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Lensa: Reimagining Job Search and Recruitment Since 2016



A Vision is Born

In 2016, Lensa set out to transform the landscape of job searching and recruitment. The co-founders, CEO Gergo Vari and CTO Pal Megyeri, saw the need for recruitment and HR tech that put people first. Their vision: not just to facilitate job search, but to reimagine career development, guiding individuals from finding meaningful work to managing a successful career.

The founders took a holistic approach supporting every career cycle phase. This wasn’t about just finding a job; it was about paving a path to one’s dream job and beyond, with each job opening representing a step on the path to fulfilling both short-term and long-term career goals.

Technology-Driven Matchmaking

Central to Lensa’s innovation: aptitude and skill-based data for job matchmaking. This strategy was designed to minimize recruitment bias, pairing job seekers and recruiters more closely and accurately. By leveraging advanced data engineering, Lensa allied itself with millions of active job seekers and companies in the US, streamlining the process of aligning talent with the opportunity.

Leveraging AWS

A core technological strength of Lensa was its use of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This not only underscored the company’s commitment to cutting-edge tech but also ensured scalability and reliability in handling the extensive data requirements of its matchmaking systems.

A Brighter Future for Professionals

Lensa was always more than just a career website; it was a new approach to employment. With coverage of the whole US, Lensa strives to make finding a job and hiring talent better, smarter, and people-centric. We’re lifers on a mission to redefine what career paths and recruitment can mean—and we won’t stop until every professional journey is as fulfilling as it is successful.

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