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5 Ways Job Search Is Going to Change

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Looking for a job can be an exciting journey. If you add the rise of remote work, shift to online recruitment and a rising flexibility in job roles, you’ll see how dynamic the job search has become in 2021. The way we work and the entire job search process has undergone a complete change. 

Even though 2020 was an unprecedented year with its ripples still being felt, it’s time to focus on what you can control and how you can adapt to the ever-changing recruitment dynamics. 

If you have a robust job application plan in place, you can easily bag your dream job or pivot into an entirely new industry. Let’s look at how you can mobilize your job search skills to navigate these challenging times while staying miles ahead of the competition. 


Recruiting Will Become More Automated

With a growing number of people hunting for a job, recruiters quickly turn to automation to better manage the huge number of job applications. Expect a more significant number of recruiting processes to be automated. 


Scheduling interviews, scanning resumes for the right applicant fit, and sending interview assessments are all done by bots. Using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will become commonplace, and multiple interview rounds may completely be done via video-conferencing. Chatbots will be employed to answer basic applicant screening questions.  


Even as Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) could soon be used to review video interviews,  identify which applicant used the right keywords in the cover letter, or scan an applicant’s online presence across social media, here’s what you can do: 

It’s time to beat the bots. Learn all about video interviewing and make your resume ATS compliant. Once you are confident in handling digital recruiting, you will quickly notice the number of interviews adding up fast and giving you more choices than ever before.​

Remote Work Will Grow 

Since global vaccination efforts are still underway in countries, expect remote work to continue its predominance. With most non-essential jobs being done remotely, it opens up enormous opportunities for you! 


Employers would likely adopt fully remote or hybrid work schedules with a mix of remote and on-site employees. Even after the pandemic recedes, it doesn’t look like we’ll be returning to our cubicles so quickly, not in 2021 at least. 


That’s a huge win-win for job seekers worldwide. No longer do you need to apply for ‘jobs in New Jersey’ or ‘administrative assistant in New York?’ The world is your oyster, my friend! So, here’s how you can make remote work get going for you:

Some Industries Will See a Boom

Are you wondering where to start? Identify the sectors that are booming in this pandemic. Even though hiring trends show marked differences across diverse industries, some sectors are booming. To land your next job quickly or are willing to pivot into another industry, choose an industry where hiring is going on actively. 


With COVID-19 accelerating the shift to online, many industries are growing fast, ranging from healthcare, pharma, technology, banking, financial services, and e-commerce to shipping and transportation. Check out a few ideas that can help you get started: 

The Market Will Become More Competitive

So, you love competing, eh? Even though competition brings out the best in some people, rising unemployment means that you need to be ready for a bigger competition pool. Hundreds of job applicants spoil companies with choices and can make the job search process drag on for longer. But you know what? Smartly positioning yourself as a brand with organic marketing can help you stand out from the crowd. Here is how you can do it:

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Work Will Become More Fluid

Everything has undergone a sea change post the pandemic. So, why should the nature of work remain the same? In 2021, be flexible and open to working in multiple job types such as a permanent job position, freelance projects, temporary positions, or temp-to-hire. This is true more so in times of uncertainty when companies have work to be done but don’t want to hire employees in permanent job roles.

Many people may love the flexibility, freedom, and dynamic nature of freelance projects, while others may crave a sit-down permanent job role. Here’s what you should know. When you’re open to different kinds of job roles, newer opportunities are likely to show up. Here’s how you can position yourself strategically to land the best job opportunities that are out there:

Bonus Job Search Tip – Get Creative!

So, here is our bonus tip to help you on your job search journey in 2021! Job search on its own can be incredibly individualistic and even boring at times. Stop thinking in terms of just getting a job. Instead, think of how creative you can be for yourself and your employer. Today, you can’t only apply to jobs and wait for the employer to call you back for an interview. Stay on top of the hiring manager’s and your dream employer’s minds when you position yourself smartly.


Make your LinkedIn profile shine

Do you know that most employers do a social media background check before hiring an applicant? In fact, 79% of recruiters have rejected an applicant due to inappropriate content on their social media profiles. Being aware of this won’t help unless you take action. Schedule a day to clean up your social media and get rid of any content you’d not be comfortable sharing with your future employer or hiring manager. Include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat in your social media clean up process. Once you’ve completed it, google yourself once just to be sure (that’s what your employer is doing anyway!)

Wishing You Job Search Success in 2021 

2020 was a very unpredictable year, and 2021 promises to take that to the next level. With vaccination drives kicking off worldwide and the global economy picking up steam, everyone is looking forward to the good times with hope. By reinventing your brand and taking a more intelligent approach to job search, you can always stay two steps ahead of the curve to land your dream job in this exciting year.

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Yuvika Iyer
As a Professional Resume Writer, Career Expert and Ex-Recruiter, I have scanned more than 1M resumes over 15 years and partnered with Fortune 500 brands such as Indeed, Recruiterbox and Wrike. Having been on both sides of the table, I understand what both employers and employees want and help them connect with each other to achieve mutually successful outcomes.

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