5 Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs for Every Preference

Young and determined man working at night on entry level data entry jobs at home, with a help of a laptop.
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Data entry jobs generally refer to jobs where you work with electronic data. Entry level data entry jobs often include processes like adding, verifying, and editing this data. These jobs can often be done remotely. Often, all that is required is the ability to work in a home office, type quickly, and follow instructions.

How Did COVID-19 Affect Data Entry Jobs?

COVID had a strong effect on entry-level data entry jobs. In general, many people being out of work due to lockdowns and the lockdowns themselves limiting the access of traditional workers led to the creation of many temporary jobs. The increased need to handle inputting data about COVID is also a source for the uptick in entry-level data entry jobs.

Given the likelihood for COVID to continue to require a huge amount of data entry in difficult situations, there’s plenty of reason to believe that remote data entry jobs will continue to be important for some time into the future as well.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

Entry-level data entry jobs fall into a few different types. Here are some examples. There’s no particular experience needed in the beginning, but you may need some specific skills for remote data entry jobs like the following.

  • Transcription- Many people have audio recordings that need to be typed in a written format. You will need to be able to type as fast as possible for this job and have a good ear. After an entry-level job, you may be able to grow into a specialty like medical or legal transcription with additional training.
  • Micro Jobs- These are jobs that often involve repetitive data input tasks. You may need to enter data into captcha boxes, provide captioning for videos, or complete other quick tasks. They often pay poorly, requiring you to work very fast to make any money.
  • Keyer-keyer is someone who fills out forms after collecting data about them. It may involve adding payroll data into forms, filling out data into a catalog such as product names, filling out customer data into CRM software, or anything similar. Must be effective at accurately locating and inputting information.
  • Conversion– Another common type of data entry job will be converting one type of data into another. For example, you may need to start with an image that has text on the image. As this can’t be converted easily through automatic means, instead you will have to read the text and then write it down in a document. Sometimes the text has difficult words like medical jargon. You need to be able to work fast and copy text accurately.
  • Surveys and Others– It is possible to make money taking online surveys if you try the right sites. Following minute directions is especially important for this type of job.

Companies Hiring for Data Entry


One option for entry-level data scientist type jobs is this job from Lionbridge. It does have the disadvantage of being low paying, but reviews say that it works well as a side hustle. If you build up enough side hustles, you could at least temporarily recreate the money you need for bills. In these times, many people are doing just that.

In this job, you would be helping to develop artificial intelligence by rating search engines, chatbots, virtual assistants, and more. You might transcribe images or digitize written documents as well. In some cases, you may be rating or inputting geographical data from maps. This has the advantage of having some flexibility and being relaxed to some degree.


Data entry customer service jobs at Aerotek will give you about $15 per hour. This is more of a full-time type job and less something that has flexibility like Lionbridge. You need to be able to speak to people and help them over the phone. You will be aiding them with inputting forms and locating documents. Making $15 per hour is going to be a good rate for many people these days, however, given the situation. This is a good choice if you’re trying to replace your previous job as much as possible.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is another micro job type. Each series of tasks are low paying, but if you find some good ones and learn to do them very quickly, you could make some money again, as a side job. It could be part of your request to have several little jobs to try to pair with a more solid part-time job as a transcriptionist, for example.

For everything to work with Mechanical Turk, you will need an Amazon account. It also helps to join a community of like-minded people such as on a site like Reddit, which has its own subreddit for Mechanical Turk, complete with recommended Turk jobs, called HITs. Again, you won’t be able to do this like a regular job on its own, but it’s certainly flexible and remote. It can be a lot of CAPTCHA work, identifying images, participating in surveys, and little tasks of that nature. You have to take tests to qualify for jobs.

Transcribe Me!

This is a fairly standard entry-level transcription job. You have to worry about things like “cross-talk” where everyone talks at once. You may not be able to tell who said what, which requires you to transcribe this in a special way. In other words, there’s often a set of rules you have to learn to do the job properly. You make $15 per hour of recorded audio here. This job is also flexible where you can choose your own projects.


For this job, you will be looking at data from customers about unemployment insurance claims and making sure that this is all inputted correctly. It pays between 10 to 13 dollars an hour. This can be full time and it can include benefits. It gets fairly good ratings on review sites like GlassDoor.

Getting Started

COVID is making it so that it’s easier than ever to find remote data scientist jobs of whatever stripe you want. If you visit an employment site like Lensa to help you out, you should be able to find the exact type of job you want sooner than you think.

Lensa Insights
Lensa Insights
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