Careers in the Capital: Employment Trends in the Washington D.C. Area

Career in Washington D.C.?
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Up next on our Metro Area Spotlights: we’re going to the capital! The Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria metro area has more to offer than proximity to our national government. U.S. News rates the D.C. area as the 19th best place to live in the nation, and the area offers amenities, entertainment and employment opportunities in spades. In fact, the job market was the area’s highest-rated element in the survey. 

Employment growth has been strong in the D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria region since the Great Recession, with an overall increase of around 10% between 2010-2018. Another bit of great news for jobseekers? The area is facing a talent shortage (as is the nation), which has led to growing wages and better job prospects. And despite the slight dip in employment rates in the last few years, trends indicate an upturn, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics still ranks the Washington D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria metro area as seventh among the top twelve metropolitans for employment. It may certainly be a good time to consider work in or around our great capital.

That being said, it is not all perfect news. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the D.C. area specifically is not performing as well as the rest of the region. In fact, despite extremely good performance against the national average in May 2018, D.C. saw only .51% growth versus the regional performance of 0.82% between May 2018-2019. The good news? First, while the D.C. area has seen slowing employment growth, this is largely due to a reduction in federal employment, while private sector employment remains relatively solid. Second, the greater metro area is still going strong, and the costs of living in Arlington and Alexandria are considerably lower than in D.C. as well.

Wondering what opportunities you might find in the Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria area? Read below for some statistics to light the way!

Top Industries in the Washington, D.C. Area

It’s not all government work in the D.C. metropolitan area: the region is rife with opportunity for jobseekers in both the public and private sectors! In fact, the Leisure and Hospitality sector saw the greatest growth across the last year, at 5.1%. Considering your prospects? Here are the top industries in the capital:

Top Hirers in the Area

We’ve also gathered the most-hiring companies on Lensa to help you start your search:

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Paige Richmond

Paige Richmond

Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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