Warehouse Jobs: Warehouse Workers Needed Today!

Warehouse workers working with forklifts in a warehouse
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Warehouse jobs are some of the most important in the world because they produce goods everyone consumes or uses every day. In fact, 1.14 million people in the U.S. work in the warehouse industry. Growth is also projected to keep accruing annually by 1.4% over a 10-year span.

So, how can you find a path to working in a warehouse? Let’s look at all the requirements needed, plus eight top jobs currently listed as the best out there.

What Do You Do in a Warehouse Job?

You may have various titles when working in a warehouse. For instance, you might start as a basic worker but maybe become a warehouse associate later. Then you may become a manager of the warehouse if staying with the job for a long period of time.

Furthermore, warehouse work is almost always manual labor and usually involves:

  • Doing material handling or sorting
  • Operating heavy machinery like forklifts
  • Picking of various items, including produce
  • Lifting items into delivery trucks
  • Working in teams to produce or manufacture various goods
  • Packing orders for distribution
  • Counting or storing merchandise

What Kind of Experience Do You Have in Warehousing?

While many warehouses hire high school and college students, you may need a little experience if older. Furthermore, this isn't always the case but depends on the task involved. The average age hired 

is usually 21-30.

Driving a forklift, as an example, is not for a beginner without some training. Many warehouses do train for this. Still, you’ll likely need a little experience using a forklift in similar warehouse settings. Plus, certifications help prove you have the expertise for forklift operations, not including other complex tasks.

Additionally, you may already be a fully-experienced warehouse worker who wants to continue a career in it full-time. The more experience you have, the better. Nevertheless, you only need a high school diploma to land most basic warehouse jobs.

Warehouse management or logistics frequently requires a college degree in logistics management.

What is the Basic Salary of a Warehouse Worker?

Expect an average base salary of $12.92 an hour when starting in the warehousing field. In fact, this is better than minimum wage in some states, though you get additional benefits. After 10 years working in this industry, your pay can go up to over $15 per hour.

warehouse worker in a protective suit transporting packages in a warehouse
In addition, one great thing is you can get up to $4,687 in overtime pay per year. There may be times when you need to work overtime so warehouses can properly make deadlines. Most impressive is that you get paid time off, health insurance, and a 401K. Flexible schedules are also allowed to accommodate your schedule. Some warehouse jobs operate overnight since all warehouses keep running 24/7. You’ll also have disability insurance, just in case you’re ever injured on the job.

Eight of the Best Warehouse Jobs Available

What kind of warehouse jobs are hot right now? We have them for you here at Lensa. Take a look at the diversity, including part-time warehouse careers.

1. Part-Time or Full-Time Warehouse Packaging Job for FedEx

The chance to work with FedEx is always in demand. In fact, we listed a warehouse package handler job there that works as a part-time or full-time opportunity. This position is available in Boise, Idaho.
You’ll have two shifts per day in the full-time option. Part-time offers 2-4 hour shifts. However, FedEx notes shifts may vary based on what’s needed at the time. A competitive hourly rate is available here, including multiple benefits.

2. Material Handler Job for Apex Systems

As a material handler, you handle all administrative tasks in order fulfillments. In addition, Apex Systems offers a job like this with just a high school diploma and one year of experience.
You have to be willing to work weekends and possible holidays. Requirements include the ability to do receiving, shipping, kitting, and MRB. Working with a pallet jack and selectors is also common. Apex notes they’re an equal opportunity employer.

3. Warehouse Jobs with Sears

Yes, Sears is still going in some capacity, despite closing most of their retail stores in recent years. In fact, they still have warehouse operations going, including this general warehouse associate position.
It’s available in Lawrence, Kansas, and pays up to $15 per hour. After two years with the company, the salary bumps up to $17. The job involves accurate handling of merchandise into and out of the Sears warehouse. Keep in mind this is only a part-time opportunity.

4. Warehouse Forklift Operator at Threshold Enterprises, LTD

Those of you looking for a forklift operation job have a good lead here at Threshold Enterprises in Scotts Valley, California. Unlike some forklift jobs, Threshold is willing to train for entry-level positions.
Furthermore, the salary in this job is excellent and ranges between $16-$32 per hour. Full-time and part-time positions are up for grabs.

5. Amazon Warehouse Jobs

The most powerful company in the world is always looking for warehouse workers. They offer various seasonal warehouse positions in places like St. Paul, Minnesota as just starters.
Immediate openings are always available with different shifts. The pay rate is between $15 and $16.15 per hour.

6. Apple Warehouse Jobs

The other most powerful company in the world also constantly has open warehouse jobs constantly. These are centered in Cupertino, CA, Apple's central headquarters.
In addition, one job is a route driver that involves working with warehouses for shipping & receiving. It’s entry-level with training involved. Full or part-time is available, with pay ranging from $16 to $35 per hour.

7. Aldi Warehouse Jobs

Aldi is a chain of discount grocery stores owned by a German family. Their stores need warehouse workers to distribute their store supplies.
They do have recent listings, including for a warehouse associate in Haines City, Florida, plus another in Olathe, Kansas. Both pay the same as others. Lastly, other warehouse jobs from Aldi include a part-time warehouse associate and a third-shift associate.

8. Warehouse Associate with Sysco

In Carteret, New Jersey, Sysco is hiring a warehouse associate. Sysco pays a little better with a starting salary of $17 per hour. They want employees who are in this for career growth with a dynamic company.
Additionally, responsibilities here are demanding, including shipping, replenishment, and unloading of trucks.
Finally, visit us at Lensa to help you find a warehouse job that matches your skillset.
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