Temporary Data Entry Jobs to Supplement Your Income During Furlough

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As a result of the economic uncertainties and general chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, women and men around the world have either lost their jobs or been temporarily laid off or furloughed. While an outright job loss is the most serious situation to address, layoffs and furloughs present their own complications. 

While many people equate the two situations, layoffs and furloughs are not the same things. A layoff is essentially a termination: while the company often states that it hopes to hire some laid-off staff members back when their cashflow situation improves, in the meantime, workers’ ties with the company are completely severed. 

With a furlough, however, while employees’ hours may be significantly reduced (or they may be asked to take an unpaid leave of absence), they are still considered members of the company itself. The assumption on both sides is that this is merely a temporary situation to survive the company’s financial crisis. Unfortunately, this move leaves furloughed staff members suffering a financial crisis of their own.

If this situation describes you, you may be a good fit for the many available temporary data entry jobs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.    

Data Entry Jobs and COVID-19

Though complications from the pandemic have sent the U.S. into a recession, there are certain segments of the workforce facing more needs than ever. In particular, companies intent on testing, tracking, tracing, and changing the course of the pandemic are currently experiencing historic (albeit temporary) staffing needs.

If you’ve been furloughed from your employer, you may be able to fill one of the many available open positions for temporary data entry jobs, both remote or onsite.    

Companies Actively Hiring For Temporary Data Entry Jobs

The list of companies currently seeking applicants for temporary data entry jobs is quite long. To give you an idea of the type of work available, the rates they’re paying, and what you might expect, we’ve put together this little list of possibilities. 

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Moda Health

Based in Portland, Oregon, Moda Health actively searching to fill multiple data entry positions.


  • Company values diversity and inclusion
  • Only basic education needed for many positions
  • High opportunities for career advancement


  • Not all available positions are remote
  • Employee makeup trends very young 

Compensation: Hourly rate varies by experience and position; usually between $17-$20/hour

Acuity Staffing 

Acuity Staffing is currently hiring full-time for temporary data entry jobs in Hamilton, Ohio. The position is high-priority, and they are looking for people who are available to start immediately.


  • Low qualifications required to apply (high school diploma and familiarity with Microsoft Office/Excel)
  • Employees can create a somewhat flexible workweek (Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday)


  • Employees must work onsite
  • Position ends in January

Compensation: $15/hour


Portsmouth, NH company Recordsforce is hiring remote data entry clerks for their Data Entry Project. 


  • Positive, caring environment
  • Chances to earn a monthly bonus
  • Both part-time and full-time positions available
  • Flexible scheduling with day and evening shifts (a good fit for parents whose children are schooling at home amid the pandemic)
  • Although temporary, the position runs through the Spring of 2021
  • Top performers have a chance at leveraging permanent employment


  • 10 key retail experience required
  • Can only work remotely after being trained in-person at Recordsforce in Portsmouth, NH

Compensation: $14.50/hour


Davaco LP in Fort Worth, TX is hiring temporary pre-screeners and data entry specialists to assist with jobs related to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a hands-on, onsite job at a testing center, and it includes data entry as part of the basic responsibilities. 

Basic responsibilities would include gathering information from individuals reporting to the sites for COVID testing, directing the individuals to their assigned areas, and entering the collected data and other duties as assigned by the team leader.


  • Working in a position that makes a difference
  • Many hours available (10-hour shifts, both Monday-Friday and on weekends)
  • Fast-paced, dynamic environment


  • Subject to the elements when working outdoors
  • Potential for high-stress situations
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Potential for exposure to the coronavirus 
  • Required to wear PPE and social distance at all times

Compensation: $18-$20 (Note: Bilingual Spanish/English a plus.)

Exel Clinical Research

Exel Clinical Research is currently recruiting full-time, work-from-home Contact Tracers. In this position, you would work remotely to conduct virtual checks on those recently diagnosed with COVID-19, connect at-risk patients and those in quarantine with resources, and collect and record information on their symptoms. 


  • Helping those in need
  • Actively making a difference in fighting the pandemic
  • All training and labor are fully offsite, meaning you can work from anywhere


  • A job that requires lots of phone calls and “hands on” work directly with people (not a good fit for those with small children or noisy/active households)
  • Emotionally draining work with the potential for stress and grief as you spend most of the day empathizing with those who are ill with COVID

Compensation: $17-$25/hour

What to Look For

If you’ve been furloughed and are looking for temporary online data entry jobs, bear in mind that no two positions are the same. In looking them over, you must always consider your own interests and capacity as well as your mental and emotional bandwidth. You should also consider how your current living situation could potentially narrow your focus as you search for jobs. 

Here are some guiding questions to ask as you search:

  1. Do I have access to large sections of uninterrupted time, or will I have to fit my work in during little bursts throughout the day?
  2. How will my household contribute or detract from my ability to thrive in this opportunity?
  3. Am I better on the phone, interacting with people directly, or behind the scenes working on my own?
  4. Do I have the ability to self-start and self-motivate, or should I seek a position with some oversight?

When used as guides, these questions can go a long way toward helping you find the right temporary data entry job.

We Can Help

Looking for a remote temporary data entry job to supplement your income while furloughed during the pandemic? Visit Lensa’s job search and discover a wide array of data entry jobs currently accepting applications.  

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