Healthcare Tech Jobs: The Ideal Crossover Career?

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Tech professionals are hot stuff in today’s talent market. So, it should come as no surprise that tech smarts look great on your resume. But what career path is best?

Our answer might surprise you! Healthcare always needs good tech workers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare industry will grow 16 percent by 2030. Hello, job security!

Moreover, healthcare offers a way to improve lives. That makes it an appealing career option for tech workers.

Technological advances have rapidly changed the healthcare landscape, and other industries are following the lead! For instance, business and finance have newly automated processes. Manufacturing has also made strides. Healthcare, however, offers job security, decent pay, and meaningful work.

Sounds like a recipe for professional success, right? Let’s go find your dream healthcare tech job!

Healthcare Tech Jobs: Key Insights

Read on for some key insights on healthcare tech jobs.

Digitalization is Key

Healthcare digitalization has been a long, hard process. It takes powerful tech and an army of experts. Nevertheless, digital transformation has huge potential for the industry.

For example, continued digitalization in healthcare can lower overall costs. It also can improve the quality and safety of care. In addition, it gives patients access to their health records and lets healthcare workers focus on critical tasks. Finally, online databases and mobile healthcare apps help streamline the medical process.

All of this makes digital transformation worthwhile.

Big Innovation

Big data isn’t a new idea. However, it has only recently penetrated healthcare. After all, healthcare systems capture tons of information. Processing that data has seemed daunting, if not impossible. 

But tech workers are proving those assumptions wrong. Indeed, we’re seeing more and more big data analytics applied in healthcare. That improves staffing, telemedicine, diagnostics, digital security, and many other areas.

Technology Marches On

What do augmented reality tools in the O.R. share with gamification in mobile healthcare application development? Both are changing healthcare delivery. 

New technology has also shaken up healthcare education. For instance, medical schools now use augmented and virtual reality tools. These enable immersive learning through state-of-the-art simulations.

Technology will continue to revolutionize healthcare. In the future, it will only become more critical.

Is healthcare tech the right professional crossover for your skills and interests? Good news! We’ve combed our data for the most in-demand healthcare tech jobs to help you start your search. Keep reading to learn more!



Lensa’s Top 10 Healthcare Tech Jobs

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Healthcare Tech Jobs: Best Cities

Which cities have the most healthcare tech jobs? These metro areas have the highest number of healthcare-related job openings. They’re a great place to start your search!

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Paige Richmond
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