Detroit Lions Jobs: What You Need to Score One

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If you are passionate about football, now is an excellent time to look for your dream job in the offices of the Detroit Lions. You will be working in an environment that you love, and at the same time, you will be supporting your favorite team directly as you work hard to make a difference.

A lot has happened over the past few months with COVID-19, which disorganized everything in the American football industry. With games getting canceled, players could no longer practice as often as they used to and many people lost their jobs.

The pandemic had a significant economic impact on the football industry as well. Some employees contracted the virus and had to step down from their positions. Football teams were also forced to lay off some employees due to the financial challenges brought by the virus. This has left a lot of unfilled positions. With the right strategy, you can easily land a job at a big NFL team as things gradually get back to normal.

Detroit Lions jobs include both part-time and full-time opportunities to suit everyone’s schedule. Also, if you wish to work remotely, there is something for you in the various functions of the team’s franchise. You can work as a freelancer for the franchise, which is a perfect position for busy moms, students, or anyone who wishes to have a flexible working schedule. You may also apply for temporary positions, and the best part is that these posts do not demand much experience.

For those looking to change their career or find a higher paying job, there are executive positions for you but these focus on skills and experience.

Nonetheless, getting one of the available Detroit Lions jobs takes a lot of effort. This is a highly competitive industry worth billions, and you must go overboard to prove that you are worth the position you are eyeing.

How do you stand out amid thousands of competitors? Here are a few tips.

Learn More About the Industry

The Detroit Lions are currently a big deal in the NFL, and at this level, there are nearly as many employees and coaches as the players. It would help if you understood all the possible Detroit Lion jobs out there. These include sports science experts responsible for players’ health and preventing injuries, PR and communication professionals to deal with the team’s reputation, and nutritionists to handle the team’s dietary requirements, just to mention a few roles.

Most people push through with the application without a clear idea of which roles are open, and this messes up their chances of getting a job that meets their skills. By exploring the different aspects of the football industry, you get to discover opportunities that you never knew existed. You get a clear insight into how football teams operate, and you will be in a much better position to get a job.

Learn More About the Detroit Lions Team

The secret to securing a job working for the Detroit Lions is to show their HR that you are a real fan. You cannot be a die-hard fan of the team if you know nothing about them. If you recently learned about the Detroit Lions and gained interest in working for the club, you should take your time to learn more about their culture, the players, their recent achievements, and changes within the team. The interviewing team will most likely ask you questions revolving around the Lions to establish if you are genuinely passionate about working there. Check the latest news to understand how COVID-19 has affected them and how you can help the team rise again if given a chance. Also, check out the vacant Detroit Lions openings before sending in your CV.

Find Your Way into Football

The Detroit Lions are a big team, and on a professional level, they are not going to hire just anyone. They need someone who can offer real value. 

They will prefer working with someone who is already in this industry and can bring their experience and expertise to the team. You do not necessarily need to be a football player to get in, but you should know a thing or two about the game. If you are new to football, you can start with the basics, such as understanding the number of players per game and the field rules.

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While at this, weigh your options based on your skills. Establish how you can make a change in the team then focus on bettering yourself in that specific area.

Invest More in Your Resume

The nature of your resume will significantly determine your chances of getting the job. This is what you use to create a good impression before meeting the hiring team. You must prove that you understand the industry. Be careful not to complicate yourself with whatever you say during the interview. If you have never worked for a football team before, be clear on the experience part. This will save you from being assigned a role that you cannot handle. However, be sure to include all your skills and strengths. You might have zero experience and still get the job with the help of your expertise. Working in a football team like the Detroit Lions is more about offering value, and your skills might be just what they are looking for. If you are unsure of what to include in the resume, seek the assistance of experts and let them help you craft a killer CV.

Be Ready to Accept Any Opportunity

Scoring one of the available Detroit Lions jobs is a dream come true, especially if you have never been in the industry before. Taking the first opportunity you get is a great way to build your CV. Getting a job at an elite level in the football industry is challenging. By being willing to step out of your comfort zone and gain more experience, you are likely to land a higher position in the future.

Finding Detroit Lions Jobs and More

If you want it, you can get it. No dream is too big to achieve, and soon, you could be one of the many staff members in the Detroit Lions. Check out for all the available job openings and embark on your application.

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