Just Peachy: Employment Trends and Jobs in Atlanta

Just Peachy: Employment Trends and Jobs in Atlanta

Jobs in Atlanta right now are hotter than Georgia asphalt. Despite a slow start to 2019, Georgia’s job growth surged in the latter half of the year, and August alone saw the highest job growth for the month in two decades. The state’s unemployment rate has dropped to 3.3%, just squeaking below the national average of 3.5%. This unemployment rate was another historic low for the month, and this month saw Georgia’s largest-ever workforce, adding to the state’s incredibly strong close to 2019 in terms of employment.

The capital area particularly is strong, and the Greater Atlanta Area is the tenth largest metro area in the United States. Employment went up by 2.1% between October 2018-2019, while job growth specifically improved by 1.4%. In the same period regional unemployment was only 2.9%, which is considerably lower than both the state and national averages. The historic rates of later 2019 have shown a marked upturn in Atlanta employment; improving economic trends suggest that this job growth will continue, and even in down times the region has remained well above the national average. Even better? Atlanta ranked fifth amongst the nation’s top 12 metro areas for job growth in 2019. And Atlanta is the 57th best city to live in according to the national review performed by U.S. News. The strong economy and stable job growth only suggests that ranking will improve.

Considering heading down to the Peach State? Here is some key data to help you make up your mind.

Top Industries in Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell

Georgia is home to one of the largest metro areas in the nation, so it is no surprise that you can find any type of job there, but some industries are growing faster than others. The fastest-growing industries are Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, Trade and Transportation, and Construction, but we’ve compiled the most-hiring industries on Lensa to help you round out your future career:

Top Hirers and Jobs in Atlanta

We’ve also gathered Lensa’s most-hiring companies in the Atlanta metro area to help you start your search:

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