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Are you a tech professional hoping to pursue the life-changing work of education? Or maybe an education professional with a strong interest in tech? Good news: in the increasingly blended work environment of today, a new discipline has emerged that may just be the perfect fit for you. What do you know about education technology, so-called “edtech” jobs?

Edtech is all the rage right now, with a smattering of focused conferences and competitions planned around the world in 2020. Globally, edtech itself and professionals in the space are bringing new kinds of learning to people of all demographics. Accessibility has never been higher, in terms of both individual and geographical circumstance. There could not be a better time to consider moving into this field: in 2019 alone the education technology industry was worth over 1 billion dollars. And education is a leading industry for future employment, with an expected growth of 14% by 2026. Meanwhile, education technology is becoming increasingly the norm, and very soon tech competence will be not only beneficial but vital to educational professions.

Are you ready to bring the future into the classroom, or bring the classroom into the future? Here are some key insights you should know if you are considering the education technology field.

Key Insights About Education Technology

Education technology is capturing the benefits of new technologies to enhance the learning journey.

Education is increasingly online. Gone are the early days of online education: clunky collaboration platforms that looked like 2000s-era forums and glitchy, overlong webinars. The advent of new technologies has helped online education reach extreme levels of both accessibility and engagement. Students can learn from virtually anywhere using IoT, and the growth of online learning platforms has led to an explosion of new learning approaches such as blended learning, and microlearning, plus a huge growth in MOOCs. And the application of new technologies has made education both more personal, more accessible, and more human.

You don’t need to be at school to be in edtech.

Maybe you are passionate about education technology, but you don’t want to work in a school. You’re in luck: learning technology is experiencing incredible investment and growth right now. With new edtech companies and solutions cropping up constantly, you have ample opportunity to make your interest in education technology a career whether you want to be a teacher, a developer, or anything in between. Your focus does not even have to be in general education: workforce learning solutions are highly successful within edtech at the moment. Better yet? In a landscape dominated by the fear of robots replacing jobs, the education market is remarkably well-positioned to survive: education requires both enhanced technology and a ready human hand. There is still a significant lack of sufficient teachers and resources to provide learners with everything they need to take advantage of education technology and access unprecedented levels of learning. But every day more and more startups like StuDocu provide quality study materials and the opportunity to share their knowledge and documents between teachers and learners. 

Education technology should take you around the world.

While a clear global understanding of the edtech market is hard to hammer down, some things are certainly clear. Among them? Education technology is enhancing the lives and opportunities of people around the world, from the remote student on your block to schoolchildren in developing countries. But the general adoption of edtech globally, and particularly in developing countries, has yet to see the promised results. There is still a significant lack of sufficient teachers and resources to provide learners with everything they need to take advantage of education technology and access unprecedented levels of learning. This should be a key focus for education technology as we step into an increasingly globalized new decade, and will likely lead to significant job security and growing opportunity for jobseekers.

In-Demand EdTech Jobs

If you think you would like to help bring technology into the classroom, or the classroom to the world, this may be the perfect field for you. Here are the most sought after education technology jobs to help you start your search:

Top 10 Education Technology Jobs on Lensa

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Most Promising Areas for Edtech Jobs

As the education industry in general becomes more tech-focused and education technology is increasingly implemented across the entire field, it can be understood that the highest concentration of edtech jobs will correspond with the highest number of education jobs. The following are the most-demanding regions for educational professionals in 2019:

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Paige Richmond
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