Reach for the Stars: Key Insights in the Arts & Entertainment Industry

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Thinking about a big career change? Break a leg! The arts and entertainment industry has been trending upward in the last 5 years with expectations of continued growth. The market has an overall projection of $309 billion, with organizations averaging $1,569,964 in revenue. The industry has grown by 12.7% in pay since 2006 and is forecasted at 3.3% growth in the next five years. Growth in arts and entertainment is to some extent subject to continued disposable income for the average population of the United States.

Production of new arts and entertainment is becoming keenly aligned with other services, and advertising is expected to boom alongside traditional arts and entertainment positions, allowing a whole new workforce to find footing in the industry. This, in turn, will create a more receptive and satisfied consumer, strengthening the industry on whole. A growing number of dedicated consumers have only led to increased expenditure on arts and entertainment, and this number will continue to grow as improved processes and easier-to-use technologies introduce more consumers to products they actually want.

Think it’s a good time to break into arts and entertainment? We think so, too. Check out some key insights into the industry before you make the leap.

Key Insights Into Arts & Entertainment

  • Everything on-demand. While on-demand entertainment may feel obvious in 2019, even just last year it was considered a disruptive concept in media and entertainment. Today, people expect everything to be on-demand across generations, and the market is catching up. This will contribute to a continuing demand in constant media production while increasing the market for corresponding services like marketing and advertising. This has created and will continue to create significant growth in jobs aligned with the arts and entertainment industry across professions, allowing an increasing specialization in traditional roles. 
  • Self-service sets you free. Streaming has not only increased the number of paying industry jobs, it has also improved your ability to work for yourself. Podcasts, YouTube, Soundcloud, TikTok and others have become mainstream, creating opportunities for anyone with an opinion. Streaming services mean more jobs for people in traditional entertainment roles, and self-service entertainment has created an entirely new revenue stream for people who have new insights.
  • Tech talks. AI, machine learning and big data are key among the trendy new technologies revolutionizing the arts and entertainment industries. Improvements across marketing, product delivery and predictive messaging will only streamline the industry, allowing the creation and growth of in-demand products. Data collection will aid marketing strategies, creating increasing engagement with products that directly interest consumers and permitting the development of new viral products. VR and AR are also taking the industry by storm, and you can expect this to grow in the coming years.

Arts & Entertainment Hiring Trends

For many, a career in arts & entertainment may seem like an outsized dream, but there are a number of different ways to break into the industry. We’ve gathered the most common job postings on Lensa in the arts & entertainment industry to give you a sample:

Current Hiring Trends in Arts & Entertainment
based on search volume

Metro Area Distribution

While it’s stereotypically hard work to break into a career in this industry, there are actually many different jobs you you can find if you provide yourself with the right skillset. And it’s not all Hollywood, either! The area with the highest concentration of arts and entertainment jobs are:

  • New York-Newark-Jersey City
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin
  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington
  • Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land

But the areas with the highest concentration with jobs in arts and entertainment are:

  • Kankakee, IL (3.60%)
  • Hinesville, GA (0.53%)
  • Racine, WI (0.50%)
  • Pueblo, CO (0.39%)
  • Ann Arbor, MI (0.31%)

Want to know more about your prospects in the arts and entertainment industry? Try Lensa’s skills game today and see if you’re a good fit for the industry. Sign up to receive daily job opportunities in your area.

Lensa has been collecting hiring trend data since 2015, tracking over 100 million job postings and 9 million users, and we’re ready to bring that information to you through Lensa Trends.
Blog post expiration date: March 1, 2020

Paige Richmond

Paige Richmond

Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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