Here Are The Most Diverse Companies in 2021 [Real Data]

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Here Are The Most Diverse Companies in 2021 [Real Data]

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Here at Lensa, we value diversity and inclusion. Not only do we practice principles of diversity within our own company, but we’re also in a unique position to gain insight into the current state of diversity in the overall jobs market. After crunching the numbers on tens of thousands of companies, we’ve compiled a list of the most diverse companies in 2021 and noted some of the principles at work across industries. 

Infographic of the most diverse companies in 2021.

Diversity Defined

While the word diversity causes many among us to immediately jump to thinking about issues related to race and ethnicity, the true definition of diversity is much more… well, diverse. 

Diversity is the range of human differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs. (Ferris State University)

In 2021, the most diverse companies foster a work environment that values the full spectrum of human diversity. This means going beyond mere representation and actively works to ensure that everyone is involved, included, and empowered in their chosen industries. 

Why Diversity Matters

When people are not valued for who they truly are, they not only fail to connect meaningfully with their work and their colleagues, but they are also in a poor position to accomplish their best work.

Studies have repeatedly shown that fostering diversity leads to more creative teams, routinely boosts a company’s bottom line, and influences teams to make better business decisions 87% of the time.

That’s because on truly diverse teams, you have people who 

  • Think differently
  • Hold varying mindsets
  • Bring diverging perspectives
  • Enjoy separate motivations
  • Carry memories of different life experiences

While different points of view can create some friction (and very often increased tension), it has been proven time and again that diverse teams routinely perform better than “frictionless” teams

That’s because when everyone in the room follows similar lines of thought, there are always gaps in perspective. Without anyone to raise questions, push back, or add nuance based on a different set of life experiences, a team with monolithic experiences may be moving from a more seemingly confident but infinitely less prepared position.

Fortunately, here in 2021, we have a number of companies showing us exactly what it looks like to value diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The Top 10 Most Diverse Companies in 2021

Based on the available data, these companies are working to get it right.

1. RE/MAX Professionals

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, RE/MAX Professionals is an international real estate organization working on a franchise system. RE/MAX operates in 100 countries and has a network of more than 100,000 brokers. RE/MAX supports equality and diversity, and recently sponsored the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance

Gender Ratio: 50.3% Male / 49.7% Female

Diversity Score: 98.95

Graph showing age distribution at RE/MAX Professionals.

2. Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston

Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston is a North Carolina based real estate agency. Independently owned and operated, their website makes it clear that they fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. These are both great signs of diversity and inclusion affecting their core values. 

Gender Ratio: 50.2% Female / 49.8% Male 

Diversity Score: 98.67

Graph showing age distribution at Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston.

3. Cruise Planners / American Express Travel

Cruise Planners / American Express Travel is an award-winning company with access to low travel fares and excellent amenities. Cruise Planners is a popular North American travel-planning agency, and because they focus on providing personalized travel experiences for a wide variety of travelers, diversity among the staff is an absolute must.  

Gender Ratio: 50% Female / 50% Male

Diversity Score: 98.49

Graph showing age distribution at Cruise Planners / American Express Travel.

4. HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate

Based in Rhode Island, HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate is currently among the five largest brokerages in the United States. Their roster of agents represents a wide spectrum of ages, ethnicities, and genders.

Gender Ratio: 50.9% Male / 49.1% Female

Diversity Score: 98.36

Graph showing age distribution at HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate.

5. Long Island College Hospital

New York’s Long Island College Hospital is making strides for diversity in the medical industry. This teaching hospital has a fairly even split between male and female employees, though the females currently outnumber the males by a slight margin. 

Gender Ratio: 50.9% Female / 49.1% Male

Diversity Score: 98.22

Graph showing age distribution at Long Island College Hospital.

6. CENTURY 21 Troop Real Estate

CENTURY 21 Troop Real Estate is a global real estate agency based in Madison, New Jersey. With over 11,600 independently owned and operated franchise brokers across 83 countries, it’s no wonder CENTURY 21 appears on a list like this! 

Gender Ratio: 50.6% Female / 49.4% Male

Diversity Score: 98.06

Graph showing age distribution at CENTURY 21 Troop Real Estate.

7. SunteckTTS, LLC

SunteckTTS, LLC is a full-service logistics freight brokerage firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. With a diverse array of agents from many walks of life, SuntekTTS more than earns its place on our list.

Gender Ratio: 50.9% Female / 49.1% Male

Diversity Score: 97.96

Graph showing age distribution at SunteckTTS, LLC.

8. Realty Executives

International real estate agency Realty Executives attracts top talent from around the world. Building an international team has been a priority, resulting in a diverse collection of stellar agents.

Gender Ratio: 51.3% Female / 48.7% Male 

Diversity Score: 97.81

Graph showing age distribution at Realty Executives.

9. Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is an Ohio-based trade association that supports rural communities. They advocate for clean water, good government, and diverse agriculture in their region.

Gender Ratio: 51.1% Female / 48.9% Male

Diversity Score: 97.76

Graph showing age distribution at Realty Executives.

10. Doane College

Doane is a nationally recognized university in Nebraska offering undergraduate and graduate programs through three colleges. 

Gender Ratio: 50.5 % Female / 49.5% Male

Diversity Score: 97.71

Graph showing age distribution at Doane College.

What Companies Do for Diversity

When companies go out of their way to emphasize diversity and inclusion in the workplace, they not only attract top talent and outperform companies that don’t bother, but they also foster environments in which everyone can experience a safe and equitable work environment. In that safe space, all employees are in the best position to do their most creative and focused work.

Making diversity and inclusion a priority goes beyond improving brand image and impacts the quality of life among staff and employees. Since many people spend the bulk of their waking hours at work, company diversity can literally ensure that diversity becomes a more fully-integrated way of life for all Americans.

And that’s a win for everybody.

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