Tinseltown Takeaways: Employment Trends in the Los Angeles Area

los angeles metro area job trends


Up next on our Metro Area Spotlights: Southern California takes center stage! Los Angeles employment in the metro area comes in second on Lensa’s most promising regions for employment, and not without reason: as a whole, California accounts for 15% of national employment gains since the recession, and peripheral issues including poverty and unemployment are very low relative to the rest of the nation. California also has the fourth-best economy of any US state, and if it were an independent nation it would have the fifth biggest economy in the world.

Los Angeles employment in 2018 was a banner year and 2019 has been similarly fruitful. Jobs in the Los Angeles area increased by 1.2% between August 2018-August 2019, and the total number of jobs is increasing. While salaries are naturally higher than the national average due to the higher cost of living, the average salary is also growing at a much faster rate, adding almost 1.5% between June 2018-June 2019. Meanwhile, the consumer price index for the region has decreased by about 1% in the same period.

Like the entire nation, employment in Los Angeles is facing a deficit of talent and a significant skills gap. The need for skilled workers, and the need to create skills among existing workers, will pose significant challenges to industry, but the talent vacuum may create opportunities for workers who are strategic and dedicated to their career. It is imperative to focus on your own professional development or seek a company that will.

What does this mean for jobseekers in the Los Angeles-Anaheim-Long Beach area? Mainly good things. With low unemployment, high wages and a strong economy, the region is reliable for a good quality of life and offers ample opportunity for jobseekers.

Top Industries in Los Angeles-Anaheim-Long Beach

Want to find jobs in Los Angeles? We’ve collected the top regional industries to help you get started:

Top Hirers in Los Angeles-Anaheim-Long Beach

If you’re looking for a job in the metro area, many companies are actively seeking new talent. The top hirers in the Los Angeles-Anaheim-Long Beach areas on Lensa are:

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Paige Richmond
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