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Generation Z: Top Companies to Work For

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Millennials are no longer the youngest kids on the block in the recruiting space. The oldest members of Generation Z have cleared college and are now entering the job market in their droves. While most recruiters focus a lot of time and research on the millennial, the Generation Z workforce is quietly carrying out a silent coup. 

According to consultancy firm Deloitte, one-third of the world’s population falls under the Gen Z category. Industries and businesses need to be aware and ready for this particular workforce. As they prepare to step into the limelight, their impact will be felt wide and far. Generation Z is radically different from millennials and has a different perspective on what constitutes a successful career and life.

Who is Generation Z?

Close to 61 million Americans born between 1996 and 2010 fall under the Generation Z bracket. This group that will soon enter the workplace comes with divergent priorities, needs, and values outside the norm. There is a need for companies and businesses to take action now and prepare for this new generation.

Top 4 Characteristics of Generation Z? 

The Generation Z workforce has key attributes that every human resource department should be familiar with and prepared for. Being prepared means laying measures now that will help operate and engage better with this dynamic group. Critical characteristics of the Generation Z workforce are:

They Value Human Interactions

Although Generation Z is a digital group, they value human interaction in the workplace. Companies need to meet this group’s needs by providing a twist of human touch to their tech aspect. For example, if your Generation Z employees work remotely, it would help if you use more video chats than phone calls.

Values Work-life Balance

A big percentage of Generation Z workforces prioritize working for companies that provide a work-life balance. They prefer weekends spent in nature and away from work. Companies can best meet this need by setting up flexible work time for employees working remotely. They can also encourage employees to get into social programs like meditation groups while at work.

Feedback is Critical for Generation Z

If you only give reviews and job feedback once a year to your employees, you won’t satisfy the Generation Z workforce’s needs. This group prefers multiple feedbacks from their managers every week or even daily. Generation Z values feedback and measurability on job reviews. For them to learn quickly, managers should frequently address specific variables close to their behaviors, performance, or results

They See Failure as an Opportunity to Grow

Failures in the eyes of Generation Z provide a valuable opportunity to learn and grow. To this workplace, failure enables them to be more innovative to come up with new ideas in the workplace. Therefore, managers should create a work culture that doesn’t punish mistakes and failures but rather encourage employees to use them to learn and grow.

Generation Z Characteristics in the workplace: What’s Important to Them When Looking for a Company

Generation Z man working from home with VR technology
  • A stable work-life balance
  • They want positive relationships
  • They want transparency
  • They are tech-savvy
  • Collaborative and team-friendly environment
  • They value prompt feedback and job reviews
  • All work and no play is a big no for Generation Z
  • They grow and learn when they fail

What Is The Difference Between Gen Z And Millennials?

A millennial is anyone born between 1980 and 1995. The US has about 71 million millennials. On the other hand, Generation Z includes persons born between 1996 and early 2000. Generation Z constitutes approximately 67.7 million Americans. The following are the main difference between these two age groups:

  • Compared to millennials, Generation Z are worried about the cost of education
  • Millennials value job security and stability while Generation Z value finding a dream job
  • More of Generation Z see their parents as role models that should be emulated compared to Millennials

Generation Z: Top 10 Companies to Work for

1. Amazon

Industry: Technology

Location: Seattle, Washington

Amazon is an American tech giant focusing on digital streaming, artificial intelligence, commerce, and cloud computing. Amazon is one of the biggest four tech companies in the world. The company has often been ranked among the best companies by Fortune Magazine.  

2. Apple

Industry: Technology 

Location: Cupertino, California 

Apple is a leading American multinational company that designs, develops, and sells electronics, computer software and hardware worldwide. It is one of the big tech companies in the world and is considered a prestigious employer. 

3. International Business Machines (IBM) 

 Industry: Technology

Location: Armonk, New York

International Business Machines Corporation is a household name across the globe. The technological giant was founded in 1911 and provided several computing applications and solutions to big corporations worldwide. IBM is among the best companies, according to Fortune Magazine. 

4. Microsoft 

Industry: Technology

Location: Redmond, Washington

 Microsoft is an American IT company that develops, manufactures, supports sales, licenses, consumer electronics, personal computers, and computer software. It is arguably among the top 10 best companies to work for in the world. 

5. Nordstrom 

Industry: Retail

Location: Seattle, Washington

Nordstrom was founded in 1901 and grew to be a top American luxury department store. It boasts of fully-fledged departments for fragrances, cosmetics, accessories, clothing, and footwear, among others. Working for this company is considered prestigious.

6. Facebook 

Industry: Communication

Location: Menlo Park, California

 Facebook is an American social media giant founded in 2004. As a trailblazer in the social media space, Facebook is fueled by constant innovation and developing new networking solutions. These features make it an ideal company for Generation Z to advance their careers.

7. Tesla

 Industry: Motor vehicle and Energy

Location: Palo Alto, California

Led by tech guru, Elon Musk, Tesla is an American electric automobile manufacturing company founded in 2003. The company also offers clean energy solutions and manufactures the widely acclaimed Tesla cars. It is currently among the best companies in the world. 

8. Salesforce

Industry: IT 

Location: San Francisco, California

Salesforce is a leading American cloud-based software multinational that provides enterprise applications focused on analytics, marketing automation, customer service, and application development. Salesforce provides a workplace environment that syncs well with the Generation Z workforce. 

9. Disney

Industry: Mass media and Entertainment

Location: Burbank, California

Walt Disney Company is an American mass media and entertainment giant that provides diversified family entertainment and media services worldwide. It is also among the most prestigious companies to work for.  

10. NBC Universal 

Industry: Media and Entertainment 

Location: Manhattan, New York City

NBC Universal is a top-notch American mass media and entertainment company involved in the media and entertainment services. NBC Universal also promotes a creative culture that is ideal for Generation Z.  

Key Takeaway

Generation Z can be best described as a sensible and pragmatic workforce. They acquired these important traits thanks to the previous significant economic recession that changed their views, opinions, and attitudes towards work and life. While growing up, they witnessed their close family struggle to find a job and put food on the table. These scenarios helped enhanced the traits of hard work and responsibility in their behaviors. However, their workplace needs may differ drastically from the preceding groups. Therefore, managers should research more on this group to prepare better for their grand entry into the workplace. 

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