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5 Job Openings In Philadelphia You Should Check Out

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The City of Brotherly Love is full of beauty and charm. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania as well as one of the oldest cities in the U.S. With a history as rich as Philadelphia’s, the city remains a staple to the U.S. and the East Coast, not to mention a prime location for any individual to begin a career. If you are someone interested in Philadelphia and its current job market, here is an overview of job openings in Philadelphia and which industries, businesses, and types of jobs are bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19’s Impact on Employment in Philadelphia, PA

Like every other major city in the U.S., Philadelphia and its local economy were heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as local leaders and business owners learned more about the virus, Philadelphia began reopening its doors with the proper safety measures in place, and with that came new job openings and opportunities.

Most states began their reopening process in early June. And by mid-August, the unemployment rate fell to 8.4%. However, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was slightly higher than the national average, coming in at 10.2%. This is still significantly lower than that of other major US states, such as New York, California, and Hawaii. All in all, estimates indicate the pandemic may have claimed over 1.5 million jobs in PA. Many experts presume, however, that there should be significant rehiring in the coming months.

Why People Are Moving to Philadelphia

Philadelphia offers the big-city experience without the big-city price tag. When compared to its East Coast neighbor, Philly’s rent prices are nearly 54% lower than New York City’s. Having a more affordable price tag is much more appealing today, considering many individuals are still reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, individuals who are looking for a new job or career shift may not have the luxury to afford a high-price apartment while searching for employment. Fortunately, Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan area provide a reasonable price tag while having favorable employment opportunities. 

Top Industries in Philadelphia and the Surrounding Metro Area

As the pandemic began, most businesses had to move online or were forced to close temporarily. That shift may have sparked the virtual revolution, which galvanized the tech workforce. The Greater Philadelphia Area’s tech sector is blossoming during the time of social distancing and virtual connectivity. Likewise, there was a sudden need for remote work in the area, which has become a lifeline to Philly’s local economy during this time of crisis. A key benefit to Philly’s growing tech sector is a large amount of these jobs do not require the traditional four-year degree prerequisite. This gives individuals who may have lost their jobs due to the pandemic much more flexibility and options when searching for employment.

Top Job Openings in Philadelphia

We have compiled a shortlist of job opportunities from our website that are currently available in the Greater Philadelphia region to help get you started on your job search. These jobs range in the degree of experience required. So if you see a job posting that matches your expertise, feel free to give them a further look!

1. Warehouse Team Member — Amazon

Due to the uptick of online purchasing during the lockdown, Amazon has experienced substantial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon has warehouses throughout the United States, and Philadelphia is no exception. A warehouse team member position at Amazon does not require any prior experience, nor is a degree required. Duties include assisting Amazon’s warehouse operations, such as moving products. The pay range is between $16.10–$19.60 per hour, which is a nice wage for someone transitioning to a new career.

2. Sales Account Executive

A lot of growth marketing and sales agencies are looking for sales account executives to help generate new opportunities and close deals with other businesses. Most of these jobs are also entry-level and can provide large incentives and great pay depending on the quality of work you do or the level of experience you have.

3. Customer Service Representative

Customer service is a rewarding career that also has the benefit of working from home. Many customer service jobs have moved to remote work during the pandemic. It is a dynamic and fast-paced job opportunity. Some customer service jobs are entry-level, while others require a particular set of skills or experience. These opportunities range greatly, so there is definitely a job opportunity that fits your particular set of skills if that is a career path you wish to pursue.

4. Technical Writer

Due to the exploding tech industry, software development has only increased, which is why these companies need technical writers who can help promote their software and explain concepts to users in a way that is easy to understand. Most technical writers must have a foundational knowledge of software development and the ability to convey complex technical topics into easily digestible content. Likewise, there are a plethora of freelance opportunities for this type of work.

5. Accountant

At the end of the day, companies need to know their bottom line. Now more than ever, small and large businesses alike must have a good bookkeeper to ensure they are on track during this time of uncertainty. Most accounting jobs do require at least a four-year degree. However, the level of experience can vary greatly, and the job opportunities are large in Philadelphia.

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Looking for Job Openings in Philadelphia: Let Lensa Be Your Guide

Philadelphia is an area steeped in history and full of job opportunities. If you are someone looking for a new city to start the next chapter in your life, Philadelphia is a wonderful choice. We understand that times are tough right now, which is why Lensa is here to help you find employment and secure your future. Not even a global pandemic should hold you back from finding your dream job. Sign up today to received daily personalized job listings that help find the right job for you!

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