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Data Entry Side Hustles: 5 Options for Remote Work

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Looking for a way to bring home extra cash without the pressure of a full-time job? It sounds like you might need a side hustle! 

Side hustles are basically recession-proof. And they offer an easy way to make money during economic downturns — for instance, the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, due to their flexibility, side hustles can be an excellent option for stay-at-home parents, students, or anyone with time to spare beyond their day job. Best of all? You can find a remote side hustle that allows you to work from home!

Data entry side hustles present a particularly appealing option for part-time remote work. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about data entry jobs worth exploring.

Remote Data Entry Side Hustles: Jumping into the Market

Interested in finding a part-time remote data entry job? Good news! If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have all the resources you need to secure work online. 

What Skills Are Required?

As far as specific skills needed for remote data entry work, these can vary depending on the position and/or the company’s needs. But if you can type fast, pay attention to detail, and work on a deadline, you’re already off to a good start.

Some jobs may require proficiency in software such as Microsoft Excel. Other jobs — such as those for transcribing — require excellent language skills. But most jobs are on-demand — and as long as you have basic computer and virtual software skills, you can pass the recruitment process.

For example, as a virtual assistant, keeping your customers’ information secure is also critical. That’s why it’s important to always make sure data is backed up, whether it’s on local or cloud storage, to prevent any loss of data due to technical malfunctions.

Remember: The data entry industry is popular for its entry-level jobs for math majors that require only a basic mathematical background, numerical accuracy, basic computer skills, logical thinking, and an understanding of database concepts. This makes it easy to start learning — and earning. 

Are Jobs Available?

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the need for remote workers worldwide. Even in the wake of the pandemic, businesses continue to cut costs, cut back on office space, and embrace all things digital and remote. So, the need for reliable remote data entry clerks doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Remote Data Entry Side Hustles: 5 Places to Find Them

The complexity and duties of data entry jobs can vary. This part-time work often involves tasks like transcribing, billing, creating subtitles, tagging and annotating, and correcting company data. Keep reading to learn about 5 reputable companies that offer part-time remote data entry jobs.

1. Scribie

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Scribie is an online transcription company that pays you to review audio clips for accuracy and convert them into text. Since 2008, they have provided full-time and part-time employment for both new and seasoned data entry clerks.  As a Scribie transcriber, you’ll listen to audio files that are no more than six minutes long. Each job comes with a specific set of instructions to follow.

The turnaround time (TAT) for most jobs is around 2 hours. After you finish a job, a Scribie moderator reviews it and forwards it to the client. The client then reviews your work and either accepts or rejects it. You get paid per audio hour if the client accepts the completed job.

Good to Know

To join Scribie as a transcriber, you must submit an application on the website and take an online test. The tests and audio clips are in English, so you’ll need to be proficient in the English language. Once you pass the online test, you can start working as a transcriber on the site.

Earning Power

You can earn between $5 and $25 per audio hour. This means a 6-minute audio clip will earn you between $0.50 and $2.50. It’s not much for a one-off, but it adds up — and if you’re persistent, you can earn decent cash. Payments are wired daily via PayPal and do not have a withdrawal limit. Best of all? As you gain proficiency, you can upgrade to reviewer or proofreader.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

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Thousands of businesses outsource microtasks to workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). This is an excellent platform to find part-time work because the options are endless. Possibilities include jobs like data entry and verification, research, content moderation, surveys, labeling and identifying objects and photos, and transcribing audio content.

Amazon MTurk is essentially a crowd-sourcing platform — but mostly for small, quick tasks known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). Requesters post tasks on the site. Then, workers browse and select tasks they can perform.

Good to Know

To join Amazon MTurk, go to the website and click on the link to “Get Started.” The site automatically requests personal details to register you. Once you complete the registration process, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

You can only accept tasks for which you qualify. After accepting a job, you complete and submit the work according to specific client instructions. Then, other tasks you are qualified to perform will automatically appear. Over time, you’ll hone your skills and qualify for better and higher-paying jobs. Requesters review your work, accept or decline it within 30 days, and submit payment. 

The best part? Declined HITs don’t affect your worker rating. But it’s important to remember that Amazon MTurks does not participate in the acceptance of HITs. So if you want to receive more work, you’ll want to follow the requester’s instructions as accurately as possible within the required period.

Earning Power

Requesters set the payment rate for each job, with payment averaging between $5 and $15 per hour. One perk? You can receive payment in the form of cash or a gift card. You can also transfer your earnings to your preferred method of payment.

Note: If you’re new to the platform, you need to be active for at least 10 days for your earnings to be released. More information is available on the Amazon MTurk FAQ page.


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FlexJobs is a leading employment site for freelancers and others seeking remote and flexible job options. You can easily find data entry side hustles — among other freelance opportunities — on FlexJobs.

Because companies posting on FlexJobs must register as members, you can take comfort in the website’s legitimacy. No need to worry about phishing and other scams! Best of all? Part-time data entry work on FlexJobs can also lead to full-time remote positions with companies on the site — if that’s something that interests you, of course.

Good to Know

FlexJobs offers a fair amount of job-related information for free. However, if you want access to their full database of job listings, you’ll need to become a paid member.

This may seem like a downside — but it’s an excellent way to ensure ongoing employment options and job security in the future. There are more than 60 job categories on the site, and job postings are updated every five days. Another perk to joining? You’ll receive tips that can help you craft your CV and profile to qualify for more jobs.

The main advantage of using FlexJobs is that it’s more recruitment-based than other sites. You can land a steady job with a company using whatever remote skills you have to offer. FlexJobs is truly a premium site to find freelance work and enjoy the benefits of being a company employee. You can also boost your skills through the site’s articles and webinars.

Earning Power

FlexJobs doesn’t list average earnings on its website — nor do most job postings reveal pay rates or salaries. They provide more detailed information about this on their blog. 


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Rev is an online transcription site that offers remote data entry side hustles to transcribers. You can transcribe audio clips into text, write captions for videos, and translate subtitles into various languages. If you have excellent listening, typing, and language skills, you’ll make an excellent fit for this type of data entry role.

Jobs at Rev offer complete freedom of time, which is perfect for most workers looking for a side hustle. Another benefit? If you want to increase your ranking and earnings, you can choose to work on as many tasks as you’d like. Projects vary in length and intensity, with TATs of two to five hours. Payment also varies per project.

Good to Know

Rev grades you for your work, so your experience with the site may vary. For instance, a low grade brings your rating down. Want to protect your rating? You’ll need to do good work and produce excellent results. Additionally, the site can deactivate your account if you don’t remain active. Pro tip? Grab a good set of headphones , your business phone, and work in a quiet environment to produce the best results.

Earning Power

Transcription and caption-writing jobs on Rev pay $1.25 per minute, while translation jobs pay $3 to $7 per minute. You can transcribe texts for various topics such as medicine, law, marketing, and education — so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. And best of all? The site offers transparent pricing, so you can know how much you’ll earn before accepting a job.


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Microworkers is an international site that provides freelance work in the form of microtasks. The site offers a wide variety of remote work, including data entry. Examples of microtasks include commenting on websites, writing reviews, liking social media posts, or installing and reviewing apps. The tasks are brief, which means you can complete numerous jobs in a day.

Good to Know

Once you complete a task, you send proof to the employer in the form of a screenshot. The client then signs off on the task and pays you. Each completed task improves your success rate, which you’ll want to maintain above 75 percent — because a higher score gives you access to more and better jobs.

Earning Power

As with many other crowd-sourcing and microwork platforms, the client sets the rate of payment for each job. Earnings average $1 per task, but you can earn anything from mere cents to $4 for tasks that take more time. The site is legitimate and processes payments, but we still recommend choosing tasks with care.

Earnings are in U.S. dollars, which you can transfer to PayPal or a bank account. Of note, the company insists on mailing you a pin code before you can make your first withdrawal. This process primarily ensures that people only have one account on the platform.

Finding Remote Data Entry Jobs with Lensa

Working remotely — from home or another location of your choice — is now more possible than ever. And if you have a computer, an internet connection, decent software, and basic computer skills? You can find a remote data entry side hustle!

Ready to join the world of part-time remote work? Check out Lensa for actionable employment insights and job pairings. We have multiple data entry job listings suitable for both beginners and pros. You’ll also find more tips to help you secure your ideal remote part-time job.

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