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Best Places for Digital Nomads

Best countries for digital nomads


The Countries and US States Most Suitable for Digital Nomads

For those of you who aren’t in the know, digital nomads are people who work remotely while traveling to different locations. Given their remote yet mobile way of working, they rely heavily on reliable internet and hotspots. 

So, where in the world is it best for digital nomads to go to work? We have looked at the broadband speeds, 5G coverage, unemployment rates, and other factors for a range of countries and US states to determine the best locations for them.

The Best US States for Digital Nomads

      1. New Jersey

    Digital Nomad State Score: 7.93/10

    New Jersey, ranks as the best state for digital nomads. The state ranked in the top ten for four of the factors, having great internet capabilities allowing a digital nomad to work in peace. The state also has a great average monthly salary and ranks high for diversity. Truly a great US option for digital nomads. 


        1. Virginia

      Digital Nomad State Score: 7.35/10

      Taking the second spot, we have Virginia, home to the famed Chesapeake Bay. Virginia has fast broadband speeds, yet the 5G coverage leaves much to be desired. With relatively low unemployment, indicative of plenty of job opportunities, and high average monthly salaries, it is another great option for digital nomads.

          1. Minnesota

        Digital Nomad State Score: 7.28

        Minnesota, known as the “Land of 1,000 Lakes”, is bordered to the north by Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. The state ranks well for happiness and low unemployment rates, it also ranks within the top ten for 5G coverage per 100,000. It also ranked in the top fifteen for average monthly salary. This makes it the third-best option for digital nomads. 

        US States with the Fastest Broadband Speed

            1. Delaware

          Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 145.8

          In the number one spot, with the fastest broadband speed, we have Delaware. As of 2022, the average broadband speed for the state is 145.8 Mbps meaning, you can be sure of little latency and fast load times, as you go about your digital nomad lifestyle. 

              1. New Jersey

            Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 144.7

            New Jersey takes the second spot for fastest broadband speeds, as of 2022, the state recorded 144.7 Mbps on average. Again, this is perfect for a digital nomad, to ensure that there is no lag, especially during virtual meetings, for example. 

                1. Maryland

              Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 144.3

              Maryland, which shares one of its borders with Delaware, takes the third spot for fastest broadband speeds. As of 2022, the state has an average broadband speed of 144.3 Mbps, marginally slower than those ranking above it. 

              US States with the Most 5G Coverage Spots

                  1. Oklahoma

                Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 33.7

                Oklahoma comes out on top as the state with the highest amount of 5G coverage. The latest coverage maps show that Oklahoma has around 33.7 5G hotspots per 100,000, ensuring that digital nomads would have almost constant internet access. 

                    1. Arkansas

                  Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 32

                  Arkansas, bordering the Mississippi River, is known for its abundance of parks and wilderness areas. The latest coverage maps show that Arkansas has exactly 32 5G hotspots per 100,000 of the population. 

                      1. Montana

                    Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 31.7

                    Montana is a state with diverse terrain, ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the steppes and prairies of The Great Plains. The latest plots from network coverage maps show that Montana has around 31.7 5G hotspots per 100,000 of the population. 

                    US States with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

                        1. Minnesota

                      Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.0%

                      Minnesota, having already ranked in the top three overall rankings, also ranks as the state with the lowest unemployment rate. As of October 2021, the state recorded 2% unemployment against the whole labor force. 

                          1. Utah

                        Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.1%

                        Utah is the host state of the Sundance Film Festival, it is also landlocked, being bordered by five different states. The most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the state has an unemployment rate of 2.1%. 

                            1. Vermont

                          Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.1%

                          Vermont is famed for its picturesque natural landscape, as well as being a hotspot for skiing. Along with Utah, it is the joint-second-lowest unemployment rate in the US, as of October 2022, at just 2.1%. 

                              1. Nebraska

                            Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.2%

                            Nebraska was formerly considered part of the Great American Desert but has since turned into an agricultural powerhouse, famed for its vast farmlands. It comes in third for the lowest unemployment rate among the US states, with 2.2% as of 2022. 

                                1. North Dakota

                              Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.2%

                              North Dakota is known for its vast badlands, which are also part of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As of October 2022, it has also recorded a 2.2% unemployment rate, making it joint third with Nebraska. 

                                  1. New Hampshire

                                Unemployment Rates 2022 (% of total labor force): 2.2%

                                New Hampshire is a haven for lovers of the outdoors, with vast rugged coastlines and spectacular views of the White Mountains. As of 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics records the state’s unemployment rate at 2.2% of the total labor force. 

                                US States with the Highest Median Monthly Salary

                                    1. Massachusetts

                                  Median Monthly Salary 2021: $4,878.33

                                  Massachusetts, which is of course the home of Harvard University, is the state with the highest monthly earnings. As of 2021, the median monthly salary for the state is over $4,800, meaning you can live comfortably during your time here as a digital nomad. 

                                      1. Washington

                                    Median Monthly Salary 2021: $4,204.17

                                    Washington is the only state to be named after a president, known best for its huge college baseball scene and multiple national parks. As of 2021, the median salary for this state is around $4,200 per month, making it the second-highest in the US. 

                                        1. Alaska

                                      Median Monthly Salary 2021: $4,068.33

                                      Alaska is the largest of the states in the US, with vast swaths of wilderness and you can even glimpse the aurora borealis too. The median monthly salary in Alaska is just over $4,000 as of 2021, making it the third-highest in the US. 

                                      US States with the Highest Happiness Scores

                                          1. Hawaii

                                        Happiness Score 2022: 68.27/100

                                        Scoring 68.27 out of 100 for the overall happiness of the state, Hawaii is the happiest state in the US. It has one of the lowest depression rates and one of the highest income growth rates, likely contributing to the happiness of residents. And with plenty of beaches and lots of outdoor activities, a digital nomad is sure to be rather content during your downtime.

                                            1. Utah

                                          Happiness Score 2022: 67.84/100

                                          The second-happiest state is Utah, which is also the fourth-safest state. If that wasn’t enough, it is the state with the lowest divorce rate, and residents also tend to enjoy their work more than residents from other states.

                                              1. Minnesota

                                            Happiness Score 2022: 67.26/100

                                            Minnesota scored 67.26 out of 100 making it the third-happiest state in the whole of the US. Having already ranked as the state with the lowest unemployment rate, it also has the third-lowest divorce rate and is the third-safest state. Residents of the state are also known for being very welcoming and inclusive. 

                                            US States with the Highest Diversity Scores

                                                1. California

                                              Diversity Score 2022: 70.89

                                              California is the most diverse state in the United States, with a score of 70.89 out of 100. The state has the highest linguistic diversity and the second-highest racial and ethnic diversity. It also has the highest Hispanic population of any state, at around 15 million residents. 

                                                  1. Texas

                                                Diversity Score 2022: 70

                                                Texas is the second-largest state by land area and population, a possible contributing factor to the state’s diversity. It has a diversity score of 70 out of 100, making it the second-most diverse state in the US. Texas has the highest household diversity and the fourth-highest racial and ethnic diversity.

                                                    1. Hawaii

                                                  Diversity Score 2022: 69.69

                                                  As of 2022, Hawaii is the third-most diverse state in the US, with a score of 69.69. It is the most ethnically and racially diverse state but ranks third for cultural diversity. However, Hawaii also has the lowest white population in the whole of the US. 

                                                  The Best Countries in the World for Digital Nomads

                                                      1. Switzerland

                                                    Best Digital Nomad Country Score: 9.04/10

                                                    Switzerland, located at the confluence of Western, Southern, and Central Europe, comes out on top as the best country for digital nomads to work from. Scoring 9.04 out of 10 on all factors, Switzerland ranked in the top five for fastest internet broadband, most 5G hotspots, and average monthly salary, giving you a stable connection to get your work done while surveying all the natural beauty that Switzerland has to offer. 

                                                        1. Singapore

                                                      Best Digital Nomad Country Score: 7.41/10

                                                      The Republic of Singapore, as it is officially known, is a sovereign island country and city-state, located in Southeast Asia. Scoring 7.41/10 across all of the factors, Singapore is the third-best country for digital nomads. Ranking very high for average internet broadband speeds and average monthly salaries, Singapore is another great option for digital nomads.

                                                          1. United Arab Emirates

                                                        Best Digital Nomad Country Score: 7.27/10

                                                        The United Arab Emirates is an elective monarchy formed by a federation of seven emirates and it comes in third for countries that digital nomads should consider visiting. The country ranked high for diversity, and average monthly salary, as well as ranking top for the lowest unemployment rate. 

                                                        Countries with the Fastest Broadband Speed

                                                            1. Singapore

                                                          Median Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 255.83

                                                          Singapore comes out on top as the country with the fastest internet broadband speeds. During 2022, Singapore recorded a median of 255.83 Mbps (megabits per second), making it one of the best locations for digital nomads to do their work. 

                                                              1. Hong Kong

                                                            Median Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 254.7

                                                            Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China located off its southern coast. In 2022, it had a median broadband speed of 254.7 Mbps, making it the country with the second-fastest broadband speed in the world. 

                                                                1. Romania

                                                              Median Internet Broadband Speed (Mbps): 232.17

                                                              Romania is the sixth-most populous member of the European Union, though best known for being home to the region of Transylvania. Though it also recorded a median internet broadband speed of 232.17 Mbps, making it the third fastest in the world. 

                                                              Countries with the Most 5G Network Coverage Spots

                                                                  1. Lithuania

                                                                Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 95.7

                                                                The country with the most 5G coverage is Lithuania, a European country in the Baltic region situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. According to the most recently available maps, Lithuania has 95.7 5G hotspots per 100,000 of the population. This is particularly important for digital nomads, giving them good coverage of the most reliable network type. 

                                                                    1. Slovenia

                                                                  Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 78.7

                                                                  Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe, in the Balkans and it is known for its mountainous terrain and ski resorts. And per 100,000 people, Slovenia has 78.7 5G hotspots, giving it the second-highest coverage globally. 

                                                                      1. Switzerland

                                                                    Number of 5G Coverage Spots per 100,000 people: 70.1

                                                                    Switzerland started implementing 5G in 2018, through a company called Swisscom and they claim to have already delivered 5G to 90% of the population. According to the latest coverage maps, Switzerland has 70.1 5G hotspots per 100,000 of the population, making it the country with the third-highest coverage. 

                                                                    Countries with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

                                                                        1. United Arab Emirates

                                                                      Unemployment Rates 2022: 2.20%

                                                                      The United Arab Emirates is located in Western Asia and the Eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. As of 2022, it is recorded to have an unemployment rate of just 2.2% of the workforce being out of a job. 

                                                                          1. Japan

                                                                        Unemployment Rates 2022: 2.80%

                                                                        Japan is an island country, located off the eastern coast of Asia and is the eleventh most populous country in the world. As of 2022, it had recorded an unemployment rate of 2.8% of the total workforce. 

                                                                            1. Poland

                                                                          Unemployment Rates 2022: 3.20%

                                                                          Poland, located in Central Europe, has a population of around 39 million, making it the fifth most populous country in the world. As of 2022, the unemployment rate for Poland is around 3.2% of the total workforce population. 

                                                                          Countries with the Highest Average Monthly Salary

                                                                              1. Switzerland

                                                                            Average Monthly Salary (after tax): $5,432

                                                                            Switzerland, having already come out on top as the best country for digital nomads, also ranks top for the highest average monthly salary, after tax. With the average monthly income at around $5,400, you can be assured that financial stability should not be an issue here. 

                                                                                1. Singapore

                                                                              Average Monthly Salary (after tax): $4,321

                                                                              Coming in with the second-highest average monthly salary, after taxes, is Singapore. Its average monthly earnings are around $4,300, which is more than $1,000 weekly. And with Singapore being around 18% cheaper than living in New York, you should be able to live comfortably during your time here. 

                                                                                  1. United States

                                                                                Average Monthly Salary (after tax): $4,110

                                                                                The United States of America, the world’s biggest economy, comes in with the third-highest average monthly salary, before taxes. During your stay in America, you can be secure knowing the average monthly salary is over $4,100. However, there are potential expenses in the US, such as medical bills that could set you back. Still, the US is a great place for a digital nomad to briefly call home. 

                                                                                Countries with the Highest Happiness Scores

                                                                                    1. Finland

                                                                                  Happiness Score 2021: 7.84/10

                                                                                  Finland, located in the north-most region of Europe, is a Nordic country. It also comes in with the highest happiness score, most recently scoring 7.84 out of 10. Despite having to pay for healthcare services, the charges are very reasonable, and with low crime rates and plenty of natural beauty, it’s easy to see why it is the happiest country in the world. 

                                                                                      1. Denmark

                                                                                    Happiness Score 2021: 7.62/10

                                                                                    Denmark, also located in the North of Europe and like Finland, a Nordic country, has the second-highest happiness score. As of 2021, the country scored 7.62 out of 10 for overall happiness. This is largely due to a lack of government corruption perceived by the public, a good community spirit, and a relative lack of crime. 

                                                                                        1. Switzerland

                                                                                      Happiness Score 2021: 7.57/10

                                                                                      Switzerland, once again ranks in the top three, this time for the overall happiness of the country. As of 2021, Switzerland has a happiness score of 7.57 out of 10. This is largely due to it having one of the world’s longest life expectancies, some of the highest salaries, and being one of the world’s safest countries. 

                                                                                      Countries with the Highest Diversity Scores

                                                                                          1. Canada

                                                                                        Ethnic Fractionalization Score: 71.24/100

                                                                                        Canada shares its southern border with the US, it is also the second-largest country by total area. With a score of 71.24 out of 100, Canada ranks as our most diverse country. The score refers to the likelihood of an individual speaking more than one language or being from two different groups, in terms of ethnicity. 

                                                                                            1. United Arab Emirates

                                                                                          Ethnic Fractionalization Score: 62.52/100

                                                                                          The United Arab Emirates is a country in Western Asia, located on the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE is a country known for its cultural diversity, being a proverbial melting pot for different cultures and ethnicities, scoring 62.52/100 for its diverse nature. This gives a digital nomad the perfect chance to explore different cultures. 

                                                                                              1. Kazakhstan

                                                                                            Ethnic Fractionalization Score: 61.71/100

                                                                                            Officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is a transcontinental country, partially in Asia and Europe, perhaps adding to its diversity. The country is inhabited by a range of ethnic groups and there is a range of different languages spoken in Kazakhstan, leading to its high diversity score. 

                                                                                            Methodology – 

                                                                                            Firstly, we began by getting a list of countries – we took the most populated developed countries from World Population Review – and a list of US States.

                                                                                            We then took internet data for the countries and US states. We used World Population Review for the countries and Highspeed Internet for the US states. Then for the 5G coverage, we used the map from Speedtest for both the countries and states. We then took the total 5G hotspots for each country and state and calculated it per 100,000 of their populations. 

                                                                                            For the unemployment rates, we again used World Population Review for the countries and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the average monthly salaries for countries, we used Numbeo and for the US states, we used Stats America

                                                                                            For the happiness scores, we used World Population Review for both the countries and US states. The World Population Review was also used for getting the diversity scores for both countries and US states

                                                                                            Finally, we then calculated a score for each country and state, based on all of the factors, to create a digital nomad score for both countries and states. We then also ranked each country and US state on each factor too. 

                                                                                            Team Lensa
                                                                                            Team Lensa
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