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Want to Level Up Your Career? Try Training

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Standing out from other job applicants is arguably more challenging now than ever before. But there’s one way of rising above the competition that never goes out of style if you want to get that dream job: by training.

This post will outline the various ways that you can utilize training to improve your career prospects. It will also reveal five types of training that can be beneficial for career development.

Whether you are looking for a role in a new organization, or even an internal promotion, expanding your skill set through training is a fantastic way to showcase your abilities and give yourself the greatest chance to advance your career.

Training for a Specific Role

One of the biggest challenges for people looking to climb the career ladder is that many workplaces require experience to secure a role. To be considered for internal promotions, or to make it through the interview stage of hiring, being able to show that you possess a certain skill set is vital.


Training can combat this, providing you with new knowledge and even certifications that are specific to the role, helping to convince employers that while you may not have direct experience on a specific topic, that you still have an in-depth understanding of it. For existing employees that are looking to open new opportunities, they should demonstrate these learnings in their day-to-day work, while applicants can include relevant skills in their resume and demonstrate examples of putting this to use in their interview.


As an example, a person that is looking to apply for a role in management could watch management training videos online, giving them an overview of the skills required, which they could demonstrate in the job interview.


Similarly, a person that works in a marketing department may see that SEO is required in a job description. By learning the basics of SEO through online training courses, they would be able to demonstrate their determination to secure the role, as well as understand the topic in more depth.


Training to Show Your Ambition

Not only does training provide you with a wide-ranging skill set, but it also shows a willingness to learn and be proactive; two key characteristics that employers look for in any employee. In fact, an enormous 78% of companies consider employees with transferable skills, as opposed to having them fit the job description exactly. This presents an opportunity for you to increase your hiring prospects through learning and demonstrating curiosity.

Example of transferable skills: If you can raise 10 kids in a shoe you can manage our office

Training to Improve Performance

To be considered for an internal promotion, as well as any external role, you should perform to the highest possible standard at all times. Training can enable you to improve your performance and consistency, as well as boosting confidence. As an example, a management course can teach tried and tested techniques that can be applied in everyday work, making decisions easier and shaping the way you approach tasks. This benefits those looking to progress in their careers as it increases the likelihood of receiving a positive reference, increases efficiency, makes skill sets more versatile and helps you to be recognized as a competent, forward-thinking and ambitious individual. Integrating skill-based learning into your training strategy can be particularly effective, offering targeted development in areas directly impacting job performance and career progression.

Training to Fill Gaps in Your Resume

Nobody wants to see a sparse resume, so broadening your experience with plenty of training courses is the perfect way to learn while showcasing experience that will impress. Make sure all relevant training courses and experiences are added to your resume, listing applications of this knowledge where possible.

1. Training via Online Courses

There is a wide range of training courses online that are completely free to access, meaning you can enhance your employability without having to pay. Sources such as Hubspot Academy and Google Digital Garage are great places to start, offering a wide range of training that allows you to learn at your own pace and prepare for the career you want. There are also many paid-for training courses available online, for those that wish to invest in their career prospects.

Training courses range from job-specific ones, such as SEO courses, to interview skills and assessment test prep allowing you to choose the right types of training for personalized career development.

It can be a great idea to look at the kind of roles that you aspire to secure, using job requirements to find relevant online courses.

Main considerations when choosing the right training courses to further your career should include the topic, as well as making sure that the training is run by a reliable source and results in a recognizable qualification.

2. Training via Online Content and Videos

Online training content can be a great way to enhance your knowledge for free. As an example, there are many videos on sites such as YouTube that can talk you through various subjects, guiding you through the learning process, step by step. Furthermore, you can also convert audio to text from these valuable resources, making it easier to revisit and grasp key concepts.

By using online content and videos from reputable sources to grow your skill set, you can deepen your knowledge of virtually any subject matter and apply this knowledge to your everyday tasks. Adding this to your resume as well as trying to practically apply it wherever possible will put you in the best possible position to excel in your career. Companies can even create their own training videos by using alternatives to Systemhub like SweetProcees.  

3. Training via Podcasts

Podcasts offer insights from business leaders and inspirational figures in various industries. They can teach you new skills, bring topics to your attention and give you a greater understanding of the industry as a whole.

Podcasts are excellent tools for training and developing your career, expanding your knowledge, and staying up to date in your field. This can help you stand out from other job applicants.

Some podcasts are best suited to those aiming to manage successfully, such as “Coaching for Leaders,” while others are more specialized, such as “Sports Marketing Huddle,” for those wanting to progress in a sports marketing career.


4. Training via Books and Audiobooks

Books and audiobooks are a fantastic way to upskill. With many based on certain areas of knowledge, you are able to find the information and motivation required to succeed in any industry.

The great news about training books is that they are available in a wide range of formats, working to meet individuals’ preferences. Books can be borrowed from libraries, bought online, or downloaded as an e-book. Audiobooks can be downloaded to listen to, making it easier to multitask while learning, as well as being the perfect way to enjoy training on the go. Companies such as Audible make it easy to download audiobooks quickly to any device.

bookshelf as a like symbol for leveling up your career through reading books

5. Training via Workshops and Events

Workshops and training events can broaden anybody’s understanding on a given topic. This type of training is ideal for those looking to gain an in-depth view of industry challenges and talking points, which can be applied in everyday work and job interviews.


With the ability to take place both online and offline, workshops and training events vary in price, with some being free of charge and others requiring a cost to enter or view them. When deciding which workshops and training events to attend, it is worth looking at their reputation. Attending those that are reputable and well-known in a specific industry, can be more beneficial, creating a talking point in job interviews as well as demonstrating an impressive understanding of relevant training sources.


In-person training events, including speeches, local networking classes, and large-scale events such as trade shows, can be a great means of learning.

While COVID-19 has made it difficult for these to take place in person, they are typically filled with valuable content that can help to further anybody’s career.

Many workshops and training events have moved online due to COVID-19, however, this trend was already beginning to grow in popularity before the pandemic. Online events often include panel discussions from industry experts, as well as themed seminars, enabling individuals to learn from the comfort of their own homes.


During workshops and training events, it’s a great idea to take notes of specific points that may be particularly useful in your career. This enables you to refer back to your notes at a later date, carrying out further research if required. In addition to this, many workshops and training events give you the opportunity for guests to ask questions, presenting you with a valuable chance to find out more and clarify any information, making sure you are as educated as possible and that there are no misunderstandings.



If you are seeking new employment or just want to level up your career, training is a fantastic way to show motivation and enhance your existing skill set. You have countless free resources at your disposal that can have an enormous impact on your success in your career and job search. The five types of training mentioned in this article are a great place to start.

With employers placing value on employees’ desire to learn and show initiative, there has never been a better time to find and complete training courses. Not only will this add relevant skills to your resume, but it will also increase the likelihood of securing new roles, both internally and externally.

Holly Worthington
Holly Worthington
Holly Worthington is the founder of WriteMeThis, helping businesses to captivate their audience’s attention through stand-out content and marketing campaigns. She is also a soccer presenter, filming behind the scenes content for Premier League clubs.

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