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Streamline Your Job Search: Play the Workstyle Game

streamline your job search play the workstyle game


Registered members of Lensa get access to the workstyle game, a personality assessment tool developed by cognitive scientists. It evaluates players’ soft skills, key behavioral strengths, and problem solving styles. Based on these factors, every player is assigned an “archetype”. There has never been a more fun way to become aware of your hidden superpowers. Read on to find out how you can leverage this knowledge in your job search, and more about the game itself.

Successful Job Search Begins with Self-Assessment

It is hard to overemphasize how important it is for jobseekers to have a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Strengths they can highlight in their resume and at interviews as marketable skills, and weaknesses they can consciously work on, harness, and eventually turn into strengths.

While there are several practical approaches to methodical self-assessment, an objective skill assessment tool powered by predictive analytics that provides you with a detailed report on your behavior, problem solving skills, and motivations definitely helps clear the picture.

The good news is that this tool is now at your disposal. What’s even better, it is actually a game. Playing it will come with several benefits.

Benefit 1: A Soft Skills Report to Complete Your Resume

Your resume typically reveals your career path and professional experience up to the present, along with certifications of hard skills. It is about your past, and standing on its own, it is also a thing of the past. It does not reveal much about things that employers are increasingly interested in: how you behave in situations you are not familiar with, and how you tackle tasks that may be ill-defined.

The workstyle game report just does that: it identifies your behavioral archetype, indicates what jobs you would excel at based on your soft skills, and things that motivate you. Incorporate it into your resume and the story you tell about yourself during your job seeking journey.

Benefit 2: A Way to Enhance Your Lensa Experience

Lensa also uses the valuable information in your workstyle profile to fine-tune its recommendations to you, so we only send you jobs we think you would be perfect for.

Your unique personality report (along with your resume) is also taken into account by the algorithm behind the How do I match this company? feature of our product. Browsing the company pages on our site, you will be able to check whether the company you have your eyes on is the right culture for you.

Benefit 3: A Team Building Opportunity

Having your coworkers or teammates play the game is a fun way to figure out how you may work best as a team. You could even create a mini team building event out of it by sharing and discussing your results.

Who fills what role? What kind of team dynamics does that result in? Is everybody at their best place to shine? Being aware of each other’s workstyles – and the fact that every workstyle is as valid as the other – is a great starting point for building mutual respect and better cooperation.

How Does It Work?

I have to say I am really impressed with the game and resulting data and super curious about how that simple game provided that insight. – Cyrus Roche

We do not want to include any spoilers here, but what we can tell you is that the game takes 8 minutes to play, and it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose. (Phew!)

What matters is how you play – how often you click your mouse, whether you abandon, start over, stick to a method or adapt your strategy as you go on. All this information is scrutinized (about 400 different measurements are taken every second) and evaluated by the game to come up with the aforementioned report, in which you will be assigned a behavioral archetype.

The 7 Archetypes

While we are all unique, and certainly every report will be unique, statistics have shown that behavioral profiles can be categorized into seven larger groups. We call these archetypes. An archetype is basically a simplified version of all the data that has been gathered about the way you play.

Below is a short description of all of them.

Workstyle game seven archetypes

ARCHITECT. Architects put great emphasis on thinking through the actions carefully beforehand. They analyze the problem and create a sophisticated plan which they’ll implement thoroughly. While ‘Architects’ tend to be more precise and structured than others, they do not bother as much with new ad-hoc solutions or being innovative at all costs.

INVENTOR. Inventors prefer regularity, structure and careful planning. They don’t spend much time analyzing circumstances, but instead they try to proceed fast and apply innovative methods during execution. Original ideas, unique realizations and energetic attitude of ‘Inventors’ are remarkable.

EXPLORER. Explorers tend to disregard existing and well applied methods and formulate new, different, better ideas. They are quick thinkers due to having extremely flexible minds, shifting among ideas and solutions. Doing that, ‘Explorers’ could be genuinely enthusiastic and energetic. In general, they are open to change, persistent, and they have bold persuasive power.

VISIONARY. Visionaries are mostly proactive. They are willing to keep being focused on the goals they had set, without being distracted. They are likely to work with new ideas and unique solutions. ‘Visionaries’ don’t like to waste any energy. Instead, their strength is in heading straight to the point using even unusual, non-conventional techniques.

AVIATOR. Aviators are likely to reach their goals at any cost. They are extremely focused on the problems they are about to solve. The more effective techniques they use, the more satisfied they are. Instead of using the quickest solution, ‘Aviators’ usually choose the optimal and effective ways to reach the goals. They have high expectations about their performance and are likely to look for new challenges.

MAKER. Mechanics/Makers strive for flawlessness, set excessively high performance standards accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concern regarding others’ evaluations. Perfectionism can drive ‘Makers’ to accomplishments and provide the motivation to persevere in the face of discouragement and obstacles.

CHAMELEON. Chameleons have a wide-ranged skill set, so they can be effective in most situations. They tend to be ambitious and goal-oriented. They can easily synchronize the given expectations with their own skills and solve the problems with different techniques. ‘Chameleons’ can be effective in any circumstances. Thanks to this, they have a wide and complex personality to solve almost any problem.”

Having read them all, do you have an idea which one you might be? Play the game and find out if it agrees with you! You could be surprised.

I write to you again to express my gratitude for doing this useful game! It shows who I am, but some things I do not agree with, haha. – Oscar Guerrero

The Rest of The Report

Aside from your archetype, you will find easily interpretable charts and descriptions about the following:

  • Your key behavioral strengths, including your main workstyle characteristics (such as planning, goal orientation, speed, ingenuity, and more)

workstyle strenghts and weaknesses of the architect archetype

  • Your problem-solving style (Are you more direct or analytical? Are you focused on the solution or give yourself room to experiment? How commonly is your solution used?)

workstyle game problem solving statistics

  • Your ideal workplace (things that motivate you, your preferred work environment, and ideal job roles for you)

Personalised ideal workplace results from the workstyle game

  • Famous people of the same archetype as you

Famous people based on workstyle game archetype

Play and Let Us Know What You Think

Did you find it easy, hard, frustrating? Did your report resonate with what you already know, or did it come with surprises? Did you get the archetype you thought you might? Did the report make you rethink your career aspirations? How are you going to use this information in your job search or existing workplace?

Share your story with us. We would love to hear from you!

Team Lensa
Team Lensa
Team Lensa is a group of HR specialists, career counselors, and tech enthusiasts dedicated to helping job seekers navigate the employment landscape through actionable tips and insights.

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