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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Cosmetology

Professional treating a customer in cosmetology.


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Cosmetology

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There are a number of blossoming career fields in the beauty industry, especially in the cosmetology segment. Keep reading to learn about the highest paying jobs in cosmetology.

What Are the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Cosmetology?

Public Relations Cosmetology Specialist

In the age of social media, nearly everything revolves around one’s ability to maintain a solid public persona. A public relations cosmetology specialist works for a brand or company during challenging and swimmingly smooth sailing times. Their job is to always put out the public image that the brand seeks to display to the world. And they are highly compensated for doing so. 

Skincare Specialist

Skincare specialists are in increasing demand. Among the jobs with a cosmetology degree or even jobs with a cosmetology license, this is a favorite. A skincare specialist serves a very specific and vital role in the beauty industry. They work to improve their customer’s appearance by cleaning and using cosmetic products on their skin. It’s a busy time for skincare specialists. Many specialists work in the afternoons and even on weekends or holidays.

The flexibility implied with this job is a major attraction for most. But there are other benefits as well such as the relationships that one can build with their clients. And of course, the above-average income is nice as well. 

Beauty Copywriter 

The topic of beauty is something worth writing about and highly searched for. A beauty copywriter is someone with strong background knowledge in the beauty/cosmetology space.

A beauty copywriter also has skills like writing to produce and deploy copy for a company or website. They may be asked to produce content for a specific beauty product with a positive tone to entice consumers to purchase that product. But they also know about the product and how it can really impact an individual’s beauty journey.

A professional educating a customer about beauty products.

This work is highly sought after by the multi-billion dollar beauty industry in the states. It’s one of the highest-paid cosmetology jobs currently on the market. In addition, this falls under the jobs for cosmetology students. Some students have found that they can find freelance work writing about beauty products in their spare time between classes.

Beauty Salon Owner

There is nothing quite like owning your own business. Many in the cosmetology profession have this set as their ultimate goal in life once they are finished with school. The industry is booming and expected to continue to do so. Current projections have the beauty salon industry growing at a rate of roughly 6 percent annually for the next five years or so. 

Beauty salon owners and managers working their way up to becoming owners can look forward to a base of customers returning from COVID quarantines looking to get back to their regular beauty routines. Additionally, beauty salon visitations by men are growing. So there are even more customers who could soon join the consumer base of these stores.

Performance Makeup Artist 

Have you ever heard of a little play called “Hamilton”? This play swept the world just a few years ago and become an international sensation. It also pointed to the fact that the world of theater is far from over. It is believed that a resurgence of interest in attending plays is on the verge of becoming a reality. Thus, the need for performance makeup artists could not be higher. 

performance makeup artist is one of the jobs for cosmetology students. As there are often theatrical performances of varying sorts on college campuses all the time. Sometimes this work is paid, and sometimes the students do it just for the experience. But either way, it can be lead to great things. 

After graduating from a cosmetology program and earning cosmetologist licensure, aspiring instructors must complete a cosmetology instructor training program to enter this career field. Some states have additional licensing requirements for instructors.

Corporate Cosmetology Instructor


Some people look at the landscape of the beauty industry and feel a calling to teach the next generation of students the skills that they need to meet the demand. And they work hard to put those skills to good use as a corporate cosmetology instructor. It is important to note according to that the following may be requirements before one can become a corporate cosmetology instructor.

These additional qualifications are a requirement simply because one must be readily able to teach and train the next generation of students from a position of firm knowledge of the subject that they are looking to teach.

Cosmetic Surgeon 

This job requires advanced degrees beyond just a cosmetology degree. But that degree can be the basis on which one reaches even higher into their academic career. 

Cosmetic surgery is wildly popular as people try to craft that perfect look that they desire. Social media has only heightened the perceived need to look “perfect”. And that means that cosmetic surgery is even more in demand than before. A cosmetic surgeon can expect to make between $150,000 and $500,000 per year. Depending on the types and quantity of surgeries that they perform. 

Beauty Blogger

This job is similar to the beauty copywriter, except that a beauty blogger gets to be their own boss and can start whenever they want. It is a competitive field to be in. The most successful beauty bloggers know that they can market themselves in such a way that they stand out from the pack. 

The earnings potential for a beauty blogger is virtually unlimited. Endorsements and sponsorship deals help propel the earnings that someone in this position can expect to make. 

Cosmetology Is the Place to Be

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for someone with an interest in cosmetology to make significant money for themselves. There are a variety of ways to apply the skills and knowledge that one already has to start to cash in. Disregard the complaints of those who would suggest that cosmetology is a dead-end pursuit and realize for yourself that there are many avenues that can prove profitable.

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