When to Hang Up Your Hoodie: Employment Trends in Business & Financial Services

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Finance jobs have underwritten the American Dream. From the prototypical yuppie to the established professional, financial services offers a goldmine of employment tropes – and this is not without reason. Financial activities rate amongst the top 10 best careers for employment prospects, with an expected growth of 8.3% in job opportunities by 2028.

The current outlook is good: business and financial services employment will remain strong as long as the economy continues to grow. There are increasing opportunities for technologically-minded professionals in the financial industries, and even candidates for traditional positions should keep up-to-date with modern fintech. But this will create an increase in the kinds of jobs available in this reliable industry, and it’s a good time to make a move into business & financial services if you’re looking for a reliable industry for growth prospects.

Business and financial services are kings amongst industries for employment growth today. Lensa has compiled some key insights into the industry to help you find your path:

Key Insights in Business & Financial Services

  • Finance calls for a meeting of the minds. Candidates need to ensure that they are competitive in order to find work in this storied industry. As fintech takes over an industry once dominated by a socially-focused job where the key to success was relationship building, candidates should strive to have comfort in both arenas. You should be capable of managing modern technologies, informed enough to sell your clients on them, and personable enough to keep your clients coming back.
  • New skills are king in business & financial services. The adaptation of new technologies like cryptocurrencies and the adaptation of blockchain to financial services, AI and ML, plus a growing utilization of user data will demand that workers have at least some semblance of technological skill. Fintech offerings are growing exponentially, and jobseekers must be competent to capitalize on these new technologies in order to provide returns on both corporate and user investments. Likewise, many corporations are seeking tech-skilled employees or training existing talent to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.
  • Fintech is already huge and continues to grow. There is an ever-evolving world of financial technologies simplifying work in the financial industry. The lion’s share of administrative or manual work is increasingly automated, while predictive analytics and AI are making financial services an increasingly algorithmic and efficient industry. Many entry-level workers are shifting towards fintech rather than traditional financial services careers, so the industry is facing a significant skills gap. It thusly may be a good time to locate a company with strong development and training programs to aid your career growth once you have your foot in the door. Companies are utilizing fintech to reduce labor time in favor of increasing strategic capacities, so if you want to move into financial & business services it is increasingly important that you strive to develop a strong understanding of the industry.

Top Jobs in Business & Financial Services

Business and financial industry jobs require dedication and an established set of skills, but once you achieve those, your opportunities are limitless. This industry is historically strong and only growing. Want to know how to find your opportunity? We’ve compiled the top job trends across Lensa to help you get started:

The Most-Searched Financial Industry Job Titles
based on search volume

Metro Area Trends

Business and financial services jobs are, unsurprisingly, concentrated in the top business-focused metropolitan areas in the US:

  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim
  • Boston-Cambridge-Newton
  • New York-Newark-Jersey City
  • Chicago-Naperville-Elgin
  • Washington-Arlington-Alexandria

But the highest concentration of Business & Financial Services jobs lay in the following areas:

  • Kankakee, IL (9.07%)
  • California-Lexington Park, MD (7.15%)
  • Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV (7.01%)
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA (6.96%)
  • Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL (6.87%)

Business and financial services are tough work, but a safe bet for jobseekers. Want to know more about financial jobs in your area or those you qualify for nationally? Sign up today for personalized job listings from Lensa.

Lensa has been collecting hiring trend data since 2015, tracking over 100 million job postings and 9 million users, and we’re ready to bring that information to you through Lensa Trends.
Blog post expiration date: March 1, 2020

Paige Richmond

Paige Richmond

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