9 Healthcare Jobs for Introverts You Should Know About in 2022

healthcare jobs for introverts in 2022


9 Healthcare Jobs for Introverts You Should Know About in 2022

Let’s talk about healthcare jobs for introverts. Don’t feel like reading? Listen here!

Think a career in healthcare is just for extroverts? Think again.

When you imagine working in healthcare, you probably picture people — lots of them. After all, helping people lies at the heart of every job in this field. But, believe it or not, there is space within the industry for introverts to survive and thrive.

Before we jump into the best healthcare careers for introverts, let’s talk about the truth behind who they really are. Read on for more!

What Is an Introvert, Anyway?

Introversion is a personality trait used to describe people who are reserved and introspective.

These people need “alone time” to feel fulfilled and recharge their batteries. Extroverts, by contrast, are outgoing types who gain energy in social situations.

Really, we’re all a combination of introverted and extroverted at heart. But you might be surprised to learn that one-third to one-half of Americans actually identify as introverts.

healthcare jobs for introverts

Healthcare Jobs for Introverts: 9 You Should Know About in 2022

Healthcare jobs come in all shapes and sizes. But which jobs will bring introverts the most joy and satisfaction?

Introverts are likely to thrive in positions with a great deal of autonomy. They’ll benefit from working alone or as part of a small team. Due to their deep empathy, they’ll find fulfillment in jobs that allow them to advocate for others. Furthermore, many introverts are natural leaders who shouldn’t shy away from jobs in management or healthcare administration.

Remote healthcare jobs can also be a good fit for introverts. Work-from-home jobs exploded during the pandemic out of necessity, but many are here to stay — and with good reason. Remote jobs offer introverts the chance to work from a place of comfort and recharge as needed. 

Check out our curated list below to learn more about the best healthcare jobs for introverts.

Clinical Research Nurse

What Does a Clinical Research Nurse Do?

Clinical research nurses care for patients participating in clinical trials. Duties include:

  • Recruiting trial participants and verifying eligibility
  • Coordinating trial-related care
  • Performing basic nursing tasks (e.g., blood draws and medication administration)
  • Educating patients about the trial process, side effects, and more
  • Synthesizing clinical data

With specialty areas ranging from obstetrics to oncology, it’s easy to find your niche. And the pay is competitive. The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA) reported a median salary of $82,083 for research nurses in 2020.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

A career in clinical research offers introverts the autonomy they crave. Research nurses decide how to manage their workload and schedule patient visits on their own.

Additionally, research nurses work with a small team and care for the same patients throughout the study.

healthcare jobs for introverts

This allows meaningful relationships to flourish — just an introvert’s cup of tea.

Are Remote Options Available?

Clinical research nurse jobs cannot be fully remote. Some of the work must be done in person. However, many of these jobs allow for remote work from time to time — sometimes as many as one to two days per week.

Genetic Counselor

What Does a Genetic Counselor Do?

Genetic counselors perform comprehensive genetic risk assessments for individuals and families. They work in a variety of specialty areas ranging from infertility to cancer.

Genetic counseling is a young and dynamic field with a sunny future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment in this area will grow 26 percent by 2030.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

A career in genetic counseling offers introverts the opportunity to:

  • Thrive in one-on-one interactions with patients and other healthcare workers
  • ‘Read the room’ and gently share sensitive information, thanks to their intuitive and thoughtful nature
  • Use their empathy to provide much-needed support when a patient’s results are less than desirable

Are Remote Options Available?

Many genetic counselor positions offer a hybrid of remote and in-person work.

Surgical Technologist

What Does a Surgical Technologist Do?

Surgical techs work with doctors and nurses to provide patient care in the operating room (OR). They gather equipment, prepare the OR, and assist the surgeon during procedures. 

Healthcare workers in this position earn a mean annual salary of $53,590. With 9 percent growth in the field expected by 2030, they also enjoy job security and stability. 

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

The patients with whom surgical techs interact are often under anesthesia (read: asleep) during their procedures. Additionally, surgical techs work with a small group of people in the OR. 

This limited interaction with others appeals to introverts. The controlled environment of the OR does, too.

healthcare jobs

The opportunity to decompress and recharge between cases is an added bonus.

Are Remote Options Available?

No. Due to the necessity of being in the OR, surgical techs cannot work remotely.

Radiation Therapist

What Does a Radiation Therapist Do?

Radiation therapists (RTs) administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer and other diseases.

As part of a team of doctors, nurses, and physicists, RTs work in outpatient clinics, hospitals, and universities. They spend a lot of time on their feet but enjoy a low-stress work environment. And they are well-compensated, with a mean annual wage of $94,000. Not bad, right?

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

A career in radiation therapy is an appealing option for introverts. This is because they can:

  • Use empathy to provide sensitive care to vulnerable patients — and make a difference in their lives
  • Build meaningful relationships with patients who receive long-term daily treatment
  • Work closely with a small group of colleagues
  • Use their attentiveness to provide safe treatment

Are Remote Options Available?

No. Because radiation therapists directly administer treatments to patients, they cannot work remotely.

Clinical Informatics Nurse

What Does a Clinical Informatics Nurse Do?

Nursing informatics blends the clinical and technical languages of healthcare to improve patient safety and clinical workflows. Job opportunities are vast and include:

  • Developing electronic healthcare delivery systems
  • Consulting with companies to improve healthcare technology
  • Training staff on new systems and processes
  • Bridging the gap between nursing and IT departments

These nurses work for hospitals, health systems, and health tech companies — and many positions allow for remote work. Thanks to ever-changing technology, this field will only continue to grow.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

Nursing informatics is ideal for introverts who wish to avoid direct patient care. Remote work opportunities abound for those who prefer solitude and need to recharge at home between tasks.

Additionally, introverts can showcase their critical thinking and observational skills in this role. 

remote healthcare job

If you’re an introverted nurse with an interest in IT, this could be the career for you.

Are Remote Options Available?

Yes, many clinical informatics positions offer remote opportunities.

Utilization Review (UR) Nurse

What Does a Utilization Review Nurse Do?

UR nurses review medical cases to ensure patients receive appropriate care. They must balance patient needs with hospital budgets and policies. Duties include:

  • Reviewing patient cases and care plans
  • Determining the need for various treatments, procedures, and medications
  • Making recommendations for patients’ care plans and treatment moving forward

UR nurses work for hospitals, outpatient clinics, managed care companies, and the insurance industry. Many jobs are fully or partially remote, which increases scheduling flexibility.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

This is an administrative role, so a lot happens behind the scenes. UR nurses work mostly independently on analytical tasks, which is right up an introvert’s alley. As empaths, many introverts also get satisfaction from advocating for patients. Finally, the potential for remote work appeals to introverts, who crave time to recharge in solitude.

Are Remote Options Available?

Yes, many positions for utilization review nurses are remote.


What Does a Cytotechnologist Do?

Cytotechnologists prepare, examine, and test cell samples for cancer and other abnormal conditions. They spend much of their time behind a microscope and typically work in a laboratory. Cytotechnologists work closely with pathologists to accurately diagnose patients. This helps advance treatment and improves people’s lives.

The average annual salary ranges from $74,000 to $91,000. This can grow over time. 

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

Cytotechnologists work in a lab and have lots of autonomy. That makes this position appealing for introverts. The work requires great care and meticulousness, which introverts have in spades. Finally, cytotechnologists work closely with a small group of familiar faces, aligning with their preference for one-on-one interaction.

healthcare jobs for introverts

Are Remote Options Available?

No. Due to the nature of the work, cytotechnologists must perform their work in the lab.

Operating Room (OR) Nurse

What Does an Operating Room Nurse Do?

OR nurses provide care to surgical patients before, during, and after procedures. They keep these patients safe during surgery and assist surgeons in the OR. They also “prep” patients before an operation (pre-op) and monitor their recovery afterward (post-op).

The operating room can be an exciting and rewarding workplace. Still, this job is not for the faint of heart. If you’re squeamish by nature, you should look elsewhere.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

Introverts can thrive in the OR for several reasons:

  • OR nurses work with a small and cohesive team. This is ideal for introverts, who prefer familiar faces and limited social interaction.
  • Clear communication is a must in the OR. Introverts can showcase their communication skills while keeping patients safe and surgeries running smoothly.
  • Surgical patients are often anxious about their procedure and recovery. Empathetic introverts make the perfect nurses to comfort and support these patients.

Are Remote Options Available?

No. Because OR nurses directly care for patients, they cannot work remotely.

Nurse Manager

What Does a Nurse Manager Do?

Nurse managers provide leadership for the nursing staff in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They wear many hats. Duties include:

  • Overseeing daily operations, budget, and scheduling
  • Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees
  • Acting as a bridge between upper-level management and unit staff
  • Improving patient care and safety

Nurse managers are the oil that keeps the nursing machine running. They can sometimes feel like they are being pulled in a million directions. At the same time, their job is incredibly rewarding.

Why Is This a Good Healthcare Job for Introverts?

Surprised to see a leadership role on this list? Don’t be. Introverts make excellent leaders when they play to their strengths

For example, introverts are empathetic listeners and effective communicators. They tend to stay calm under pressure and assess the situation rather than act on impulse. And since they don’t care to be the center of attention, they are happy to share credit and empower their team.

If you’re an introvert interested in leadership, a job in nursing administration could be the perfect fit.

Are Remote Options Available?

Not usually. However, many nurse managers are able to work remotely from time to time.

Do Introverts and Healthcare Mix?

Healthcare might seem like a career path made for extroverts. However, introverts can also thrive in this dynamic and diverse field. So if you’re an introvert who wants to work in healthcare, don’t worry — your dream job awaits. 

Check out this article for more information about how to leverage your strengths during a job interview and make your dream job a reality. You can do it!

Madeline Kelso
Madeline Kelso
Madeline Kelso is a freelance writer and registered nurse based in Baltimore, MD. With more than ten years of nursing experience in pediatric oncology, radiation oncology, and perinatal care, Madeline uses her expertise as a springboard to dive into health care’s hot topics. In her spare time, she enjoys planning epic camping adventures, experimenting with vegan baking, and wrangling her two young children.

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