Open Carpenter Foreman jobs in Atlanta, GA
Precision Concrete Construction,  Inc. jobs
Precision Concrete Construction, Inc.
Carpenter Foreman
Atlanta, GA
$60K-$73K / yr. (est.)
Precision Concrete Construction, Inc. ( constructs the most challenging concrete projects throughout the Southeast. Founded in 1986, Precision Concrete operates on a diverse set of projects throughout the construction industry. Projects cover market sectors such as...
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E.R. Snell Contractor jobs
E.R. Snell Contractor
Structures Foreman - Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
$51K-$62K / yr. (est.)
Must possess leadership qualities, knowledge of concrete, carpentry, and the different skill sets required to supervise a bridge crew. Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills and attributes Thorough knowledge of structure operations & equipment Maintain detailed daily records including time...
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