Checking In: Why You Should Consider a Leisure & Hospitality Career

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Leisure and hospitality – an industry predicated on delivering joy to consumers is increasingly adapting to competition from on-demand services and the talent challenges faced by all industries in 2019.

Hospitality and leisure is rated as one of the top ten best industries for employment with an expected growth of 8% by 2026. Hospitality and leisure jobs are tough work, but they can be extremely fun and fulfilling as well. Despite high turnover hospitality and leisure is a rewarding career path: several hotel corporations consistently rank on Fortune’s annual Best Place to Work. An added bonus: the skills you learn in hospitality & leisure are highly transferrable and hard to teach, putting workers in a great position for a later transition into other industries if the situation calls.

Key Insights Hospitality & Leisure

  • Tech enables, but people skills still reign supreme. It’s happening across all industries: both brand-new and repurposed technologies are taking the business world by storm and show no rates of slowing down. In hospitality & leisure, innovative tech is delivering everything from novel experiences like robot greeters and VR to practical solutions like data personalization, IoT, and process automation. This will naturally create a glut of new tech-focused career opportunities in hospitality for jobseekers. That said, soft skills and interpersonal capabilities remain essential for workers in thisindustry, and few other industries place such emphasis on these skills. Bonus: it is this unique emphasis that makes hospitality & leisure workers appealing for other industries, so a hospitality position could open unexpected doors.
  • Hospitality & leisure companies are working out the kinks. Employment in this industry remains rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Workers have cited the people-facing work and a pleasant work environment as strong reasons for feeling fulfilled by their work in the industry, but high levels of emotional labor, unpredictable schedules and a varied work-to-life ratio as workers move up the ranks are common causes of concern. Top-level companies are introducing new engagement, wellbeing and career-pathing mechanisms to help workers excel emotionally and professionally and reduce industry turnover.
  • Despite setbacks, hospitality & leisure are surging. Though the internet loves to suggest that younger people choose homestays and dining in to traditional hospitality & leisure pursuits, the industry is only gaining strength. With median incomes on the rise, people are increasingly dining out again and research suggests that hotels remain preferred amongst travelers. Expedited and increasing restaurant delivery services, niche entertainment options and more accessible and diverse vacation opportunities granted by new technology both create new jobs and strengthen the industry, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Top Jobs in Hospitality & Leisure

Job requirements in the industry vary wildly from no experience to specialized advanced degrees. The high diversity of job types mean your opportunities for growth vary by your field, but the strong emphasis on onsite learning and high turnover mean significant prospects for growth. Additionally, individuals with experience in hospitality & leisure are highly sought after in other customer-facing industries. We’ve gathered the most commonly sought jobs in the field:

Jobs in Hospitality & Leisure
based on search volume

Metro Area Trends

Hospitality jobs exist across all regions, and specialized workers are in a great position to find work that suits them in any locale. That said, jobs in this area are highly concentrated in areas with high rates of tourism, and the highest rate of postings occurs in the following metro areas:

  • New York-Newark-Jersey City
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin
  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
  • Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

Working in the hospitality industry is great as both a rewarding stepping stone and a lifetime career. Curious about jobs that would work for you? Sign up today for personalized job listings.

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Blog post expiration date: March 1, 2020

Paige Richmond

Paige Richmond

Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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