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Salary and Benefits

$52K-$64K / yr. (est.)
$58,593 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About Grader

What does a Grader do?

As Graders and sorters of agriculture products, we work in the agricultural sector. Our task is to filter the bad products from the good ones in any set of produce. This involves throwing out the defective or damaged products, separating the good ones, and arranging them in baskets to be shipped for further process or sale. Some of us also work in processing departments and are tasked with a few extra duties such as removing leaves from a specific stock of fruit or vegetables. We, as graders and sorters of agriculture products generally do the work manually and do not need to hold any high educational requirements. However, we have to undergo specialized training before actually starting the work.

Core tasks:

  • filtering the bad products from the good ones
  • removing leaves from a specific fruit or vegetable stock
  • throwing out the faulty or damaged yields
  • separating the good products and arranging them in baskets


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming Grader?
On average, people work 3 yrs or less in other positions prior to becoming a Grader.
TeacherPhiladelphia, PA - 10 months ago
😑 Seriously? I spent years in education and it doesn't help me become a Grader? This seems unfair!
Food Service WorkersPhoenix, AZ - 10 months ago
Yeah, I'm not surprised that folks are moving out of other positions so quickly. It's a tough job market out there! 🀷
How Long Do Grader Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, Graders works in this position for 1-3 years across multiple employers.
Private TutorHouston, TX - 11 months ago
Lowercases who think this is an easy job clearly have no idea the effort it takes to properly assess student performance.
GraderMiami, FL - 11 months ago
πŸ’» As an online Grader, the amount of attention and time spent on grading is intense. Don't underestimate our dedication!
What Is the Job Hopper Score for Grader Employees?
Steady employment history in Grader, with a tendency to stay with one company for extended periods of time.
ArtistHouston, TX - 10 months ago
as an artist, i value exploration and growth. millennial job hopping is about trying new things, not laziness like some may think.
Naturopathic DoctorMiami, FL - 10 months ago
😑 I spent years studying and specializing, and now you're telling me I should've just stuck to one place my whole career? Terrible advice!

Career path

Path to job

Discover a Grader's areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.
Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Grader typically studied at.
Arizona State University-Tempe
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Path after job



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of Grader Employees?
Gender ratio in Grader position: 0.580030391287831 Male and 0.419969608712169 Female. Age ratio in Grader position: 16-20: 32%, 21-30: 65%, 31-40: 2%, 41-50: 1%, 51-60: 0%, 60+: 0%. Grader position is predominantly male (58.0%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 16-20 years old.
GraderPhiladelphia, PA - 11 months ago
why are 65% of graders in the age group 21-30? they need more diversity. πŸ™„
GraderPhoenix, AZ - 11 months ago
i wonder if the gender gap in the grader field is due to biased hiring practices. πŸ€”


Who Are the Top Employers for Grader?
Top employers of Grader position: Arizona State University, Kumon North America, Inc., The University of Texas at Dallas. People who work in Grader position most typically go on to work for the Arizona State University.
GraderChicago, IL - 10 months ago
Being a grader is such a dead-end job. I'll take my talents to another profession, thank you very much. 🚫
GraderAtlanta, GA - 10 months ago
Good luck trying to make a living being a grader. I bet you barely make minimum wage. πŸ˜‚
Arizona State University
Kumon North America, Inc.
The University of Texas at Dallas
What Industries Does Grader Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Grader: Education, Health Care, Manufacturing, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Administrative & Support. Grader employees most likely come from a Education industry background.
GraderHouston, TX - 10 months ago
Well, honey, Graders aren't trying to act smarter than teachers, but they do have the expertise to assess work based on grading guidelines. They provide valuable feedback to improve students' learning experience. πŸ˜‰
GraderPhiladelphia, PA - 10 months ago
Ugh! Do Graders even care about students? They just mark papers without really understanding the effort students put in. It's unfair and demotivating. 😑

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Discussion about Grader

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How balanced is the gender diversity among people working as a Grader?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
This is a well balanced profession, about half of the people are women.
What is the most common age of a Grader?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
The typical age is 23 for a Grader.
How many years of experience do you usually have as a Grader?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
On average, people have 1.5 years of experience when they start working as a Grader
Which industries have a lot of people working in Grader roles?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Education is the most probable for a Grader to work in.
What kind of degree is needed to work as a Grader?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
No higher education could not hurt if you want to be a Grader
Which company is likely to have openings for Grader positions?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Working as a Grader it might be a good next step to work for Arizona State University, Kumon North America, Inc., The University of Texas at Dallas, University of Southern California and USDA
How many years do people work as a Grader before changing their role?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
You should work for 2 years before considering changing to another role.
How likely is it for people working as a Grader to switch companies still working as a Grader?
Liam Brown3 years ago
As a Grader you’ll probably work for the same company for many years.
From which job titles people come from to work as a Grader?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
Typical prior positions for a Grader are Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant or Researcher
Working as a Grader what job titles should I consider to switch to?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Changing from a Grader to Research Assistant, Software Engineer or Teaching Assistant is a typical career path.
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