Work in the Valley of the Sun: Job Trends in Phoenix

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Do you have the January blues? Us, too. So today we’re putting the spotlight on the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metro area, which ranks as the 26th best place to live in the United States and comes in sixth overall amongst cities in America with the “nicest weather.” It’s not a new destination: people have been increasingly moving to Phoenix, seeking affordability and – you guessed it – better weather. Let’s find jobs in Phoenix!

Jobs in Phoenix and the surrounding metro area have been growing in recent years; in fact, the region boasted the second highest employment growth nationally in 2018. The region maintained that rank into the first half of 2019, and remains a top metro area for job opportunities nationwide. Though unemployment in the Phoenix metro area is slightly higher than the national average–3.8% and 3.7% respectively–that number shows significant improvement, since the region was just below 5% earlier this year. And while unemployment is slightly above average and employment growth has slowed to some extent, with 2.6% overall for 2019 and a forecasted 2.3% in 2020, those numbers suggest continued expansion as overall employment in Arizona is at its all-time high.

What are you waiting for? Consider working in Phoenix today! We’ve gathered some important data to help you get started.

Top Industries in the Phoenix Metro Area

The Phoenix metro area is one of the largest in the Southwest United States, so understandably you can find almost any kind of work there, and overall employment changes are showing positive trends. Certain industries are particularly strong, though. The industries with the highest rates of positive employment change in the Phoenix metro area in 2019 were Construction, Trade and Transportation, Manufacturing, Education and Health Services. These are the most demanding industries on Lensa in the Phoenix metro area:

Top Hirers and Jobs in Phoenix

We’ve also collected the companies with the highest number of job postings on Lensa in Phoenix to give you an idea of where you might look for work:

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Paige Richmond
Paige Richmond
Paige is a Silicon Valley native who has spent the last five years based in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her M.A. in Medieval Studies, she spent three years producing leading global HR tech conferences and building their startup product, working closely with talent industry influencers and leading practitioners. She is now a full-time content and copywriting professional.

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