Work-From-Home Jobs: Top 20 for 2021

Work-From-Home Jobs
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Home Office is the New Office

Do work-from-home jobs sound like a dream come true to you? If so, you’re not alone. Long before the coronavirus made remote work a necessity for millions, alternatives to traditional office jobs were already trending. In fact, companies like GitLab and Buffer have been completely remote for years – and their employees love them for it.

Remote Work: Nice Work If You Can Get It (and You Can)

So if you can find legit work-from-home jobs that allow you to manage yourself and your work on your time, why wouldn’t you want to try it out? Work from home (also known as stay-at-home) jobs don’t require you to telecommute in on a daily basis. Moreover, they tend to spare you from exasperating micromanaging and rigid timetables. This is certainly true for part-time workers, like women seeking stay at home mom jobs or students looking for home based jobs that allow them to support themselves through college.

Work Done From Home: Work Done Better?

But other workers are increasingly interested in work that allows them to escape the office, which in turn shows higher productivity due in part to a motivated workforce. One Harvard professor has found that companies with “work from anywhere” policies experienced an average 4.4% increase in employee productivity, and people who work remotely at least once a month are reportedly 24% happier and more engaged.

Making the Transition to Working from Home

With all of the positivity and data surrounding the success of remote work, it’s a great time to consider a career transition that will allow you to take this model for a test drive yourself. But there are some things you should be aware of before you start your remote work journey. First, if you are moving into remote work (and especially into freelance), you should always keep yourself up to date on the skills you need to remain a competitive hire. Second, always be cognizant of potential remote work scams when you are searching for opportunities online. Be sure to check company reviews and evaluate the website for professionalism, and be extremely wary of any company that expects you to pay for your own training or invest before you begin your job. Be aware of and realistic about your prospects, and be careful with sharing your information. 

But as long as you remain vigilant and proactive about your prospects, there is no reason for you to avoid remote work if you are tempted by it in today’s professional climate. After all, it’s good for companies, and beneficial for you, too.

Ready to make a move?
Here are the top 20 best work-from-home jobs, hand-curated for you.

Virtual Assistant

    • What you’ll do: Virtual assistant jobs require you to “support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.” This is one of the best remote jobs you could find.
    • Education Required: High school diploma.
    • Skills Required: Proactivity, excellent time management, and attention to detail. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, critical-thinking, problem-solving, and previous customer service experience are also important.
    • Ideal for: Workers with flexible schedules and strong interpersonal skills. General software familiarity, with increasingly specialized software familiarity depending on the industry.
    • Pay prospects: Average hourly rates range from $10.13-27.83, with a median rate of $15.66, depending on experience.
    • How to make yourself eligible: With low education requirements, the main focus should be honing your interpersonal and administrative skills and finding a good fit for your schedule.
    • Tools required: Computer, cell phone, internet, and certain software i.e. Microsoft Office.
    • Future prospects: More experience will mean higher rates and capability for working for more clients, and can lead to a very comfortable wage. Virtual assistants are essential for startups and can grow into more responsible roles, or a greater number of self-managed remote roles.
    • Geographical requirements: As long as you have the requisite language skills and ability to work in relevant time zones, you can do this job from anywhere.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Zirtual


    • What you’ll do: Transcription jobs require you to create written versions of presentations made in audio or video formats, including lessons, meetings, conversations, presentations, etc. You will create long-form documents according to the client’s wishes. Online typing jobs are consistent and seem unlikely to fade away.
    • Education Required: High school diploma.
    • Skills Required: Efficient listening and fast typing skills, attention to detail, excellent grasp of the language, and strong communication skills.
    • Ideal for: Anyone with the required skills looking for flexible work. Particularly good work for stay at home parents and students. In fact, this is one of the very best online jobs from home for students.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $24-53,000, with a median earning of $36,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Experience – portfolio creation and testimonials will advance your prospects.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, and software such as Microsoft Office or Express Scribe.
    • Future prospects: Excellent stop-gap and part-time work, can be made full-time but is usually more suited to supplemental income. This is one of the best online jobs from home you can find.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.


    • What you’ll do: Translator jobs usually take written format. Most often, translators are expected to translate documents of varying lengths from one language to another. This can be legal documents, commercial copy, media, public relations texts or even books. 
    • Education Required: Usually a B.A. in a second language (not your mother tongue), but demonstrable fluency in two languages can substitute this.
    • Skills Required: Fluency in two languages, strong communication skills and attention to detail.
    • Ideal for: Anyone with the required skills looking for work, whether part-time or full-time. Particularly well-suited to language graduates, students, and stay at home parents, though it also makes excellent side work.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $27-72,000, with a median earning of $44,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Learn a second language.
    • Tools required: Computer, phone, and writing software such as Microsoft Office.
    • Future prospects: Translation work makes excellent part-time, full-time, and stop-gap work, depending on your needs. 
    • Geographical requirements: Any.

Web Developer

    • What you’ll do: Web developers write code to create website layouts and user interfaces. They should be capable of integrating data from back-end services and databases.
    • Education Required: At least a B.A. or sufficient experience and demonstrable skills.
    • Skills Required: Familiarity with software development best practices and up to date technologies and fundamentals. Communication skills sufficient to obtain clients and understand their needs.
    • Ideal for: People with the requisite skill set who prefer to work from home and/or freelance.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $40-87,000, with a median earning of $59,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Remain up to speed with the latest technologies, trends and best practices.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, and requisite software.
    • Future prospects: Excellent side work or full-time work. Not well-suited to stop-gap work given the high level of qualification required.

Travel Agent

    • What you’ll do: Much like traditional travel agents, jobs from home in travel agency require you to sell transportation and accommodation to travelers and provide advice and consultation to holiday goers. They help to plan itineraries, arrange travel insurance, share information about local health requirements and safety facts, and connect travelers with local agencies for tourist activities.
    • Education Required: High school diploma.
    • Skills Required: Strong levels of communication and interpersonal skills required to make sales and gain return customers. Attention to detail is also essential given the many moving parts in arranging holiday travel.
    • Ideal for: Home workers with a strong interest in travel and comfort talking to people and making sales.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $27-56,000, with a median earning of $39,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: While on the job training is usually available, there are also courses and certifications you can pursue to improve your capabilities.
    • Tools required: Computer, phone (with international plan), internet.
    • Future prospects: Travel agents can move into the tourism agency or remain in the field, as it can be either a part-time or full-time job. Not well suited to stop-gap work.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.

Freelance Writer

    • What you’ll do: Freelance writers do all manner of jobs, including ghost writing, reports, commercial and legal documentation, website content, articles, etc. Many freelance writers find a niche and pursue jobs mainly within that field, and the job is to create whatever text their client needs, from fiction writing to marketing copy to investment proposals.
    • Education Required: B.A. in a writing-focused field and demonstrable writing skill usually preferred.
    • Skills Required: Excellent written communication skills, strong vocabulary, familiarity with the requirements of different writing functions, and excellent time management.
    • Ideal for: Workers with strong writing skills; can be an ideal job for a student, stay at home parent, or worker interested in supplementing their income.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $18-75,000, with a median earning of $39,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Start writing and build a portfolio; additionally, many affordable writing courses are available online and tailored to specific writing styles.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, website and writing software i.e. Microsoft Office or G-Suite.
    • Future prospects: Freelance writing makes excellent side-work, part-time work, full-time work and stop-gap work. This was one of the first real work from home jobs, and it has a high likelihood of growing as the work format becomes more popular.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.

Social Media Manager

    • What you’ll do: Social Media Managers oversee the entire process of social media marketing, from managing campaigns to orchestrating daily tasks like content development, copywriting, audience curation and publication of images, videos, audio and written content. Their main task is to ensure that this reaches a growing audience in line with the overall marketing agenda.
    • Education Required: B.A.
    • Skills Required: Strong familiarity with social media tools and trends, excellent communication skills, time management.
    • Ideal for: Virtually anyone with the requisite skills.
    • Pay prospects:  Annual salary ranges from $34-77,000, with a median earning of $50,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: In addition to your college education, courses can be taken and a high familiarity with this fast-moving industry is essential.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, social media and software such as Buffer and Hootsuite.
    • Future prospects: Makes excellent full-time or part-time work, but may be less suitable to stop-gap work.
    • Geographical requirements: Any

Data Entry

    • What you’ll do: Work-from-home jobs in data entry require that you update and maintain databases through the thorough and factual entry of new data and monitoring of existing data. Compiling accurate data and ensuring that the requested information is readily available to the client are key.
    • Education Required: High school diploma.
    • Skills Required: Incredibly strong attention to detail, excellent typing skills, and tolerance for repetitive work. Problem solving and self-management are also important.
    • Ideal for: Particularly stay at home parents or students seeking to supplement incomes or develop some experience in a given field.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $24-50,000, with a median earning of $33,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: No experience is required, but demonstrable skills will help you find work. Success with clients and high speed without sacrificing accuracy will help you grow your business.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, familiarity with software such as Microsoft Office, and access to the relevant database.
    • Future prospects: Data entry jobs make excellent part-time and stop-gap work, and are well-suited to people looking for side-jobs. Full-time data entry work can lead to more advanced administrative positions, and is one of the easiest part time work from home to get.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.

Graphic Designer

    • What you’ll do: Graphic designers are responsible for creating digital or physical visual concepts that communicate the company’s mission and inspire or inform customers. They have oversight of the visual theme, layout, details and production design of all external collaterals for a company.
    • Education Required: B.A. in Graphic Design or related field.
    • Skills Required: Strong aesthetic sense and ability to draw a visual identity out of a concept. Excellent communication, time management, and attention to detail.
    • Ideal for: Workers with a specific interest in this field.
    • Pay prospects:  Annual salary ranges from $33-63,000, with a median earning of $45,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Obtain the required education and develop a portfolio, usually in the form of a website.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, design software.
    • Future prospects: Graphic designers can ascend to high-level executive roles, develop lucrative personal practices, or remain freelancing as side work. There is no ceiling in this profession, but it is not suitable for stop-gap work given the high requirements and competitive nature of the field.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.

Event Planner

    • What you’ll do: Event planning jobs require you to manage every aspect of an event, from venue and vendor selection to onsite execution. This is most often done for professional meetings, corporate events, charity events, parties and weddings.
    • Education Required: Usually a B.A. in hospitality, communications, public relations, or a related field is preferred.
    • Skills Required: Extremely high levels of organization and attention to detail, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, strong interpersonal and communication skills, and excellent time management.
    • Ideal for: Anyone who finds great satisfaction in seeing the results of their work and thrives in a fast-paced environment. Can be part-time or full-time and can be well-suited to stay at home parents or students, or anyone looking for a full career.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $32-72,000, with a median earning of $48,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: No further requirements beyond education and/or experience.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, phone, website, social media.
    • Future prospects: This can be part-time or full-time work, but is not well-suited as stop-gap work.
    • Geographical requirements: Local.

Grant Writer

    • What you’ll do: Grant writers create proposals to seek funding from external agencies, especially for universities, social work organizations, and healthcare. They are expected to monitor grant opportunities, write and submit grant applications and report on grant status to the hiring organization.
    • Education Required: B.A. or higher.
    • Skills Required: Strong writing and research skills, ability to quickly learn industry-specific language.
    • Ideal for: Graduate students, teachers and professors, employed professionals, stay-at-home parents, anyone looking for part-time work or contractual work.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $36-67,000, with a median earning of $48,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: In addition to a college degree, taking grant writing courses will increase your opportunities. A familiarity with the field you are grant writing for also helps.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, writing software such as Microsoft Office or specialized grant writing software.
    • Future prospects: This is good part-time or supplemental work, but can also be a full-time career.

Online Teacher

    • What you’ll do: Online teaching jobs and tutoring opportunities are increasingly common and varied. You can teach virtually any subject online and perform much the same as traditional teachers, instructing students through the subject, preparing lesson plans, and monitoring and evaluating students’ work.
    • Education Required: At least a B.A. and teaching certification.
    • Skills Required: High levels of organization and self-management, communication and interpersonal skills, and a high level of knowledge in your given field. Online teaching positions can vary from K-12 teachers to university classes and continuing education.
    • Ideal for: Someone looking for more consistent work that they can adapt to their schedule. Can be part-time or full-time, so ideal both for full-time professionals with commuting constraints, parents and people looking for supplemental income for the household and people with other part-time work.
    • Pay prospects: Average annual salary ranges from $41-66,000, with a median annual salary of $46,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Obtain the relevant certifications and find work with an educational institution providing remote classes.
    • Tools required: Computer, e-mail, internet and one or several remote teaching software such as Blackboard.
    • Future prospects: This is generally a career, and can be either part-time or full-time work that can lead to a full-time teaching calendar.
    • Geographical requirements: Any, as long as you can work in the relevant timezone.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Preply,, Teach Away

Specialized Instructor

    • What you’ll do: Long before online traditional teaching was common, specialized instructors found foothold in online instruction. Remotely teaching specific skills, such as languages and instruments, requires similar work to their in-person counterparts, including the creation of lesson plans and monitoring and evaluating your students. Can occur in specific lengths, i.e. a 6-week course, or can run indefinitely, i.e. virtual music or fitness classes.
    • Education Required: Depends on the field.
    • Skills Required: Strong skills in communicating and teaching the relevant subject; strong communication skills to secure and retain students; and social media or online sales skills to gain clientele.
    • Ideal for: Anybody with a high level of competence in a specific skill, i.e. language, art, an instrument, etc.
    • Pay prospects: Varies by field. Language teachers, for example, have an average median salary of about $47,000, while online music teachers in secondary schools earn an average of $60,000 yearly. 
    • How to make yourself eligible: Research the qualifications for instructing in your given field.
    • Tools required: Computer, phone, internet, relevant tools, video conferencing software.
    • Future prospects: This varies widely by the individual, and can be a side-job for supplemental income, part-time work, or full-time work.


    • What you’ll do: Remote programming jobs do the same thing as onsite programmers from the comfort of their own homes.
    • Education Required: Usually requires at least a B.A., and is a highly competitive field.
    • Skills Required: Education or experience in the field, high levels of familiarity with programming trends and fundamentals. Communication skills competent enough to secure work or new clients (if freelancing).
    • Ideal for: People pursuing higher education or supplementing other income. A wide variety of work is available so this is suitable for anybody with the required skills, whether you are looking for one-time projects or longer term work.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $41-98,000, with a median earning of $63,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Appropriate education and field skills, plus constant learning to stay competitive.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, phone, various software capabilities.
    • Future prospects: Successful programmers have virtually no ceiling for advancement and can rejoin corporate work at high levels or continue building successful remote and freelance careers.
    • Geographical requirements: Anywhere.
    • Where to find jobs like this: GitHub, JS Remotely, Stack Overflow


    • What you’ll do: Photography jobs can take a variety of shapes, from commercial photography to events, business purposes and artistic photography. Photographers should stage, shoot, select and edit photos for clients.
    • Education Required: None, but qualifications in art or photography beneficial.
    • Skills Required: Artistic eye and strong technical photography skills, social media skills, communications skills for networking and finding potential clients, web familiarity for portfolio building.
    • Ideal for: Anybody with a strong interest in photography seeking a more creative profession.
    • Pay prospects: Annual salary ranges from $29-77,000, with a median salary of $46,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Build a portfolio and find the niche that suits your skills. Consider connecting with an agency for built-in clients.
    • Tools required: Camera(s), requisite photographic paraphernalia, computer, editing suite(s), phone, social media, website.
    • Future prospects: Higher levels of experience and references will lead to higher rates, greater numbers of bookings and potentially highly lucrative contracts. This can either be a side job, part-time work or full-time work.
    • Geographical requirements: Local.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Any online work marketplace, such as Lensa, FlexJobs, UpWork, We Work Remotely, or Working Nomads.

Product Reviewer

    • What you’ll do: Product reviewer jobs are unique internet jobs allow you to test and evaluate products for sale, especially for e-commerce companies. 
    • Education Required: Usually no requirements.
    • Skills Required: Ability to accurately gauge and express the quality and use of a product. Good communication and time management skills
    • Ideal for: Anybody who is seeking a fully online, highly flexible job, such as parents, students, or people looking to supplement other income. Once you can break into the profession, this is one of the best online jobs for women at home.
    • Pay prospects: Average annual range is from $20-95,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Find a niche that you are qualified to review in and begin to review products to build a “portfolio” of reviews to establish your skillset. This can be done by posting reviews online or creating a social media channel through which you publish your reviews.
    • Tools required: Internet access, computer, sometimes camera.
    • Future prospects: This is a fairly straightforward job that is unlikely to grow significantly. This can be a side job, part-time work or a stop-gap between jobs.
    • Geographical requirements: Any.
    • Where to find jobs like this: i-Say, Product Report Card, Toluna

Real Estate Agent

    • What you’ll do: Real estate jobs require you to manage the entire process of property sale or purchase, from selection and negotiation to navigating the mortgage process.
    • Education Required: High school diploma plus further real estate certification.
    • Skills Required: You should be highly personable with strong negotiation skills and attention to detail, be self-driven. Organization and interpersonal skills are paramount.
    • Ideal for: Anybody with a customer focus who enjoys face-to-face interaction and is interested in a dynamic job that requires you to do many different tasks in a given day. Can be part time or full-time work depending on your flexibility. 
    • Pay prospects: Realtor earnings depend significantly on the amount of work you do. Average annual earnings range from $24-101k, with a median of $48k/year.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Earn your pre-license and pass the certification exam, and familiarize yourself with local real estate trends.
    • Tools required: Computer, internet, phone, car, website memberships.
    • Future prospects: Realtors can always advance to higher value properties and return clients pending success of their practice, and can work either for themselves or for larger firms. This is usually a full-time or part-time job, but the qualifications required make it unsuitable for people looking for work between jobs.
    • Geographical requirements: Local.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Any online work marketplace, such as Lensa, FlexJobs, UpWork, We Work Remotely, or Working Nomads.

Tax Preparer

    • What you’ll do: Tax preparer jobs require you to work directly with customers to resolve tax questions and give tax advice, help prepare tax returns, and do tax calculations.
    • Education Required: High school diploma at least. IRS registration and further education will improve your pay prospects.
    • Skills Required: For entry level positions, you should at least have a propensity for basic mathematics and general accounting software. Higher wages can be earned if you have competence in accounting, tax compliance, bookkeeping and Intuit QuickBooks.
    • Ideal for: People with high attention to detail seeking relatively flexible working hours with high concentration in given periods. 
    • Pay prospects: Annual salaries range from $23-59,000, with a median wage of $43,000 annually.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Obtain a PTIN from the IRS.
    • Tools required: Computer, phone, internet access, tax preparation software.
    • Future prospects: Tax preparation in and of itself can be a reliable and well-paid job. With further education, you can move into higher level accounting and tax consulting. This can also be a good side job, supplemental job or work in between full-time jobs.
    • Geographical requirements: Ability to work across US time zones.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Any online work marketplace, such as Lensa, FlexJobs, UpWork, We Work Remotely, or Working Nomads.

Public Relations

    • What you’ll do: Virtual Public Relations jobs consist of working to maintain the positive public image of a company, including organizing press conferences and media contacts, sharing positive details and initiatives, and communicating positive stories with the public.
    • Education Required: Typically a B.A. in Public Relations, Communications, or a similar field.
    • Skills Required: Self-management, proactivity, interpersonal skills and familiarity with up-to-date PR best practices.
    • Ideal for: Anybody with a background or interest in PR. Agencies exist for virtual PR workers, and many experienced PR professionals work freelance as their own bosses.
    • Pay prospects: PR managers salaries range from $43-98 thousand annually, with an average of $67,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: Qualification or experience in a relevant field is ideal. Consider a course on Udemy or ISOC.
    • Tools required: Computer, phone line, internet access.
    • Future prospects: PR managers are necessary for most large companies, and experience in the field can lead to high-level PR, marketing and communications jobs, both virtually and in-house. This is usually full-time work.
    • Geography: Any.
    • Where to find jobs like this: Any online work marketplace, such as Lensa, FlexJobs, UpWork, We Work Remotely, or Working Nomads.

Clinical Research Coordinator

    • What you’ll do: Clinical Research jobs require you to contribute to the preparation and management of research funding. You will also take on the role of informing both patients and practitioners about studies and expected outcomes, and evaluation and interpreting clinical data.
    • Education Required: At least a B.A. in a related medical field; sometimes M.A. Alternatively, field experience can sometimes be substituted in the process of achieving certification.
    • Skills Required: High attention to detail, discretion, time management and critical thinking.
    • Ideal for: People with the relevant qualifications looking for full-time work or creating a career from home.
    • Pay prospects: Average annual salary ranges from $37-65,000, with an average of $49,000.
    • How to make yourself eligible: After your education, you should gain 1 year of experience in order to qualify for the national certification.
    • Tools required: In addition to computer, phone, and internet, this career requires specific tools based on assignments and the field.
    • Future prospects: Full-time job which is usually a career. Can lead to career growth by gaining more assignments or transitioning into onsite work.
    • Geographical requirements: Local.

*All salary ranges come from Payscale, unless otherwise stated.

Work-From-Home Jobs: Conclusion

To sum up: with all this variety, you are sure to find the right remote job for your needs and interests! There are plenty of opportunities for the individual ready to strike out on their own as a fully self-employed person, but there are also many opportunities for people who are instead hoping to transition to partial or fully-remote work with a corporation as well. You can find reliable work-from-home jobs on a number of easy-to-use websites. We host many work-from-home jobs here on Lensa, and we are always happy to answer your questions if you are unsure of how to start. If you are an employer looking for remote workers, we have options for you as well. Sign up on Lensa today to unlock a happier, more productive future.

Paige Richmond
Paige Richmond
Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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