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What You Should Know About Entertainment Jobs in 2023

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There hasn’t been much “entertainment” (pun intended) for entertainment job seekers since COVID-19 hit our shores. However, with an evident flattening of the curve, production studios, live theaters, cinemas, concert venues, and other entertainment platforms are gearing up for reopening.

A quick look at entertainment jobs

The future of the entertainment industry certainly looks bright. Despite the coronavirus disruption, the industry will grow by 3.3% in the next five years. This growth will be backed by an increase in disposable income among millennials. Millennials are currently on the verge of overtaking baby boomers to become the country’s largest working population. As such, if you are thinking about a significant career change, this is the right time to pursue a job in entertainment.

Here are a few key insights in the entertainment job market to help you get a good grasp of the industry’s future:

The rise in on-demand entertainment

As major networks and studios continue to launch streaming services, players will be looking to offer content libraries that are broad and dynamic enough to attract and retain viewership. The entertainment platforms will provide various products from video, music, and gaming services that are supported by ads. In the coming days, the demand for video streaming will explode. As each entertainment company looks to establish direct relationships with consumers, the demand for unique and original content will be high. Additionally, as entertainment companies race to meet consumer’s expectations, the market for corresponding services like marketing and advertising will also rise. This will trigger significant growth in jobs that can be aligned with the art and entertainment industry. Traditional roles will also go through an increasing specialization phase.

New opportunities with streaming services

Streaming has led to an increase in the number of paying industry jobs. It has also created unique opportunities for talented individuals to be self-employed. The opportunities that platforms like Twitch, YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok provide are immense.

 If you are a talented entertainer, you can launch a career right from your couch using any of these platforms. Therefore, the rise of streaming means more jobs for anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry. If you are passionate enough, self-service entertainment provides you with a timeless opportunity to earn revenue while doing what you love most.

Mergers and acquisitions on the rise

The entertainment industry has experienced unprecedented mergers and acquisitions. One of the biggest recent mergers was that of AT&T and Time Warner. There is also talk of Disney looking to acquire most assets of 21st Century Fox. These deals are setting a precedent for future media and entertainment consolidation. The impact of these deals will also, directly and indirectly, affect the job market. In essence, these mergers will expand the consumer base and create new positions. So it would help to be on the lookout for such mergers and position yourself effectively. 

Cloud gaming factor

The gaming industry is experiencing exponential growth right now. One of the most important trends for the gaming industry going forward is gaming apps to win real money and cloud gaming. There are more than 3 billion gamers in the world, and most lack the required hardware to play the latest and demanding games that feature virtual reality and augmented reality. However, the entrance of cloud gaming solves this problem. Cloud gaming streams video content from remote servers to a gamer’s device. This way, the gamer’s computer or mobile device is not the one doing the heavy lifting. Cloud gaming technology has made it possible for more people to play their favorite popular video games at their own convenient time, provided they have a good internet connection. How will this impact the job market? Cloud gaming is lucrative if you are good at it. Pro gamers also stream their sessions and earn from ads.

Direct fan support

Direct fan support isn’t completely new, but it’s still one of the biggest trends in the entertainment industry. While many consumers are now turning to streaming services, many more are consuming content directly from individual creators on YouTube, Twitch streaming, or other platforms. This audience is referred to as direct fans. With support from crowdfunding sites such as Patreon, fans can now support their favorite creators by paying a direct monthly fee or subscription. If you are a talented creator, direct fan support offers you a chance to be self-employed.

Top entertainment jobs for 2021

Not every position in the entertainment industry comes with fame. If you want to work in the entertainment world but prefer to stay away from the limelight, you still have plenty of options. You can choose one of the following essential positions:

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Key Takeaway

Talent and passion matters more than formal skills in this industry

A lack of formal skills will not kill your entertainment career. Unlike other professions such as nursing or engineering that require years of specialized education, many entertainment jobs don’t necessarily need formalized skills. You can work in the entertainment industry as you hone your talents on the job. For example, in the video game industry, as long as you have requisite IT skills and a passion for games, you can become adept at video game design. You also don’t need a Ph.D. to be a successful TikTok, YouTube, or music star.

Finally, if you are looking to establish a thriving entertainment career, you need to be familiar with the key trends discussed here. You should also consider new hiring trends like the use of AI technology to create targeted recruitment ads. AI also influences how jobs will find you and how you will find job openings in the entertainment industry.

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Team Lensa
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