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Indeed Alternative: The Benefits of Choosing Lensa

Indeed vs Lensa


If you’re looking for an alternative to Indeed to help you with your job search – be it you aren’t finding any exciting opportunities on that platform, or you are tired of the constant pop-ups and spam – Lensa offers an intuitive, easy-to-use AI-powered solution.

Lensa combines the latest AI technology with a dedicated team of developers and data scientists to bring insight, education, and empowerment to the job search.

What Makes Lensa Stand Out

In 2015, after 15 years of experience developing helpful user-friendly software in Europe, Lensa set up shop in the US and launched the first version of their job search platform.

Now, seven years later, Lensa services over 10 million members, providing over 85 million job alerts a month!

Unlike many other online job portals, Lensa operates with a steadfast commitment to and an unwavering focus on its mission – to have a massive impact on people of all professional levels who are looking for a job or striving for a meaningful career.   

Lensa has forged its place in the job search market by using tried and true technical capabilities to build services that are unique to the space. The results are tools that analyze trends in the job market, educate job seekers on hiring practices, and predict aspiring professionals’ career paths.

Even though Lensa has earned a stellar reputation in the field – thanks in large part to the millions of satisfied job seekers who have turned to Lensa for help or guidance – nevertheless, Lensa continues to search for better solutions, expand its reach, and refine its UX experience.

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Similarities and Differences Between Lensa and Indeed

As respective leaders in the field of online job search tools, both Lensa and Indeed share points in common.

Both job portals

  • Make their services free for job seekers 
  • Focus on the US job market
  • Allow users to search by location and/or keywords
  • Keep users up-to-date through job alerts

Where the biggest differences between Lensa and Indeed can be seen lie in the execution. In contrast to Indeed, Lensa:

  • Regularly updates its website placing an emphasis on user experience
  • Places a premium on transparency (e.g., Lensa does not filter company reviews, as is the oft-purported claim of users of Indeed)
  • Incorporates the latest advancements in AI technology
  • Offers a big-picture perspective, suggesting alternative career paths that best suit a candidate’s ambitions and talents 

Lensa Is a Tool for Empowerment

It is not enough to simply have a database of millions of job opportunities and make those opportunities available for free to job seekers. Many online job portals can boast as much. For a platform to stand out as a leader in the competitive field of online job search engines, it has to offer more – much more.

Lensa brings education to the job search.

The advanced AI technology that powers Lensa’s job search engine matches job seekers with the job openings that best suit their background, experience, and long-term career goals.

Lensa analyzes and predicts trends in the job market.

By gathering historical data from billions of job descriptions, Lensa is able to give job seekers valuable insights into which professions are gaining momentum and which are fading in popularity.

Lensa orients job seekers toward promising career paths

By combining an analysis of billions of job descriptions with a job seeker’s resume and work history, Lensa is able to steer candidates in the direction that best matches their longer career goals. 

Whereas most online job portals seek to offer a temporary solution, Lensa takes the job seeker’s greater career trajectory into consideration. The goal is empowerment through education and upward mobility. And Lensa works tirelessly to achieve this goal for its millions of users.

Lensa celebrates a job seeker’s individuality.

A relatively new feature of Lensa is the gameplay feature which – in a fun and effortless way – evaluates a job seeker’s work style. This information along with an analysis of the job seeker’s key soft skills enables Lensa to pair the job seeker with potential employers and work environments they are most likely to thrive in.

Lensa vs. Indeed: What Users Are Saying

The ultimate tale of the tape comes down to user feedback. What are users saying about Lensa?

How Users Qualify Lensa

We are proud of what we have managed to achieve with Lensa, and we are proud of the millions of professionals we have been able to help over the years. Given our success, we know that we have developed a great service. But you don’t need to take our word for it.

Here is a small sample of what users of Lens have to say.

“Being handicapped/limited physically makes it much more difficult to find something so I am appreciative of their hard work.”

“They have great customer relations, and they really take the time to guide users…”

“I never would have found my new employer without Lensa. There were so many companies that I had never heard of; I felt like I was at a buffet table of jobs to choose from!”

“Website is thorough. Replies have been prompt and personal.”

Indeed Users Ranking

With over four thousand user reviews, it’s safe to say that the jury is in. And the verdict is not good. In fact, the aggregate score is a low 1.6 out of 5 stars.

By perusing the user reviews the overwhelming complaint that jumps out is that of ‘poor user experience’.

Some ‘lowlights’ include:

“…outdated and badly designed website”

“…makes searching for some jobs so frustrating it becomes quickly obvious there’s no point even trying to use Indeed.”

“Some adverts are blatantly fraudulent…”

“This app is misleading too many fake postings and companies collecting data. Full of service jobs at minimum wage no actual career prospects.”  

The Better Alternative and Its Importance

In contrast to Indeed, Lensa offers a far better user experience – more personalized, more insightful, and easier to use. Searching for a job can often be a daunting and frustrating endeavor. The job seeker can become so overwhelmed and frustrated with the whole process that they may be inclined to put an end to it by accepting the first job that comes their way.

The end result is likely to be a less than satisfying work experience – one with little to no chance of growth. And the job seeker is likely to find him or herself back looking for another job in a matter of months.

To avoid this hamster wheel cycle of lateral movements – going from one unsatisfying job to another – it’s important to make the job search process as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. This is why Lensa places such great importance on user experience.

Lensa uses the latest technological advancements to:

  • Match job seekers with jobs they will thrive in
  • Give job seekers insights into alternative career paths that best correspond to their individual work style 
  • Empower job seekers with the knowledge, transparency, and insights they need to make better career decisions

There is a finite number of jobs a candidate has the time and patience to apply for. Therefore, it’s important that the options the job seeker is given correspond to their individual capabilities and preferences – prior work experience, current needs, and long-term career goals.

In a Nutshell

Finding the job that is right for you, and that matches your individual goals and priorities can often be a daunting and intimidating task. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. 

Lensa has years of experience helping job seekers navigate the treacherous terrain of the job market, matching them with their dream job, and setting them on firm ground as they walk confidently down their optimal career path.

Our team of friendly dedicated professionals is here for you. Let us empower you to make better decisions for your career.

Picture of Team Lensa
Team Lensa
Team Lensa is a group of HR specialists, career counselors, and tech enthusiasts dedicated to helping job seekers navigate the employment landscape through actionable tips and insights.

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