Go Green! Job Trends in Sustainability

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With climate change and depleting resources dominating the news, sustainability is a growing focus that merits increasing attention across industries. The UN has determined 17 goals for sustainable transformation to be attained globally by 2030, and going green is only getting more trendy–and profitable.

We have all been admonished to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle, but what exactly does “going green” mean for businesses and jobs? The green industry operates across other industries and attempts to find a business solution that allows profitability while having little to no negative environmental impact. Experts have determined that we are at a vital point for making changes that will save the planet, and these changes should create new jobs and new sub-industries alongside.

Key Insights

  • Everyone can “go green.” There are, of course, key industries that can and should take the lead in sustainable transformation, but measures have been taken across all industries, from social media influencers spreading awareness to hospitality companies reducing their carbon footprint. Valuable steps can be taken by anyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or level of environmental knowledge. We all have a stake in this, and you, too, can make a difference. 
  • Be careful who you trust. Lots of companies are making great strides in pursuing sustainable transformation, but just as many are guilty of greenwashing, a corporate trend of tapping in on profitability while not making legitimate green changes to their model. Before you buy a product or sign an employment contract, make sure you know who you’re dealing with.
  • It’s only the beginning for green jobs. While it’s easy to observe growth in the green industry, or at least in green-friendly messaging, U.S. “green” jobs at only about 10%, and only 1.2% of those are directly pursuing sustainability transformation. But the outlook is changing: as early as 2014, almost half of CEOs listed sustainability as a key goal. Last year, reports indicated that the sustainability industry was gaining strength and had almost reached gender parity, but there is still room for growth: companies urgently need to expand jobs focused on sustainability, both in generalist positions and specific sustainability job functions.

Fastest-Growing Green Jobs

As previously mentioned, you can find jobs or companies that contribute to sustainable transformation across many industries, and you can even find fairly high-earning positions at high levels of certification. But do you want to do more, and get in on the ground floor doing it? Consider one of National Geographic’s Fastest-Growing “Green Jobs” if you’re looking for a career change.

  • Urban Grower
  • Water Quality Technician
  • Clean Car Engineer
  • Recycler
  • Natural Scientist
  • Green Builder
  • Solar Cell Technician
  • Green Design Professional
  • Wave Energy Producer
  • Wind Energy Worker
  • Biofuel Worker

Top Green Jobs on Lensa

The above jobs may be hard to find, or require a significant amount of qualification to acquire. You can expect growth in all of those positions, but in the meantime, we’ve gathered the top “Green” jobs on Lensa to help you make your move today:

Top U.S. Companies Leading the Green Charge

Do you want to work for a company you can trust to be pursuing sustainable transformation and leaving a positive impact on our environment? We’ve compiled the top 10 U.S. based companies to help you start your job search:

  • Prologis, Inc.
  • McCormick & Company
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Analog Devices, Inc.
  • Ecolab Inc.
  • HP Inc.
  • Comerica Incorporated
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Autodesk, Inc.
  • KeyCorp

Do you feel called to make your mark on our environment? Check out Lensa today to see green jobs near you, and sign up to receive daily job listings in your area.

Lensa has been collecting hiring trend data since 2015, tracking over 100 million job postings and 9 million users, and we’re ready to bring that information to you through Lensa Trends. Blog post expiration date: March 1, 2020
Paige Richmond

Paige Richmond

Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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