Hospitality Jobs: 3 Key Insights for 2022 and Beyond

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Jobs within the leisure and hospitality industry have always revolved around delivering joy to consumers. But now, this dynamic industry is working hard to prove its resilience as it adapts to competition from on-demand services — and recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Interested in a leisure and hospitality job — or even a career? Don’t despair!

The industry took a hard hit during the pandemic, but employment is projected to grow faster than all other sectors between 2020-2030. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, leisure and hospitality will account for 7 of the 20 fastest-growing industries over the next decade. 

Leisure and hospitality jobs are tough work but they can be extremely fun and fulfilling as well. And there’s no camaraderie quite like that of a service staff who has seen each other through good times and bad. So, despite the high turnover, it’s safe to say that hospitality jobs offer a rewarding career path.

Need additional evidence? Several hotel corporations consistently rank in the upper echelons of Fortune’s annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. And a bonus: the skills you learn in the hospitality industry are highly transferable and difficult to teach. This puts workers in a great position to transfer into another industry if and when the time is right.

Hospitality Jobs: 3 Key Insights

If you’ve ever worked in the hospitality industry, you know that it’s nothing if not dynamic and adaptable. Read on for 3 key insights into this recovering — but resilient — industry in 2022 and beyond.

1. Despite Tech Growth, People Reign Supreme

It’s happening across every industry: brand-new and repurposed technologies are taking the business world by storm. And this rise in tech shows no signs of slowing down.

The hospitality industry is no different. Indeed, innovative tech has delivered everything from novel experiences — like robot greeters and virtual reality (VR) tours — to more practical solutions like data personalization. These new technologies have created a plethora of associated career opportunities for job seekers within hospitality.

But, regardless of tech advances, soft skills remain crucial for workers in this industry. After all, few other industries place such a high level of value on soft and interpersonal skills. An added bonus? It’s this unique emphasis on soft skills that makes hospitality workers so appealing to other industries. So, you never know when a hospitality position might open unexpected doors.

2. Hospitality Companies Are Working On Work-Life Balance

Employment in the hospitality industry is known to be rewarding and challenging in equal measure. Workers cite human interaction and a pleasant work environment as strong reasons for job satisfaction and fulfillment. However, causes of concern for these same workers include unpredictable schedules, high levels of emotional labor, and a lack of work-life balance. And these issues only grow as workers move up the ranks in hospitality jobs.

In response? Top-tier hospitality companies are meeting the moment with new engagement measures, socially responsible incentives, well-being initiatives, and career-path mechanisms. The hope? To help industry workers excel both emotionally and professionally and reduce industry turnover in the process.

3. Hospitality Jobs Are Regaining Footing After Recent Setbacks

The internet loves to suggest that younger generations choose home stays and dinners in over more traditional leisure pursuits. And the recent Covid-19 pandemic certainly presented challenges. But the hospitality industry is regaining its footing — and working hard to regain strength.

Indeed, with median incomes on the rise and the pandemic dust settling, people are dining out again in larger numbers. Moreover, recent research suggests that hotels remain a popular option amongst travelers of various ages and varieties.

Additionally, the advent of new technology has led to booming restaurant delivery services, niche entertainment options, and ever-more accessible and diverse vacation opportunities. All of these developments have created new hospitality jobs and helped the industry as a whole to regain strength after the pandemic

Top Leisure and Hospitality Jobs

Wondering about job requirements in the hospitality industry?  Good news! Qualifications run the gamut from no experience to specialized advanced degrees. And this high level of diversity within the industry? It means that, while opportunities for growth vary by field, they trend high overall. This is largely due to high turnover and a strong emphasis on onsite learning.

Additionally, those with experience in leisure and hospitality become highly sought-after candidates in other customer-facing industries. Why? Because hospitality jobs teach workers tons of transferable skills.

To ease your search, our data team has gathered the most in-demand jobs in the hospitality industry. Check out the graphic below to learn more.

Leisure & Hospitality Jobs
based on search volume

Hospitality Jobs: Metro Area Trends

Hospitality jobs exist in every region. So, specialized workers should have no problem finding suitable employment in a variety of locales. However, leisure and hospitality jobs are especially numerous in known tourist destinations. With this in mind, our data tells us that hospitality jobs are most concentrated in the five metro areas below.

For some people, a job in the hospitality industry is a rewarding stepping stone on a long and winding career path. And for others, a hospitality job can be the start of a lifelong career.

Want to learn more about hospitality jobs that fit your needs? Check out available postings on today. And don’t forget to sign up for personalized job listings sent directly to you!

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Blog post last updated: July 31, 2022

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