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Jobs Working With Children: Employment Trends in Childcare

jobs working with children can be satisfying when seeing children laugh in the classroom


Working with children is a challenging but extremely rewarding pursuit that is commonly regarded as earning low pay and even less peace. But there is ample opportunity for people interested in jobs working with children, and some of these, despite the stereotypes, are even well-paid! And many childcare related workers are shown to be retiring at a higher rate than new workers are replacing them, which may spell improvement in the benefits of pursuing a career in working with children.

That said, working with children is not for the meek of heart: whether you work as a teacher, school administrator, childcare worker, or even pediatrician, your choice to work with children with allow you to take up a seminal role in the lives and development of countless children. You must be prepared to protect and nurture children both physically and emotionally. This comes with significant responsibility, and those who work in this segment must be ready to live up to the challenges and of the task in order to fully engage with the rewarding side of it. Before you pursue this career path, be ready to have or develop some key characteristics demanded by the job.

As we recently covered here on Lensa Trends, employment in the education industry is booming, and there is ample opportunity for workers who want to go down that path. These include teaching jobs for those with specific interests, but there is a significant need for administrative workers in educational institutions as well. The broader childcare industry has also seen a growing need for competent workers who are willing to and passionate about engaging and participating in childhood development. Pediatric doctors and nurses are also in high demand, which can also be seen in the most common job postings for child-focused work on Lensa. Social work employment, too, is expected to grow impressively across the next decade, with an expected 11% increase by 2028 (versus the national average of around 5% across all industries). The best part? You can pursue working with children at almost any level of education.

Most Sought Jobs for Working with Children

Do you think you’re up to the challenge of working with children? We’ve gathered the highest-volume jobs related to children on Lensa to help you get started:

Top Metropolitan Areas for childcare jobs

One key characteristic of choosing to work with children? Children are everywhere, and there are certainly childcare jobs available near you. Want to get a leg up? According to CityLab, these are the metropolitan centers with the highest concentration of families with children. If you’re hoping to work with children, these areas would be a good place to start your search!

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