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Video Resume: How to Be Creative and Stand Out from the Competition

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A video-based resume is a unique way to strike a good first impression and stand out from the rest of the competition, provided it is done for the right reasons. In order to do that, a candidate must ensure that a video format highlights your merits and achievements particularly well. A video-based version can be your creative endeavor and can tell the recruiter much about your persona. The other significant advantage of creating a video CV is its cost. Since you don’t need expensive equipment and a lot of capital or investment to make your resume, you can save up on a lot! Read on to figure out whether a video-based resume suits you and how you can design a good one.

You can also create a video resume using an online video editor to set yourself apart from the competition.

Why Should You Go With Videos For Your Resume Over The Average CV?

Like most professionals, you, too, must have spent an exhaustive number of hours curating resume descriptions on LinkedIn profiles. While that may not necessarily help you in fitting your dream cv, you can search for better alternatives with a video resume. 

Creating a resume with a video maker is the best way to let the recruiters know that you are innovative, creative, and take the initiative. By venturing off the beaten path, your video CV becomes the perfect out-of-the-box initiative to help turn the tide in your favor. It also saves you the unnecessary hassles of editing your cv in a word document when you could be editing it with the right video editing tool.

There are numerous other advantages with the video format too. For instance, the resumes sent through a video highlight your communication skills and personality. It can highlight your soft skills such as leadership, out-of-the-box thinking, creative and aesthetic skills, and problem-solving abilities. These soft skills are not adequately known through an ordinary CV, and on any given, the day could be the deciding factor in swinging the tide strongly in your favor.

Where Does Video CV Benefit You Best?

It is important to realize that Video CVs may not fit the bill for most companies and many of your dream jobs. Chances are if you are looking for work in a large multinational corporation or a company that does a lot of governmental work or a company with scientific or engineering work may focus on the conventional or traditional CV formats.

Video-based resumes are best for positions that have a creative angle to it. Apart from this, it can be an interesting selection in small organizations with a strong opportunity for direct personal communication. However, it does not mean that such a resume would not be a hit with the type of organizations mentioned above, but you should consider that the chances of it succeeding are relatively slim.

How Can You Create A Video-Based Resume?

To Create Video Based Resumes, you should –

  1. Brainstorm Ideas!

Before you begin, it would be better to note your video’s ideas, length, format, talking points, presentation aspects, etc. It is equally important to consider who your audience is and what you want to say through the video. It is always good to avoid being snazzy and keep the perspective interesting and fresh. For instance, if applying to a marketing agency, talk about interesting B2B or SEO techniques.

  1. Script It Down

It is best to allow bullet points to be your guide while preparing your video cv. This is because you might want a particular order of stating all your information and consequently might need a script. Scripting down your talking points ensures that you cover all major and minor aspects coherently and understandably. It prevents the haphazard dissemination of information and keeps you relevant and to-the-point.

  1. Pre-Record Yourself

Like all good things in the world, even in video-based resumes, you might not get it right in the first instance. Thus, it is important to keep yourself aware of the mistakes you are making by pre-recording yourself. The perfect attempt can later be edited and finalized to serve as your video CV. Pre-recording also gives you the time and the luxury to avoid getting relaxed and be a little more confident after practicing your speech a few times over. 

  1. Edit It TO Perfection

Editing forms the basis of a video-based resume because only after editing it to perfection can you realize how and when you want to state your skills and interest. Editing also helps give your otherwise bland videos an interesting and creative touch and ensures a constant engagement with your audience. It is a prerequisite in order to create a professional-looking video-based resume.

What Are Some Important Dos and Don’ts?

  1. Keep it Concise

It is important to realize that a video CV and an actual CV are identical in this regard. That is because the need for brevity is present in both. A concise CV is an important prerequisite for making an impactful introduction. The ideal length of a video-based resume should be between a minute to two and a half minutes.

  1. Address Your Audience Personally

You should tailor your video-based cv to suit the requirements of your job. Having one on your LinkedIn or YouTube profiles is a brilliant way to let recruiters know more about yourself and be impressed all the same. Nonetheless, it is important to address your audience or the prospective organization or the recruiter personally and showcase your penchant for adherence to organizational ethos. 

  1. Be Yourself

Most of all, a video-based resume should be all about yourself and should reflect your identity. Thus, it is important to relax and just be yourself. Sooner or later, the organization would figure out who you are and what you are, so why pretend? Genuineness and authenticity are the pillars of a great video CV. 

  1. Be Presentable

Before you can apply for the part, it is important to look the part too. Do not be shabbily dressed for your resume. You must dress up in the proper and formal attire and ensure complete adherence to protocols’ formality. It should almost seem as if you are giving your interview.


It is important to remember that though the video-based resume offers you a creative angle of applying for select jobs, it must not seem informal. A video CV must seem and resemble an actual CV in all respects except the personalization and the technological means of delivering the content.

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