
q:When should I expect the background check to be completed at First?
q:how long was your employment
q:i wanna know what the interview process looks like
q:Does First hire people with a criminal record?
q:What was the size of the company you worked for before joining First?
q:how long does it take to get hired start to finish
q:what was the reason you left your job at First?
q:are you eligible for benefits straight away after being hired?
q:Does First pay attention to its employees with career advancement plans?


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