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Tech professionals are universally some of the most sought after candidates in a tough talent market, so building tech competency is absolutely a strong choice. But after you build your portfolio in tech, what kinds of jobs should you pursue? One of the stablest industries with a dire need for technologically proficient workers is healthcare. This industry is ranked as the best industry for employment today, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 13.3% between now and 2028. An added bonus? You can be sure that your work will improve the lives of the people utilizing your services. Let’s find your dream tech jobs in healthcare!

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly changing industries through the advent of technology. Sure, business and finance are automating processes and manufacturing is becoming more efficient; but healthcare is improving by leaps and bounds through the advent of next-generation technologies and helping both individuals and families live better lives as a result–and it pays well to boot. Why wouldn’t you want to pursue this professional crossover?

If you think you’re up to the task, here are some key insights about tech jobs in the healthcare industry.

Key Insights about Tech in the Healthcare Field

Digitalization is the first step. 

The digitalization of medical records will require an impressive tech suite and an army of proficient technologically competent data managers to see it through, but it will offer immeasurable improvements in the healthcare industry. Digitalization will free up workers to pursue more important tasks, reduce both healthcare and labor costs, improve public health and allow patients access to their own health records to streamline the medical process through online databases or healthcare apps on our phones.

Big Data will forge new paths.

Big data is a hot topic in most industries, but its application in the healthcare world has only recently become a major talking point due to the previous difficulty in collecting the vast amounts of data captured in the industry. New solutions and a huge growth in data professionals are starting to turn that around, and you can expect data analytics to improve diagnostic accuracy, treatment, and public health, to name a few.

Futuristic technologies are already changing the medical world.

From the application of augmented reality in the operating room and improved communication between doctor and patient to the gamification of healthcare, new technologies are already starting to change the way health professionals care for their patients. Virtual reality and augmented reality are also shaking up medical education, from youth through med school, making learning more immersive and efficient but demanding trainers and professionals be tech-adept. The development, implementation, and use of cutting edge technologies in the medical space will only become more important in 2020.

Think this could be the right crossover for your skills and professional interests? We have combed our data to bring you the most sought after tech-focused jobs in the healthcare industry to help you start your search:

Top 10 Tech-Related Healthcare Jobs on Lensa

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Most Hiring Areas for Jobs in Healthcare

The highest concentration of tech-focused healthcare jobs can, of course, be found in the regions where you can find the highest number of healthcare positions open. These metro areas are seeking the highest number of healthcare professionals, so they might be a great place for you to start:

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Paige Richmond
Paige Richmond
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