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In 2021, workplace diversity should be considered the norm, and not a rare experience or privilege. Here are some benefits you should know!


Discover how social media influences job hunting. Clean up your profiles and project a professional image to attract employers
Craft a tech resume showcasing results, teamwork, education, and soft skills for a standout professional persona in software development.
Master your 2024 job search with insights from 7 experts. Gain clarity, stand out, and navigate the hiring landscape with expert tips.
Looking for the highest paying customer service representative jobs? Here they are, based on location, skills, and experience required.

Inclusion in Prestigious List Honors Future of Job Search Lensa was honored in 2023 to land a spot on the highly selective

Steady Growth: Lensa’s Team Reaches 100 2022 marked a significant chapter in Lensa’s story: our family grew to include 100 passionate and

Lensa Connect: Bridging Businesses and Job Seekers 2022 saw the launch of Lensa Connect, a groundbreaking initiative by Lensa to bridge the

Introducing FastTalent: A New Era in Job Advertising Welcome to the future of job advertising. Since 2022, FastTalent by Lensa has been

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There are many cases of employees experiencing racism in the workplace, Here's how to deal with racism and some practical solutions that can help everyone.

Are you struggling with writing an effective cover letter? Read more about the types of cover letters and find the right fit for your needs.

Are you a translator? If COVID-19 has caused you to move to a remote work policy, follow these rules for successful transformation and transition.

Companies are looking for skills that transfer. Which transferable skills are the most desirable, and how can you show companies you have the skills they want?

Desperate to escape a toxic workplace? We’ve curated a list of 17 top companies that can offer workplace health and happiness. Click for more!

Top 10 Remote Data Entry Jobs

Remote work shows no sign of decrease in popularity. If you are considering a career change, moving to partially or fully remote is absolutely something you should think about. And you’re in luck: plenty of remote work opportunities are available even now!

When crafting a winning resume, you’d want top skills to list on your resume. This is critical to showcasing your value as a candidate.

If you are looking for a job in 2021, the best way to land an interview is to display the skills and traits top companies are looking for.


Need  talent  fast?  Instantly  promote  your  open  jobs  to  millions  of  active  job  seekers  and  advertise  your  jobs   everywhere,  all  at  once.


Discover job opportunities from leading companies and explore millions of data points on their company culture, employee happiness, career advancement, and more.

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