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Salary and Benefits

HR Manager
$54K-$66K / yr. (est.)
$60,774 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About HR Manager

What does a HR Manager do?

As Human Resources Managers, we supervise the hiring process, connect executives with employees, build an employer brand, improve employee engagement, build tactical talent resources, ownership of all HR matters across the organization from hiring to performance reviews, wage reviews, disciplinary action, and learning and development. The Human Resources Managers recruit staff, maintain a seamless onboarding process, train, counsel, coach the staff, resolve conflicts through positive and professional mediation, and carry out necessary administrative duties. We conduct performance and wage reviews, develop clear policies, and ensure policy awareness and create clear and concise reports.

Core tasks:

  • give helpful and engaging presentations
  • ensure workplace health and safety compliance
  • handle workplace investigations, disciplinary and termination procedures
  • maintain employee and workplace privacy
  • lead a team of junior human resource managers


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming HR Manager?
On average, people work 5-7 years in other positions prior to becoming a HR Manager.
HR ManagerDenver, CO - 8 months ago
🙄 as an HR Manager, I can confirm that this is the average path. Stop getting so defensive!
HR ManagerSeattle, WA - 8 months ago
well, that's interesting. But let's not generalize, everyone's path to HR Manager can be unique. 🤔
How Long Do HR Manager Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, HR Managers works in this position for 5+ years across multiple employers.
Operations DirectorHouston, TX - 8 months ago
🤔 Seems counterintuitive for HR Managers to move jobs frequently if building strong relationships with employees is a priority. Loyalty matters!
CHIEF Financial OfficerBoston, MA - 8 months ago
hr managers who switch jobs often should be treated like a red flag. They could be avoiding accountability by playing musical chairs! 🚩
What Is the Job Hopper Score for HR Manager Employees?
Frequent job changes in HR Manager, indicating a willingness to change companies and roles more frequently.
Career CoachHouston, TX - 8 months ago
It depends on the context. If the HR Manager changed jobs to gain diverse experience and evolve as a professional, it might be seen as positive ambition. 🚀
HR ConsultantMiami, FL - 8 months ago
As an HR Consultant, I've encountered HR Managers who changed jobs more frequently, but it doesn't necessarily indicate incompetence. It's a matter of individual circumstances. 👩

Career path

Path to job

Discover a HR Manager's areas of knowledge sorted by their majors.
Explore the list of higher education institutions that a HR Manager typically studied at.
Cornell University
Michigan State University

Path after job



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of HR Manager Employees?
Gender ratio in HR Manager position: 0.355571316079037 Male and 0.644428683920963 Female. Age ratio in HR Manager position: 16-20: 7%, 21-30: 55%, 31-40: 28%, 41-50: 8%, 51-60: 2%, 60+: 0%. HR Manager position is predominantly female (64.4%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
HR ManagerPhiladelphia, PA - 8 months ago
There are too many females in this profession, no wonder it lacks diversity! 🙄
HR ManagerSan Francisco, CA - 8 months ago
Why are there so few males?! This is gender inequality! We need more representation! 😡


Who Are the Top Employers for HR Manager?
Top employers of HR Manager position: Cintas, Lowe's, The Home Depot. People who work in HR Manager position most typically go on to work for the Cintas.
Director, Human ResourcesPhiladelphia, PA - 8 months ago
Cintas might be the top employer, but I've heard they have a toxic work culture. Not worth it!
HR SpecialistBoston, MA - 8 months ago
I've worked for all three companies, and neither of them is the perfect employer. Each has its flaws and strengths.
The Home Depot
What Industries Does HR Manager Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of HR Manager: Manufacturing, Retail, Information Technology, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Health Care. HR Manager employees most likely come from a Manufacturing industry background.
HR ManagerHouston, TX - 8 months ago
Seriously, being an HR Manager in the professional services field is a thankless job. Everyone expects us to solve their problems, yet nobody appreciates our efforts. 🙄
HR ManagerMiami, FL - 8 months ago
Healthcare is known for its emotional highs and lows, and as an HR Manager in this industry, I witness the struggles firsthand. Sometimes it's too much to handle. 😢

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Discussion about HR Manager

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Can you work as an HR Manager if you are a freelancer?
8 months ago
Are the working conditions good if you work as an HR Manager?
4 months ago
Yes, as a manager you take your role serious and train your staff and listen to them about working conditions, the job would be more efficient.
How is the gender diversity among people working as an HR Manager?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
65% are women in this profession.
What is the typical age of people who work as an HR Manager?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
People working as an HR Manager are 29 old on average.
Is an HR Manager considered to be a junior profession?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
On average, people have 6 years of experience when they start working as an HR Manager
What industries does an HR Manager typically work in?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Most typically work in the Manufacturing industry.
Specialist Administrative3 months ago
I think any industries require HR Manager but mainly Construction more likely the best to work with
Is a degree needed to work as an HR Manager?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Most people have a Bachelor of Science degree
Where are you working as an HR Manager?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Cintas, Lowe's, The Home Depot, US Army and Walmart employs the most people in the HR Manager role.
How many years do people spend as an HR Manager in their career path?
Liam Brown3 years ago
You should work for more than 5 years before considering changing to another role.
How frequently people change companies if they work as an HR Manager?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Getting experience working for multiple companies is typical for an HR Manager.
From which job titles people come from to work as an HR Manager?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Most people come from HR Generalist, Director, Human Resources or HR Business Partner roles
Working as an HR Manager what job titles should I consider to switch to?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Working as HR Manager consider Director, Human Resources, HR Business Partner or HR Generalist as a next step in your career.
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