Build a Brighter Future: Key Trends in Construction Employment

construction job trends
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If you’ve ever thought about finding a career in a field with a more hands-on approach, you’re in luck.  Construction is one of the fastest growing-industries in 2019, slated as one of the best industries for employment today with a current strength of 161 million jobs and an expected growth of 7.7% by 2028. Jobs in construction are offered at extremely varying levels of education, training and experience, making it a great opportunity  in terms of both entry and upward mobility.

What’s Next for Construction Employment Trends?

  • Well, the future is bright for construction jobseekers. The industry is currently experiencing a serious labor shortage with little indication of picking up. At the same time, new approaches and technologies are creating new positions at different levels of expertise industry-wide. Both worker safety and job security are expected to improve.
  • Innovation is driving rapid progress. The construction industry is relatively slow to adapt to modern technologies, but in recent years this has picked up significantly. Improvements in software, safety mechanisms, drone usage, and new trends like modular building are increasing industry efficiency as well as creating tech-focused jobs alongside the growing need for traditional construction talent.
  • Green construction continues to grow. While traditional construction is catching up with green and sustainable alternatives in 2019, these sub-industries have either maintained or grown since 2012. This benefits jobseekers by continuously creating jobs in new and increasingly technical fields for certified employees, while not threatening existing jobs due to its relative similarity and ease-of-training for construction workers worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned construction jobseeker or considering a pivot into the field, there’s a lot to be said for industry prospects and a lot of room to grow. We’ve gathered the most searched job titles across over 100 million jobs posted to Lensa between February 2018-2019 to help you start your search:

The Most-Searched Construction Industry Job Titles
based on search volume

Metropolitan Construction Industry Trends

While construction jobs are available throughout the country, they tend to be concentrated in urban areas, particularly on the East Coast. The most common metro areas with construction job postings on Lensa are:

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Paige Richmond
Paige Richmond
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