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Working in “The Metroplex:” Employment Trends in the Dallas Area

job in the Dallas Area


Seek your fortune in the Lone Star State and find a job in the Dallas area. Texas overall is one of the strongest states for job growth in the U.S., and this trend should continue: the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas expects an average employment growth of 2.1% across 2019. But the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area, or DFW, is particularly an “all-star” for employment prospects nationwide. Though Austin gets a lot of attention due to its growing status as an alternative Silicon Valley, DFW is a strong contender for both work and quality of life: it is the biggest metropolitan area in the South and ranks among the best places to live in 2019.

DFW has seen major improvement in economy and employment prospects in the last decade, with an incredible job growth rate of 25.7%, earning it first place in growth since the end of the “Great Recession.” The economy is growing at a “blistering pace” in tandem with this breakneck employment growth, and unemployment is also extremely low. This growth is not new: DFW has been topping the list for employment growth in the U.S. since at least 2017, so it’s the best time to find a job in the Dallas area.

The region is also a shining star in national terms: between August 2018-August 2019, DFW saw a job growth rate of 3.1%, versus the national average of 1.4%, ranking it first in the nation percentage-wise, and it added the second most jobs in the nation numerically as well.

Curious about the DFW area? We’ve compiled some Lensa statistics to help you get started!

Top Industries in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

As you might have picked up on, the Dallas area is an excellent place for jobseekers. The biggest industry growth in DFW was in Professional and Business Services, almost double the national average, but as you’ll see below a large number of other industries remain incredibly strong in the region. Considering your prospects to have a job in the Dallas area? Here are the top industries in the region:

Top Hirers in the Dallas Area

If you’re looking for a job in the Dallas area, your chances for a fulfilling career and a good quality of life are promising! Companies are increasingly moving HQ to DFW to capitalize on the strong economy, which will only add great jobs to the region. Check out the top hirers in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area:

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