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Companies With Unlimited PTO: 15 Companies That Offer Unlimited Vacation Time (& How to Find Job Openings)

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Unlimited paid time off (PTO) may sound like a dream, but it is becoming more available at companies. This innovative approach to employee well-being posits flexibility and autonomy in managing time off work.


Unlike traditional PTO structures, with a set number of vacation days per year, unlimited PTO allows employees to take time off as needed without fear of running out of paid days.


The idea behind unlimited PTO intends to foster a greater sense of trust and accountability among employees. Companies can create a more positive work environment and increase overall productivity by allowing their team members to balance work and personal life as they see fit.


This trend has been gaining traction among influential organizations, from tech giants to start-ups to long-standing brands in many industries. Understanding this revolutionary approach to time off will help you evaluate whether it’s the right fit for your company or the workforce you’re considering joining.


Here, we highlight 15 companies, among many others, that offer this benefits game-changer and discuss its benefits, drawbacks, and real-world implementation examples. 


The Concept of Unlimited Paid Time Off


Many companies are introducing this employee perk to provide flexibility and demonstrate trust to their workforce. With unlimited PTO, employees are not given a fixed number of paid days off annually. Instead, they take time off as needed, keeping in mind that it ideally does not disrupt business operations.


The real goal behind unlimited PTO is to create greater trust and accountability between employees and their employers, offering benefits to both. Unlimited PTO allows employees to achieve a better work-life balance and increases job satisfaction and happiness. It also fosters a sense of autonomy and empowerment as employees are entrusted with their schedules.


However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that such a policy might only be a perfect fit for some organizations. Companies must evaluate their business needs and culture before adopting unlimited PTO. Managers or HR must clearly outline guidelines and expectations to prevent system abuse.


Unlimited PTO aligns well with workplace trends in 2024, focusing on flexibility, adaptability, and employee well-being. Companies that embrace this policy provide trust and support for employees to control their work-life balance.


Benefits of Unlimited PTO for Employees


Unlimited PTO provides several benefits:


  • Flexibility: Time off for personal, family, or leisure activities without restrictions of a fixed number of days. This work-life balance attribute helps you plan vacations or handle unforeseen emergencies.
  • Reduced stress: Knowing you always have time off reduces workplace stress and anxiety. The result is greater job satisfaction along with better overall well-being.
  • Increased focus: Unlimited PTO grants ‘daycations’ or ‘staycations’ as needed and won’t put you at risk of using up all your paid leave. These shorter breaks can improve concentration and productivity.
  • Empowerment: The policy also encourages employees to own their time and workload. The trust granted empowers you to make responsible decisions as you consider work commitments and their impact on your team and personal life.


Communicating with your team and managers will be essential to this unique benefit. Ensure that your responsibilities are covered during your absence and that everything goes smoothly.


Advantages for Employers


Offering unlimited PTO benefits your company and employees. For one, it instantly makes your company more attractive to potential employees. Job seekers are demanding more from their employers, and a generous and flexible time off policy puts you at the head of the line to attract top talent.


Implementing unlimited PTO enhances employee morale and job satisfaction. Employees who feel trusted to manage their work-life balance can be engaged and committed to their jobs.


Unlimited PTO can lead to higher productivity levels. Allowing employees to take breaks when needed will enable them to return to work feeling refreshed and focused, ultimately improving work quality and contributing to your company’s overall success.


15 Companies with Unlimited PTO




Founded in 2005, Chegg is a leading online education platform. It entices, enthuses, and appreciates the efforts of its employees and awards them different employment benefits, including unlimited PTO. Chegg recruits employees, from senior executives to social media content creators in many fields.




HubSpot, a well-known inbound marketing software company, offers unlimited vacation days as part of its employee benefits package. This encourages employees to take time off to recharge, provided they maintain their work responsibilities effectively.




SoFi, a finance company founded in 2011, operates with 1,500 employees. They specialize in helping companies with their finances. Among their services are debt management, money safety lockers, investment in work, and retirement planning. SoFi also offers some of the best pay packages for its employees working to advance technology.


Sony Electronics


Sony’s ingenuity has fueled its work for over 70 years as a creative entertainment company with an advanced technological foundation. Its benefits package matches its position at the top of the acoustic industry.




As a global technology leader, Oracle offers unlimited PTO. This helps them attract and retain some of the top talent in tech. Their commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction is second to none.




Asana is a popular project management tool. The company believes in work flexibility and seeks to empower employees to maximize happiness and productivity. It was the brainchild of Dustin Moskovitz and Rosenstein, who met while leading separate Engineering teams at Facebook. They founded Asana, which enables millions of work teams in over 190 nations to do extraordinary and path-breaking things.




Offering unlimited PTO for its employees is a no-brainer for Kronos, a leading workforce management software company. The approach reflects the company’s commitment to employee well-being and life-work balance. Kronos knows how to manage a team and passionately engages its own workforce.




GrubHub, an online food delivery platform, has also adopted an unlimited PTO policy. It is dedicated to connecting hungry diners with a network of restaurants across the US. Innovative technology, easy UX design, and streamlined delivery capabilities keep it at the forefront of food delivery.




Vimeo was established in 2004 by filmmakers Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick. The company is committed to making sharing videos fun and easy. It houses more than 200,000,000 creators and has helped grow several other organizations. Among the employee perks at Vimeo is unlimited PTO.




Zoom, the globally renowned video conferencing platform, offers employees My-Time-Off (MTO). MTO promotes employee well-being and productivity by providing the flexibility to balance personal and professional lives.


Goldman Sachs


A financial giant committed to being the best in the field since 1869. With that boast, they also take care of their employees. This benefit reflects the company’s commitment to employee happiness and well-being.




Roku is a famous streaming device company that provides unlimited PTO and fosters a work culture that values flexibility and a healthy balance between personal and professional demands. They connect people to the streaming videos they love and want to watch. 




Buffer is a social media management platform with employees living and working in 15 countries. They constantly try to do things differently, so they’ve included unlimited PTO in their employment package. They intend to create one of the most unique and enjoyable workplace environments.


General Electric Company


General Electric Company provides employees unlimited days off, demonstrating their commitment to employee well-being. Ranked as the company’s third most important benefit, G.E.’s PTO Package strongly emphasizes employee satisfaction.


Maven Clinic


Maven Clinic is a virtual care platform that provides digital care for women on demand. Geared primarily toward pregnant women, it provides health care from conception to delivery. The company’s mission, to provide health care to women and empower them and their families, reflects its core values of compassion, innovation, teamwork, and excellence, which also extend to employees.


How to Find ‘Elusive’ Unlimited PTO Careers


Not so long ago—two or three years—unlimited PTO was referred to as flex or relaxed scheduling. Today’s terminology can be daunting, especially when it comes to knowing exactly what a company offers in its time-off policies.


But these perks are out there, and the brands offering them trend towards employee satisfaction as a key component of company culture. Here are a few tips to start searching:


  • Scour job search boards. Most will provide detailed information about the company and reviews from previous employees. This will tell you their company persona.
  • Network in person and online. Chances are you know someone who already enjoys this benefit. Their company may be hiring, or they may know one that is.
  • Negotiate. If you are performing well in your current role, you could bring the idea of unlimited PTO to HR and explore the options there. If you’re looking for a new role and unlimited PTO is important to you, you can bargain with many of the points shared here.


Unlimited PTO Policies Benefit Everyone


While companies embrace unlimited PTO policies, it should also be noted that 80% of Millennials, 70% of Gen Xers, and 63% of Baby Boomers express a preference for them.


Adopting an unlimited PTO policy can create a win-win situation for everyone. Offering this benefit shows your company values a work-life balance for employees and a healthy company culture. Research shows these policies increase productivity because employees may work more efficiently during their allotted time. The policy also attracts and retains the best of the best in your industry.


However, there may also be some potential pitfalls. Unlimited PTO could result in communication issues or work disruptions without proper management and guidelines. Establishing a clear framework for requesting and approving time off while also encouraging employees to use their PTO responsibly is crucial. Transparent communication is the best way to ensure a successful unlimited PTO policy.


Unlimited PTO can be a highly advantageous policy for your business if implemented correctly. Evaluate your company’s needs and craft a comprehensive plan to offer enhanced work-life balance for your employees.


Enjoying your career as much as you enjoy your time off is no longer a pipe dream. With many companies now offering unlimited PTO, the perfect work-life balance is within reach. Let Lensa help you find your next job.


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