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Salary and Benefits

Internal Wholesaler
$54K-$66K / yr. (est.)
$60,884 / year
Average base salary
The salary information provided is based on data collected from various reliable sources and may vary depending on individual qualifications and other factors.

About Internal Wholesaler

What does an Internal Wholesaler do?

We, internal wholesalers, oversee and service categories of products under allocated customer accounts. We receive and act on customers’ needs and concerns and provide needed solutions. We are also responsible for driving sales of products through building and cultivating a sustainable customer base. The creation and provision of intelligent training and seminars, product plans and sale targets to support product makers is our responsibility as internal wholesalers. We are similarly in charge of building and sustaining robust business relations with customers and suppliers to nature sustainable earnings growth. As internal wholesalers, we are tasked with mining data, to track market trends and generate reports to help in developing effective product sale strategies.

Core tasks:

  • servicing allocated customer accounts by responding to queries and complaints
  • building and enhancing the client along assigned product lines
  • developing intelligent plans, strategies and activities for driving sales
  • conducting training and seminars on the assigned products
  • preparing reports on product performance


How Many Years of Experience Do Professionals Need Before Becoming Internal Wholesaler?
On average, people work 3-5 years in other positions prior to becoming a Internal Wholesaler.
Financial AdvisorNew York City, NY - 11 months ago
Well, I guess it makes sense. It shows a solid foundation of experience and expertise.
Operations ManagerMiami, FL - 11 months ago
What?! Only 3-5 years? I thought it would take longer to become an Internal Wholesaler!
How Long Do Internal Wholesaler Employees Typically Stay in Their Roles?
On average, Internal Wholesalers works in this position for 3-5 years across multiple employers.
Software EngineerSan Francisco, CA - 11 months ago
The tech industry experiences frequent job changes, so it's no surprise that Internal Wholesalers join multiple employers. They might be seeking better opportunities or challenges.
NurseHouston, TX - 11 months ago
🤔 I wonder if there are any specific factors in the healthcare industry that contribute to the short tenure of Internal Wholesalers.
What Is the Job Hopper Score for Internal Wholesaler Employees?
Frequent job changes in Internal Wholesaler, indicating a willingness to change companies and roles more frequently.
Financial AnalystSan Francisco, CA - 11 months ago
🙄 Internal Wholesalers seem to lack long-term commitment and stability. It's important to demonstrate loyalty and build a solid career in one organization.
Pension AdministratorMiami, FL - 11 months ago
internal wholesalers might be changing roles to gain diverse experience and be more adaptable in the industry. It's not always about disloyalty, people!

Career path

Path to job

How long does a Internal Wholesaler work in this position across multiple employers?
21 %
Financial Advisor
Avg. length of tenure:2 years
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Explore the list of higher education institutions that a Internal Wholesaler typically studied at.
Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Penn State University

Path after job



What Is the Age and Gender Ratio of Internal Wholesaler Employees?
Gender ratio in Internal Wholesaler position: 0.770645994832041 Male and 0.229354005167959 Female. Age ratio in Internal Wholesaler position: 16-20: 2%, 21-30: 80%, 31-40: 14%, 41-50: 3%, 51-60: 1%, 60+: 0%. Internal Wholesaler position is predominantly male (77.1%) with the largest age group being 21-30 years old, followed by 31-40 years old.
Internal WholesalerPhiladelphia, PA - 11 months ago
As a woman in the 21-30 age group, I feel overlooked and underrepresented in this field. This needs to change! 💪
Internal WholesalerPhoenix, AZ - 11 months ago
Instead of categorizing people solely based on age and gender, we should focus on skills and qualifications! 🎓


Who Are the Top Employers for Internal Wholesaler?
Top employers of Internal Wholesaler position: Jackson National Life, Nationwide Financial, Pacific Life. People who work in Internal Wholesaler position most typically go on to work for the Jackson National Life.
Internal WholesalerPhiladelphia, PA - 11 months ago
Jackson National Life might be the top employer, but does that mean it's the best fit for everyone? Each person has different preferences and needs!
Internal WholesalerSeattle, WA - 11 months ago
Why is everyone getting so worked up? Can't we just appreciate that these companies are hiring for Internal Wholesalers and be happy about the employment opportunities?
Jackson National Life
Nationwide Financial
Pacific Life
What Industries Does Internal Wholesaler Typically Have Experience In?
Industry Background: The most typical industries of Internal Wholesaler: Finance & Insurance, Professional / Scientific / Technical, Real Estate / Rental / Leasing, Administrative & Support, Manufacturing. Internal Wholesaler employees most likely come from a Finance & Insurance industry background.
Internal WholesalerHouston, TX - 11 months ago
🙄 Ugh, finance again? Can't you all talk about something more exciting? Snore...
Internal WholesalerMiami, FL - 11 months ago
I love how being an Internal Wholesaler allows me to use my analytical skills to help clients make informed investment decisions. 💪

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Discussion about Internal Wholesaler

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How balanced is the gender diversity among people working as an Internal Wholesaler?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
25% are women in this profession only.
What is the most common age of an Internal Wholesaler?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
The typical age is 27 for an Internal Wholesaler.
How much experience is typically required to work as an Internal Wholesaler?
Liam Brown3 years ago
You probably need around 4 years to work as an Internal Wholesaler
Which industries have a lot of people working in Internal Wholesaler roles?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
For an Internal Wholesaler it’s the most likely to work in the Finance & Insurance.
What kind of degree is needed to work as an Internal Wholesaler?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Bachelor of Science degree is the typical for an Internal Wholesaler
Which company employs the most people in the Internal Wholesaler role?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
Most people work for Jackson National Life, Nationwide Financial, Pacific Life, Principal Financial Group and Transamerica
How many years of experience as an Internal Wholesaler is needed in average to switch to another position?
Benjamin Gardner3 years ago
An Internal Wholesaler typically moves on after 4 years
How common is it for an Internal Wholesaler to jump from company to company?
Isabella Holmes3 years ago
A Internal Wholesaler is likely to work for multiple companies as an Internal Wholesaler.
What work history do people usually have before becoming an Internal Wholesaler?
Liam Brown3 years ago
Financial Advisor, Customer Service Representative or Inbound Sales Representative are the typical prior positions for an Internal Wholesaler
Working as an Internal Wholesaler what job titles should I consider to switch to?
Sophie Hayes3 years ago
Changing from an Internal Wholesaler to Regional Vice President, Vice President or Financial Advisor is a typical career path.
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