Open Clinical Laboratory Assistant jobs in Nashville, TN
PathGroup jobs
Clinical Laboratory Assistant II- Microbiology
Nashville, TN
$33K-$41K / yr. (est.)
JOB SUMMARY: Perform various functions in the Clinical lab related to data entry, specimen handling, centrifuging, pouring off and preparing specimens for testing, preparing peripheral smears by automated methods, loading bar-coded specimens on analyzers, automated process of sorting, decapping,...
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Dialysis Clinic Inc jobs
Dialysis Clinic Inc
Clinical Laboratory Assistant
Nashville, TN
$35K-$42K / yr. (est.)
Overview Dialysis Clinic, Inc. is recruiting top talent interested in supporting our nonprofit mission to prioritize individualized care for patients facing chronic kidney disease. Our mission states “the care of the patient is our reason for existence,” and our dedicated team embodies our sole...
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