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Customer Service Jobs: 6 High-Paying Options


Customer Service Jobs: 6 High-Paying Options

Let’s talk about the highest-paying customer service jobs. Don’t feel like reading? Listen here!

Considering a career in customer service? If you’re a people person with decent computer skills, you’ll thrive in this high-energy industry.


The Impact of Covid-19 on Customer Service Jobs

During the Covid-19 pandemic, empathetic customer service became more essential than ever. Why? Digital growth and e-commerce have skyrocketed, paving the way for new remote customer service jobs. Meanwhile, supply chain issues and shipping slowdowns have frustrated customers. Company phone lines are ringing and inboxes are filling up faster than you can say, “at your service.”


Earning Potential of Customer Service Jobs

Unfortunately, when it comes to earning power, customer service jobs don’t always add up. During your job search, you’ll need to consider location and prior experience. You’ll also want to consider the possibility of bonuses and commissions.


To help with your search, we’ve looked at the data with the big picture in mind. Check out our list of 6 high-paying customer service jobs below.


Our List: 6 High-Paying Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

What You’ll Earn

Excluding possible commissions and bonuses, a CSR earns an average base salary of $40,631. This translates to an average base hourly rate of $15/hour. Pay can vary depending on location and prior experience.


What You’ll Do

Customer service representatives provide basic customer service in various settings. They perform tasks like answering phones, processing orders and payments, and answering emails. They also handle walk-in customers and answer questions about store hours and policies.


CSRs must have excellent phone etiquette and communication skills. They should also be great multitaskers who can keep a pleasant demeanor with customers. This requires quick thinking as you juggle several people awaiting service at once. You’ll need to smile at angry customers upset about things you can’t control. Order delays and late deliveries, anyone?


Member Service Representative (MSR)

What You’ll Earn

A member service representative earns an average base salary of $40,617. But due to potential bonuses and commissions, this number is somewhat misleading. Depending on the company – and on the employee’s performance – the base salary may represent only 50 to 70 percent of total pay.


What You’ll Do

When it comes to customer service jobs, sometimes it’s not what you do but where you do it. Membership-based companies — such as fitness clubs, resorts, and insurance companies — tend to pay better than companies with a more traditional business model. 


First and foremost, MSRs help members with their questions. They speak with people online or via telephone, learn about their needs and concerns, and provide solutions.


The ability to listen well and respond appropriately is crucial, as are good communication skills like active listening. You’ll also need excellent multitasking skills to process multiple requests at the same time. Finally, you’ll need empathy and patience in spades. After all, this job often involves interacting with frustrated customers who are angry about some aspect of their membership experience.


Technical Support Analyst / Help Desk Agent

What You’ll Earn

Technical support analysts, or help desk agents, earn an average base salary of $52,100. This translates to an average base rate of $21.06 per hour. Unlike other customer service jobs, tech support positions don’t offer commissions. Bonuses, however, remain a possibility.


What You’ll Do

Help desk agents provide tech support to customers and clients. They often work remotely — or in a call center — and fix problems with computers, software, and other electronic devices. They must be able to troubleshoot software and hardware issues so they can solve customer problems. Tech support analysts also need good communication skills to interact with customers effectively when a problem arises.


Technical support jobs require a varying degree of computer and technical skills. Fortunately, many companies provide on-the-job training for their specific products and services.


Automobile Service Advisor

What You’ll Earn

Automobile service advisors earn an average base salary of $42,636. This averages out to a base pay rate of $15.17 per hour. However, service advisor jobs often come with opportunities for bonuses and/or commissions. Pay also increases with years of experience.

customer service workplace

Automobile service advisors typically work for car dealerships. There, they act as liaisons between customers and auto mechanics. They listen to customer problems and assign repairs to the appropriate service personnel. Service advisors must have a broad knowledge of automobiles. They also need strong communication skills. Finally, they must be well-organized to keep accurate records and follow up on repairs.

Client Relations Specialist (CRS)

What You’ll Earn

Client relations specialists earn an average annual base salary of $46,503, or $17.82 per hour. However, opportunities often arise to increase your salary with bonuses and/or commissions. Depending on employee performance, the base salary should not represent more than 85 percent of the total take-home pay.

What You’ll Do

A CRS works for service-based companies like financial brokerage firms and IT or telecom providers. They work to maintain customer loyalty and keep clients up to date on service and product developments.

Unlike a customer service representative, a client relations specialist takes a proactive approach to customer satisfaction. They reach out to clients with information about new products and services. They also request feedback about customer satisfaction. This position is often more sales-oriented than other customer service jobs.


Customer Experience (CX) Specialist

What You’ll Earn

Customer Experience Specialists earn an average annual base salary of $48,000, or $19.23 per hour, with opportunities for increased earnings through performance bonuses and commissions. The base salary is structured to be a significant but not exceeding 80 percent of the total take-home pay.

What You’ll Do

As a Customer Experience (CX) Specialist in service-based industries, such as finance, IT, or telecom, your primary focus is proactively enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty. You’ll engage with clients to provide updates on new products and services, actively seek feedback to gauge satisfaction levels, and address concerns promptly. Unlike traditional customer service roles, the CX Specialist takes a sales-oriented approach, identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling based on client needs. Building lasting relationships and collaborating with cross-functional teams are essential aspects of this role. Additionally, you’ll analyze customer satisfaction metrics, presenting insights to management and recommending improvements for an optimized customer experience.


Customer Service Jobs in a Nutshell

There are several factors to keep in mind when applying for customer service jobs. First, the more technical skills and knowledge a job requires, the higher the salary. Additionally, more experience means higher base pay. Finally, service-based companies with a membership model often pay more than traditional companies.

You should know your skills and choose the job that’s right for you. Do your research before you start applying and ensure you meet any necessary qualifications. Be prepared to work hard and learn more about customer service before you start a new position. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to apply!

I hope you’ve learned something new about the top-paying customer service jobs. If you want to learn more about these careers or others, visit us at Lensa!

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