Landing Jobs in Riverside, CA, During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Riverside, CA, was among the regions that got a huge economic blow from the coronavirus crisis. Many businesses were forced to shut down, and thousands of workers were furloughed. This led to a significant rise in unemployment statistics in Riverside and Southern California at large. More than 100,000 individuals lost their jobs in Riverside County at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some individuals lost their lives to the virus, leaving more open positions.

How Is the Current Job Situation in Riverside, CA?

Things are gradually going back to normal. Most businesses have reopened, which gives job seekers the perfect opportunity to look for jobs in their dream offices. Nonetheless, based on the unemployment statistics, landing a job will not be easy.

Whether you lost your job due to the pandemic or were looking for a job before the crisis, you should go in prepared for frustrations. Getting a company to hire you during the COVID-19 pandemic takes more patience and convincing power, putting in mind that employers are still afraid of adding more people to their wage list due to financial strains. There have been increased cases of interview rescheduling and canceling, but the good news is that there are still new positions opening every day.

How Do You Land a Job in Riverside, CA, Amid the Global Health Crisis?

Improve Your Resume

Keeping in mind that searching for a job is a job on its own, you should take advantage of your free time to work on your resume and clean up your social media. Potential employers are likely to check your social platforms to determine if you are fit for a particular position. Scrub any photos and content that you would not like the employer to see.

Your downtime is also the best time to search for all hiring companies in Riverside, CA. Also, gather as many references as you can to increase your chances of landing the job.

Research about the companies; familiarize yourself with their work and priorities. This will help you figure out how you should craft your application in a personalized style for every company you choose to apply to.

Pay More Attention to Firms That Are Hiring

The internet makes everything much more accessible, and you can easily find companies that are urgently looking for people to hire. Search for open job positions in Riverside, CA, and a list of all companies with open positions will pop up. Some businesses did not suffer a hard blow compared to others and are still in a place to add more people to their team.

For example, warehouses, healthcare, and accounting businesses are continually hiring, and focusing in such industries increases your chances of getting a job. You may also turn to government-related job openings to help with the fight against coronavirus. Focus on job positions that match your skills and experience. Sending applications to random companies without considering if they have put up hiring posters will only be a waste of time, and the chances of getting a vacant position are minimal.

Prepare for the Interview

The social distancing requirements might disrupt how interviews are customarily carried out, but that should not stop you from crushing it. If you are among the few lucky candidates that are shortlisted for an interview, you are only a step away from working in your dream office.

Before the interview date, take your time to rehearse. You may ask a friend or relative to interview you so you can work on your confidence. Whether you will be doing a video interview or meeting the interviewer in person, you must be well-prepared to answer any questions confidently.

Research the specific company and have ideas on how you can help them solve their current problems. What value do you have to offer to make the firm more profitable? Why do you think you are fit for the position, and why do you want to work in the company? Such are the commonly asked questions, and they carry the highest points.

Many companies are still operating remotely, so be ready to offer your great points on best practices for working from home. 

The hiring companies will appreciate it if you show a little compassion. Everyone has had a hard time dealing with the pandemic, and asking the interviewers how they are doing before the interview commences will go a long way.

Be Thoughtful

Things are not as smooth as before, and you must think outside the box to fit in the new normal. Businesses are looking for services that can help them come out of the crisis, and your current skills and experience might not do much. Take advantage of this period to learn new skills or enroll in an online degree or certificate program focusing on the pandemic. Think of issues that the business and the community are facing due to the virus crisis and learn skills to help curb the problems.

Moreover, do not miss out on opportunities because you are too focused on getting a full-time job in Riverside, CA. It would help if you also considered temporary jobs, and with time, the company might consider adding you as their permanent employee after recovery from the crisis.

Follow Up After the Interview

A lot is going on, and even the HR staff might be overwhelmed with tasks to the point where they forget to get back to you. You should take the initiative to follow up if you do not get any response but do not overdo it. The company might be undergoing a recruitment pause or delay, and checking in more than twice will create an image of desperation. You don’t want that.

Top Jobs in Riverside, CA

Warehouse Loader

This involves loading products from the warehouse to the truck for shipping. To meet the requirements, you should be at least 18 years old and have experience in truck loading.

warehouse worker moving boxes with a forklift

Clinic Administrator

The administrator supervises and manages the day-to-day activities relating to staff members and patients in health facilities. Qualifications include a diploma from a qualified high school, at least three years experience in patient interactions, strong verbal and written communication skills, and a valid First Aid and CPR certificate. You should also be ready to travel long distances.

Truck Checker

The right candidate will be responsible for managing the inventory and counting the products in a truck. The applicants should have a high school diploma and be familiar with inputting computer data.

Data Entry Clerk

The personnel ensures that customers’ problems are solved on time. The data entry clerk interacts with clients to ensure they are treated professionally. Other responsibilities include data entry, managing customer accounts, and coordinating communication. The right candidate should have data entry experience, good communication skills, and the ability to handle complex tasks within short deadlines.

Medical Records Assistant

The candidate should have a degree in any related course. They will be responsible for maintaining, organizing, and creating patient records, so strong attention to detail is a great plus. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a company to hire you during these trying times can be tough, but we are here to help by providing tips and proven strategies. Be sure to check out for available jobs in Riverside, CA, to start your application.

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