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Lensa Welcomes Julie Calli as Chief Marketing Officer


New Chief Marketing Officer Julie Calli to Strengthen Lensa’s Mission in Transforming the Job Search Landscape

PHILADELPHIA, January 18, 2024 – Lensa, a pioneer in reimagining job search and recruitment, today announced the appointment of Julie Calli as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Calli brings a wealth of experience in the recruiting industry, which will be instrumental in continuing the growth of Lensa’s innovative employer solution, FastTalent.


Lensa, founded on the belief that the traditional job search process is flawed, has been at the forefront of utilizing advanced technology to connect job seekers with the right opportunities. The company’s commitment to putting people first resonates with Calli’s expertise in creating impactful marketing strategies that align with the needs and aspirations of job seekers and employers alike.


In her new role, Calli will focus on expanding the reach of Lensa’s unique approach to recruitment. Her leadership will play a crucial role in enhancing FastTalent, Lensa’s direct-to-employer hiring solution that simplifies and accelerates the hiring process. FastTalent leverages cutting-edge technology to match employers with the most suitable candidates, streamlining recruitment and helping companies find the right talent efficiently.


“We are thrilled to welcome Julie Calli as Lensa’s new Chief Marketing Officer,” said Gergo Vari, CEO & Founder of Lensa. “Julie’s impressive track record in the recruitment marketing space, including her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Recruitics, perfectly positions her to lead our marketing strategies into the future. Her experience in managing over a billion dollars in recruitment media advertising and developing strategies for more than 200 companies has connected millions of people with new job opportunities. Julie is not only a known innovator in the field but also a passionate advocate for evolving the human experience of recruitment in the digital era. With her at the helm, we are excited to embrace innovative solutions and continue to revolutionize careers and hiring for job seekers and companies.”


Joseph Stubblebine, Lensa’s Chief Revenue Officer, also expressed his enthusiasm for Calli’s appointment. “I have the utmost respect for Julie’s capabilities and am confident in her leadership and innovative approach at Lensa. Her proven track record, combined with her profound understanding of recruitment marketing, makes her an exceptional choice for our Chief Marketing Officer. Julie’s innovative mindset and her passion for leveraging technology in recruitment are exactly what we need to continue driving Lensa forward in this competitive market. I am looking forward to seeing her lead our marketing efforts with the same ingenuity and effectiveness she’s consistently demonstrated throughout her career.”


Calli’s appointment is a testament to Lensa’s dedication to revolutionizing the job search and recruitment process. Her strategic vision and deep understanding of the recruiting industry will be instrumental in driving Lensa’s growth and enhancing its position as a leader in the employment services sector.


About Lensa

Lensa is a dynamic job search platform that is reshaping the way people think about their careers. Based in Philadelphia, Lensa utilizes advanced technology to provide a more personalized and effective job search experience. With its commitment to human-centric solutions, Lensa empowers job seekers to find opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. For more information, visit


About FastTalent

FastTalent by Lensa offers a hiring solution for employers that streamlines the recruitment process. By harnessing the power of technology, FastTalent connects employers with the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. This innovative approach ensures that companies can access the best talent, while candidates find the right opportunities to advance their careers. For more information, visit

With Gergo Vari at the helm, Lensa is more than a job search platform; it’s a source of inspiration and innovation in the career sector.

His presence in top-tier publications underscores Lensa’s role as a contributor to important conversations about the future of work, championing a more informed and adaptive approach to professional development and recruitment.

Team Lensa
Team Lensa
Team Lensa is a group of HR specialists, career counselors, and tech enthusiasts dedicated to helping job seekers navigate the employment landscape through actionable tips and insights.

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